How To Meet A Rich Man: Good Advice

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How To Meet A Rich Man: Good Advice
How To Meet A Rich Man: Good Advice

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man and girl
man and girl

It's no secret that every second modern girl dreams of marrying a millionaire. After all, marrying a wealthy man means ensuring yourself a happy and carefree life for a long time. In fact, every woman wants a confident and strong man next to her, and a rich man just fits these criteria. After all, it is impossible to achieve success and earn millions without inner strength and character. So and where, and how to meet a rich man? Where are the most successful millionaires found and, most importantly, how to draw such attention to yourself?

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  • 1 Business first, business first
  • 2 Craving for beauty
  • 3 All boys love cars …
  • 4 About sport …
  • 5 At restaurants …
  • 6 On the Internet

First of all, you need to know the places where wealthy men spend their time.

Business first, business first

Business clubs, conferences, speeches by famous entrepreneurs and marketers. It is at such events that there is a chance to meet the man of your dreams. Contrary to popular stereotype, millionaires and entrepreneurs don't spend all day on their own yacht drinking martinis. Business and wealth is a constant replenishment of skills and knowledge.

A ticket to such events sometimes costs a lot of money, but there is a golden opportunity to be in the crowd of the rich and successful. And learn a lot of new things. Perhaps after this, the girl's plans will be slightly adjusted. Instead of looking for the rich and successful, she wants to start her own business. And after that, the right men will reach out to her.

Craving for beauty2

The next place where you can try your luck and meet a rich man is art exhibitions. Yes, not just any, but contemporary art and with an appropriate price tag. It is unlikely that it will be possible to meet a millionaire in an ordinary Tretyakov Gallery, but at the exhibition of a pretentious foreign artist, where, in addition, some charity auction is held, there is every chance. Of course, you shouldn't spend your last money just on visiting the exhibition and a luxurious evening dress. It may not be possible to meet the same one the first time, but then you will have to live until the next salary.

By the way, about the auctions. This is also an event where big money can spin, which means that successful men are spinning somewhere nearby. The main thing is not to get on the would-be collectors who spend their last money on things they don't need.

how to meet a rich man
how to meet a rich man

All boys love cars … 3

And not only boys, what can we hide. And rich boys love them doubly. Exhibits of expensive cars and races of the most powerful cars are places where successful entrepreneurs rest. It is always easy to distinguish them from the crowd of ordinary visitors by their status confident look and expensive suit.

But seriously, rich men usually spend time in a VIP box with an excellent view of the entire track, or slowly pace among Ferraris, Bentleys and other representatives of the luxurious auto world. From these it is immediately clear that with a slight movement of his hand he can buy almost any of the presented models.

About sport … 4

Successful men are not used to sparing money for themselves and their vacation. Therefore, they even go in for sports accordingly. That is, expensive and rich. The expensive sports that attract the attention of businessmen include skiing, snowboarding (hello Courchevel), equestrian sports, golf, tennis. A simple fitness room is also possible, but always in the city center or near the business center. Therefore, a looking girl should turn on deduction and look for places in the city where businessmen hang out.

Rich man
Rich man

Restaurants … 5

After a hard day, a successful man is unlikely to go to hang out in a club with noisy music. Most likely, he will prefer a quiet atmosphere and delicious food. And the restaurant fits all criteria. Of course, a cup of coffee in such an establishment may cost like a hearty lunch in an ordinary dining room, but there is a chance to meet the eyes of a successful handsome man from the next table.

On the Internet6

Businessmen are people too, and some of them even have profiles on dating sites. Writing to each candidate with a cool car on his avatar is not the best option, nevertheless, worthy and successful men are also found there. Perhaps the girl does not even immediately find out that this simpleton in the photo is a millionaire. Some rich men are quite modest and are looking for a companion, first of all, understanding and loyal, and not a hunter for his wallet. Therefore, you should not judge at first sight and avoid everyone who does not have a Ferrari and a Royles watch in their photos. Most often, such pretentious photos are posted by those who just want to show off.

Visiting these places in order to meet a rich and successful man, the girl should prepare for a possible meeting. And not only externally, but also internally. Choose topics for conversation that match the surrounding environment. It is not necessary to go headlong into the world of business or sports or other men's topics in order to appear smart and interested.

Where to find the rich
Where to find the rich

Usually, if the topic for a girl is distant and not interesting, it catches the eye. Attempts to hold a conversation are sluggish and awkward. It is better to choose topics for conversation in which the girl is well versed, and the main thing is to speak sincerely and with interest. After all, such men often evaluate not only attractiveness, but also intelligence.

In order to carefully prepare for a meeting with a rich and attractive man, you need to pay attention to some points:

  • Appearance. It is not necessary to run to the store for exclusive and expensive clothes. And with a small budget, you can dress stylishly and tastefully. The main thing is to dress according to the place. Whether it's a car race or a business conference.
  • Think over the topics of conversation. Again, you can focus on the meeting place. In a conversation, you need to emphasize your mind, the ability to listen and hear the interlocutor (sometimes wealthy people lack this so much). You don't need to look too smart so as not to annoy the other person. Conversation should be fluid and measured. So that both interlocutors participate in the conversation and there are no awkward pauses.
How to find a rich guy
How to find a rich guy
  • Be sincere but original. Rich men know that they are always in front of women and that everyone is eager to get to know him. They are used to recognizing falsity and pretense. But sincere interest can spark a backlash.

    At the same time, a wealthy guy is accustomed to universal female attention, and in order to surprise him you need to be able to hook him with something. It can be an unusual hobby, an interesting topic of conversation, or natural charisma.

  • Include natural attractiveness and femininity. Every girl has these qualities and when talking with a man, do not forget about the main female weapon - beauty.

A conversation with a man may or may not take place. And any circumstance should be taken for granted and not upset. If the interlocutor did not show any kind of lively attention to the girl, then you should not be intrusive and guard him at his own entrance. Maybe he's already in a relationship, or he just isn't interested in the girl. Therefore, it is important for every girl to know how to interest a man. This is not a reason to despair, because the one who seeks will always find.

How to interest the rich
How to interest the rich

In an effort to meet a rich and successful man, a girl must understand that a selfish desire to always be “with money” and live “without working” will stumble upon the same selfish intentions on the part of a man. For example, he just wants to use it. Everything in this life comes back and selfish motives, including.

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