How To Identify Silicone Breasts: Proven Methods

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How To Identify Silicone Breasts: Proven Methods
How To Identify Silicone Breasts: Proven Methods
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How to identify silicone breasts
How to identify silicone breasts

According to statistics, women seek the services of plastic surgeons three times more often than men. Moreover, most of the operations are not medical necessity. More than half of them are cosmetic in nature. The most popular plastic service among women is plastic surgery, or rather, breast augmentation with silicone implants. How to define a silicone breast and how it differs from a natural one, we'll talk further.

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Methods for determining i

Modern plastic surgery has made great strides forward. And if ten years ago, looking at a naked female breast, an ordinary average man could suspect her of using plastic surgery, then current technologies sometimes question even the plastic surgeons themselves.

How to identify silicone breasts:

  • Body proportion rule. Nature has created a person with harmoniously proportional body parts. That is, if a girl has a narrow pelvis, she will almost never have a large natural breast. Conversely, women with voluminous thighs in most cases have well-developed mammary glands.
  • There are, of course, exceptions, but if your lady's breast volume significantly exceeds the volume of the waist and hips, with a high degree of probability she turned to the services of plastic surgeons.
  • Lack of symmetry. It is a known fact that the left and right sides of the human body are very different from each other. There are no two identical breasts in one woman. In any case, there are differences between them. Most often, the volume of the breast itself differs. Differences between nipples are less common.
  • Therefore, if a perfectly symmetrical breast opens up to the male gaze, which does not have a single flaw, it can be assumed that the girl is familiar with mammoplasty firsthand.
  • Breast mobility. Natural breasts, regardless of size, always move with their owner. Even when the girl is wearing a supportive bra. Running, jumping - all this leads to the natural movement of the mammary glands.
  • The silicone breast remains stationary. This is due to the fact that breast implants are just capsules that are filled with silicone gel. The gel is able to move only inside the capsule, due to the absence of an external manifestation of breast movement.

If a girl with natural breasts lies on her back, then under the influence of gravity, adipose tissue always "spreads" along her ribs and, as a result, the visual volume of the mammary glands decreases.

The same thing happens when you take off your bra. Free from tight underwear, silicone breasts do not change their position. Natural, no matter how elastic it is, always sags a little.

chest-shaped cake
chest-shaped cake
  • Too high chest. A few years ago, only 4 sizes of artificial breasts were available for mammoplasty lovers. Today the choice has increased significantly. Silicone implants are designed to make the female breast perfect.
  • And if a natural breast needs support from a bra, otherwise it looks saggy, then silicone is always raised high. Therefore, if a girl does not wear a bra, but her breasts are perfectly shaped under her clothes, she is most likely fake.

Myths about silicone breasts2

The presence of visible scars from the stitches. Modern plastic surgeons have mastered a lot of suture techniques that minimize the aesthetic unattractiveness of the momoplasty procedure. Previously, a silicone implant was placed through an incision in the natural fold under the breast.

Today this technique is outdated. An alternative was an incision in the armpit or along the lower edge of the nipple halo. This installation technique made the incision site almost invisible to the naked eye.

Silicone can be detected by touch. Gone are the days when hands could distinguish between natural and artificial breasts. During plastic surgeries, which were carried out until the early 2000s, rather dense implants were indeed used. But today, the composition of fillers used for breast augmentation has changed significantly. Due to the presence of only silicone gel in them, the breast remains soft to the touch.

silicone breast sweet
silicone breast sweet

Modern plastic surgeons place an implant under the pectoral muscle. Due to this, it is covered with fabrics from all sides. As a result, breasts are almost indistinguishable from natural breasts by touch.

You cannot breastfeed a baby with silicone. This myth appeared in the early 90s of the last century. It has nothing to do with reality. The presence of silicone implants in a woman does not affect lactation. The fact is that during such a plastic operation, the milk ducts and glands are not affected, respectively, milk is produced in the required volumes and freely passes through the nipple.

There are not so many ways to define silicone breasts. Plastic surgeons professionally approach their work, and girls carefully conceal the fact of the operation. Therefore, if a man is too interested in this information, the most reliable method for determining silicone will be a frank conversation with the chosen one.

It is also worth learning about such a new fashion trend as three breasts in women. More on this and not only in our article further!

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