How To Become A Ring Girl And Photos Of The Most Famous Girls With Signs

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How To Become A Ring Girl And Photos Of The Most Famous Girls With Signs
How To Become A Ring Girl And Photos Of The Most Famous Girls With Signs

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Ring girls
Ring girls

Roaring tribunes, excited spectators, cold and restrained fighters … All these are tournaments of modern gladiator fights. And while the audience is thirsty for blood, the ring is transformed: tenderness in the flesh - ring girls - comes out on it. Who they are, what are they for and how to become a girl in the ring, this article will tell.

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  • 1 Delicate wonder of the ring
  • 2 The history of the appearance of girls in the ring
  • 3 Octagon, grid and girl's ring
  • 4 A bit of psychology
  • 5 How to become a ring girl
  • 6 The most famous ring girls
  • 7 Angelica Anderson
  • 8 Britney Palmer
  • 9 Chrissy Blair
  • 10 Arianni Celeste
  • 11 Carly Baker
  • 12 Ilona Levushkina

Delicate wonder of the ringi

Gladiator fights have always been an incredible success with the public. Even in ancient times, the stands were full of people eager for the spectacular spectacle of bloody battles. The participants were all as on the selection. Powerful, fast, agile gladiators proved their strength for various purposes. And it was either a great job or a deal for freedom. But in those days there were practically no women at such shows, and even more so in the ring.

The days of bloodthirstiness are a thing of the past, and martial arts competitions began to turn into a show. And in order for it to be juicy and colorful, it became necessary to dilute the fighting passions with something delicate and beautiful. This is how ring girls appeared.

A ring girl is a girl who brings a plate with a fighter's number into the ring and shows it to the audience. Also, the girl's task is to accompany the tournament participant to the ring, support him during the fight, fill in the pauses between rounds and fights, entertain the audience during intermissions. Quite a lot of girls work in the ring. They can show dance numbers during breaks, which can be acrobatic.

Some show joke scenes or parodies of battles. In general, the theatricality and acting skills are great for girls. Practically, every fighter has his own ring-girl, but she is rarely part of a fight group. This means that she does not hang out with him all over the world, the services of ring girls are provided by the tournament organizer.

The history of the appearance of girls in the ring2

The first ring girl appeared back in 1965 in Las Vegas. At that time, the Hacienda casino hosted the boxing championship. It's not hard to guess that in a city full of neon lights and luxury, everything should be up to the mark. Las Vegas was full of beautiful girls who were escorted by wealthy players. The casino decided that a zest was needed to attract a large audience, which would provide a significant income for organizers through ticket sales and betting.

what is ring gels
what is ring gels

And what could be more attractive than a beautiful girl? Of course nothing! Hot men will be happy to contemplate the beauty in the ring. But she can't just walk. Therefore, a number of tasks were set for the girl: the announcement of the fighter and his accompaniment, the round score, and the demonstration of the tournament winner's belt. The audience enthusiastically accepted the innovation, and the girl got on the cover of Ring magazine.

Unfortunately, history has not preserved the name of the discoverer. The innovation was a success and for the next five years high-profile tournaments invited beauties to the ring. Gradually, the girls' revealing outfits became more and more open and the time came when they were left in the same swimwear. The organizers of a fighting tournament in Harlem in 1970 surpassed everyone. The ring girls performed topless there.

There was no limit to the delight of the audience, but everything should be in moderation, and the Athletic Association decided that naked breasts was a clear overkill. In fact, they were right: the air is already saturated with adrenaline and testosterone, and it is not worth relying on the adequacy of some of the comrades in the stands. So it is not far from the riots. Therefore, it was forbidden to be naked, but the bikini was left. And they were not mistaken.

Octagon, grid and girl's ring3

Few people know the difference between octagon, grid and ring girls. And she is.

Octagon Girl

This is a girl who participates in MMA and UFC rings. The point is that the ring of this organization has the shape of an octagon - an octagon. Hence the name of the girl's profession. Her task is to escort the fighter, announce the fighter, round and score, entertain the audience in the pauses.

what is ring gels
what is ring gels

Ring Girl

The ring girl works in boxing competitions. There is a classic square ring. The girl's functions are exactly the same as those of the octagon-girl: accompaniment, announcement, entertainment.

Grid Girl

This girl works in Formula 1 races. Her task is somewhat different: she gives the go-ahead to the start of the racers.

A bit of psychology4

The organizers of the fight shows have always tried to dilute the fights with something extraordinary. In addition to an entertainer with a loud voice, people were required for deaf spectators. So men and even dwarfs entered the ring with signs at the suggestion of the famous promoter Mickey Duff. But no one could compare with beautiful girls. And it's all about banal psychology.

The fight show always triggers a powerful adrenaline rush. Testosterone makes the air viscous and dense, the abundance of bloodthirsty fluids makes you dizzy and intoxicating. Viewers through one think themselves to be great, unrecognized fighters and the bar of adequacy falls.

ring gels as a sport
ring gels as a sport

Serious passions boil. But everything in the world must be in balance. Therefore, a beautiful female body works wonders in the ring. The enthusiasm of the spectators cools down, attention switches, and now those who were ready to start the fight in the stands are admiringly looking at the ring, forgetting about their intentions. Of course, it's better to salivate a beauty than nosebleeds. The girls themselves say that their appearance can cool the most violent spectators.

How to become a ring girl5

In order to become a ring girl, it is not enough to come to the tournament and apply. The recruitment of beauties is carried out by modeling agencies that conduct castings for tournaments. You need to contact a well-known modeling agency, find out when the next casting will take place and leave your application specifically to support the tournament.

