How Does A Former Failed Romance Break New Relationships?

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How Does A Former Failed Romance Break New Relationships?
How Does A Former Failed Romance Break New Relationships?

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girl with hat

Past relationships or unsuccessful marriage can change human perception of the relationship between a man and a woman. No matter how far the day is when the partners parted, the wound of disappointment and resentment can bleed for a long time and make itself felt. The worms of past failures and painful situations are smoothly introduced into new relationships, capable of ruining them or destroying them.

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Who's the boss?! I

If in the past, the partner has endured a humiliating or dismissive attitude towards himself, then being in a new pair, he will immediately begin to indicate who is in charge. Men, trying to seem an important, central figure, to the point and without meaning, include command notes in their treatment of the chosen one. They begin to point the woman to "her place", in every possible way emphasizing their own importance.

With an imperious hand, the guy points to the side, taking the pose of Peter the Great, and fear arises in his soul: God forbid, he does not recognize authority in him, or disobeys, or leaves, proudly slamming the door … The man is trying in every possible way to show that he is no henpecked in them partnership, as they say: "Let everything be according to my word!"

A woman who was humiliated and ignored by the former "scoundrel" will try to take revenge in a new relationship. She will begin to "recoup" the partner, portraying either the "mistress" or the "capricious girl", demanding that he act according to "her will."

This is how the atmosphere of mutual understanding and comfort in a new couple deteriorates, when one of the lovers brings part of the accumulated resentment after a former relationship into a new romance.

Hits - means he loves? 2

The same situation is repeated in a couple, when a woman received punches and insults from a former gentleman. Having been in the role of a victim, she either transfers the role of a driven doe into a new relationship, or checks her beloved boyfriend for "lice". The situation is not deliberate: the doves had a fight, in the heat of the moment they said various nonsense, the young lady flared up, flew up to the guy and weighed the savory "bream".

what breaks a new relationship
what breaks a new relationship

At first, a man will not so much experience anger as surprise: for what, why? A similar scene will be repeated. After making sure that she is not in danger of physical harm with a new young man, the girl will become in the habit of coping with anger and irritation in such an unconventional way.

She will begin to experience a certain pleasure in what is happening and (not an unimportant fact!) Trust and warmth towards someone who allows herself to release female anger. However, this behavior threatens unhealthy addiction.

Sooner or later, the guy will be angry with such a reaction of the girl and, assigned to him, the role of the "scapegoat". A reasonable man will not give back, but he will not allow the young lady to beat him. He will intercept her hands and firmly say that from now on he will not tolerate such an attitude towards himself, otherwise there will be a break.

Strong male hugs, and a calm statement that he does not want them to lose each other because of such "nonsense", can turn "Xenu the Warrior" into an affectionate, caring Gerda.

The state of the snail3

The next habit has nothing to do with hitting and humiliating a partner, but it is no less destructive for a couple. It is coldness, dryness, restraint of emotions and feelings in relation to each other. The girl is frank with the guy, reveals a desire to have a heart-to-heart talk, share secrets and dreams, and the guy disowns her, withdraws, keeps her at a distance.

hindrance to new relationships
hindrance to new relationships

Perhaps, during the past connection, he was not understood, criticized, ridiculed, so he tries to keep feelings under lock and key and true thoughts to himself. The girl is gradually moving away from him, and he cannot in any way overcome the barrier of internal enslavement.

And what have you got here?

Destroying the inner complexes obtained in past relationships is an important task when creating a new love story. This is especially true of the intimate side of life. More than once, a man could hear from his former passion about the scanty size of his "hero", about clumsiness and dryness in bed, and the woman was repeatedly informed that she was "a log in bed", cold as a fish and fat as a seal.

And then a couple of lovers met with a backpack of complexes and stiffness behind their backs. They would enjoy closeness to each other, enjoy carnal pleasures, and they, every time touching a loved one, remember their own "incompetence."

Why She Doesn't Tell the Truth5

One of the big mistakes partners make in new relationships is the habit of lying and denying their own guilt. If in past relationships the behavior of a woman was subjected to strict control, criticism and punishment, then being with a new young man, she will not blindly trust, but will dodge, cheat, deny her own guilt, so as not to appear in the eyes of her beloved as a bad and careless woman.

what prevents a new relationship
what prevents a new relationship

I'm watching you6

Cheating is a cruel and severe wound that is not so easy to get through. They say that someone who burns himself in milk will blow on the water, and this is true. Having experienced betrayal by a partner, both a man and a woman will be overly jealous of the new object of passion, do not trust, check, do not let it close to the heart. It is worth remembering that people are different. Some men are "dogs", and women are "generous", while others always remain faithful to their chosen ones.

When entering into a love affair, partners need to start a relationship from scratch, throwing past grievances from the soul once and for all.

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