During the casting, something like the following will happen:

  • Anthropometry, that is, height, weight, appearance;
  • Ability to move on the soft surface of the ring with heels, and this is not so easy to do, because the heels seem to fall into quicksand;
  • Ability to present yourself, so you have to master the basics of acting;
  • Adequacy, which is needed in order to behave correctly in the ring during some force majeure;
  • Ability to keep smiling even after hours of performance;
  • The ability to empathize, because a girl must absolutely sincerely support her fighter, and a bad acting mimicry "my poor little one" will only cause bewilderment.

That is why not only beauty experts, but also psychologists work with girls who want to get into the ring. They conduct a huge number of tests with applicants for the ring future. But all this applies exclusively to “small-town” tournaments. The only thing you can dream of is working in the UFC or M-1 Challenge companies themselves. Getting there is a pipe dream of all ring fairies. But, what the hell is not joking. Even if the staff of the ring girls is full, fresh girls will always be needed. So the attempt is not torture, but you can start small.

The most famous ring girls6

Do not think that the work of ring girls is a short-term hobby or filling in pauses in the work of fashion models. Nothing like this. This is a very serious business. Girls' salaries can range from $ 150 to $ 5,000 for one evening. It all depends on the level of the event. If the girl is lucky and she got to the masters of the fighting world of the UFC or M-1 Challenge, then a contract will be signed with her, and she can forget about the crust of bread and boldly plan a comfortable future. And before your eyes there are amazing examples of famous girls who have their own huge army of fans.

Angelica Anderson7

Who would have thought that a girl from Surgut, in the Khanty-Mansiysk District, would become the owner of the Ring Girl of Russia title and also become the face of the Leon betting company. Real name: Anzhelika Igorevna Ermolenko. This fairy of the ring was born on 1990-18-03. Lives in two cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg.

After graduating from school, Angelica enters the Surgut College and receives the profession of a fashion designer. In parallel, she is gaining knowledge on tattooing. Having received her education, Angelica decided that there were more opportunities in the capital cities and moved to St. Petersburg.

how to become a ring girl
how to become a ring girl

There she is seriously interested in sports and, becoming a fiton, tries her hand at casting before the fight of Jeff Monson. She comes in second place and signs a contract with the M-1 Challenge. It all happened in 2013. And already in 2016, Angelica will start in Moscow. As the face of Leon and the M-1 Challenge, Angelica continues to tattoo and design her clothing line.

Britney Palmer8

This beauty is a famous photo and fitness model, but she is best known for her work in the rings. She represents the UFC, with which she signed after becoming famous in modeling circles. Well, still, getting a "bunny" from a Play boy is the dream of many companies and agencies. Britney also shines on the covers of such glossies as Maxim and FHM.

Britney was born in California, St. Diego. She brilliantly graduated from school, studying in which she was the leader of a group of school cheerleaders. From school, Britney moved to the benches of the University of California at Los Angeles.

A modeling career did not prevent Britney from launching her own clothing line and simultaneously doing charity work: she collaborates with the National Association of Christians and the non-profit organization Children of our village.

who are ring girls
who are ring girls

Chrissy blair 9

Little is known about this girl, but the UFC confirms that she is a very promising ring girl, well, with a height of 170 cm, her legs are 110 cm long.That's for sure a Barbie in the flesh. At one time, Chrissy collaborated with Guess magazine, and also demonstrated swimwear from famous brands. Blair was born on 1989-05-01 in Los Angeles, where she continues to distract from McGregor's fights. Chrissy lives a normal life: she goes to the beach, does boxing. In general, she lives and enjoys a measured and comfortable life that the UFC provided her.

Arianni Celeste10

Arianni Celeste was born on November 12, 1985. At birth, the parents gave the girl a completely different name. They named her Penelope Lopez Marquez. So Arianni Celeste is a pseudonym. She has Mexican and Filipino blood in her veins, which played a decisive role in the mixing of genes. Their kaleidoscope developed in such a way that the girl was born with a gorgeous appearance, and as an adult she acquired a magnificent body. Of course, throwing such beauty on its own is a crime, and Arianni was educated in fitness and nutrition management.

Arianni became a photo and fitness model. Celeste began her career in the UFC in 2006, which was the impetus for conquering new heights: she began to collaborate with such glossies as Playboy, FHM, Maxim and other popular publications. In addition to working in the ring, Celeste is the TV host of the Overhaulin car reality show on Velocity TV.

Carly Baker 11

Carly was born 1987-07-03 in the family of a taxi driver and dentist in London. Baker began her modeling career at the age of 14 and achieved considerable success on the catwalk. She is a professional dancer and has participated in many dance competitions. In 2007 Carly took part in the Miss Great Britain pageant and represented Wimbledon, of course, she took her cup and title. In 2013, she became the first European girl to be part of the UFC Ring Girl Team.

work ring girl
work ring girl

Ilona Levushkina12

Ilona Levushkina is a real Russian diamond. But, all in order. Ilona was born on March 8 in Moscow. The year of her birth, this beauty carefully hides, and does the right thing: there is nothing for spiteful critics and envious people to give food for warm-up verbal rudeness.

Ilona brilliantly graduated from school and entered the Medical Institute. Pirogov. The red diploma became the first summit in the girl's life. Ilona became a plastic surgeon. Judging by the reviews on Instagram, she is a very successful and intelligent specialist. In between the improvement of human beauty, the girl is engaged in the creation of handmade jewelry. But this is all the main activity. Ilona has another passion - she is a ring girl. Levushkina presents Fight Nights.

These are one of the few girls whose activities in the ring are known throughout the world. Their life stories prove that one has only to want and make a little effort, as the world of brutal men, sports and fame, will open its doors even to a simple girl from Surgut.

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