How To Stop Being Good And Become A Real Man?

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How To Stop Being Good And Become A Real Man?
How To Stop Being Good And Become A Real Man?

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How to stop being good
How to stop being good

Everyone knows that a good person should be good at everything. He is obliged to unquestioningly fulfill the requirements of his superiors and be just an ideal worker. A good person will never refuse a request to a friend, even if it disrupts his plans. And most importantly, with such a guy you can build just perfect relationships, because he will not create problems, he will not stir up conflicts.

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  • 1 Is it good to be good
  • 2 Basic rules of the "bad" guy
  • 3 Don't be afraid to voice your opinion
  • 4 Do not act to your detriment
  • 5 Don't be a rag

Are you that kind of guy? You're in big trouble! Your desire to please everyone goes sideways for you. You urgently need to change your tactics of behavior and as soon as possible understand how to stop being good.

Is it good to be goodi

Nice guys are definitely valued in society. And this is not surprising, because they are comfortable. Yes, they are comfortable. Such a person never creates conflict situations, always tries to please everyone and everything. He always does what others want. Help to dig up a vegetable garden on a weekend? Yes please! Stay after work to clean up the aquarium?

Sure, not a problem! And it doesn't matter that his tickets for a long-awaited concert are burnt. The main thing is that those around you are happy. From the outside, you might think that a "good" person is quite happy, because he is not trying to change something around him, which means that everything suits him. In fact, this is far from the case.

Life is very difficult for a "good" guy. He is dependent on public opinion, and at the same time life does not bring him pleasure. A man cannot live as he wants only because he cannot say no to others. At the same time, he is overwhelmed with anger and dissatisfaction, which can accumulate for years, and then one fine moment just splash out on the first person who comes across.

Too good guys are not happy at all, because their personal life also leaves much to be desired. Most often, they have to watch from the sidelines how his beloved builds her happiness with another. And the girls, in turn, are delighted when next to them there is a young man who can be asked to do literally everything.

How to stop being a good guy
How to stop being a good guy

However, as a rule, such guys most often remain in the rank of best friend and they are not destined to move to a new level. Why don't girls choose the good guys? It's simple - at least it's not interesting. Ladies do not consider such guys for men either and see them as another "girlfriend". Are you ranked best friend and still hoping to win her heart? Wake up!

No one wants to build a relationship with a rag that has no opinion. Are you used to pleasing her in everything and flying at 3 in the morning, because she wanted strawberries in winter? This is no good. Until you show her that you are also a man, the girl will not pay attention to you. So how do you stop being good and start living the life you want?

Basic rules of the "bad" guy2

First of all, you should change your behavior. If you are used to bending over others to your detriment, you should urgently change your tactics. Yes, this will not be easy. People who are accustomed to your "good" will not be happy at all about your changes, but you should not pay attention to them. To make it easier to transfer the transformation from a rag to a real man, follow a few important rules:

How to become a bad guy
How to become a bad guy

Do not be afraid to express your opinion3

Each person is an individual with his own personal opinion. Are you not used to saying it out loud? Learn! And do not be afraid that disagreements can cause disputes and even conflicts, because it is in such discussions that truth is born. When others understand that you are able to think independently, not depend on someone else's opinion, the attitude towards you will change. They will finally start taking you seriously.

However, don't go too far. Having learned to express your opinion, do not try to impose it on others and think that it is the only correct one. In this case, people will consider you a fool and will not want to deal with you in the future.

Do not act to your detriment4

After all, you are familiar with such a situation when you are already going to go fishing for the weekend, all week you have been living with thoughts of a luxurious vacation and suddenly a call: friends want you to help them stick the wallpaper. You reluctantly agree and your dreams are crumbling right before your eyes.

How to stop being a good boy
How to stop being a good boy

Sitting next to him is a frustrated wife, children who so wanted to see how dad was fishing. But you couldn't say no. And such situations cannot be counted. You are undoubtedly a good friend. But when you dare to ask them for help in return, they always find excuses, don't they? It's high time for you to think about whether they are real friends or just use your reliability. Learn to say no!

Think first of all about yourself and your family and never act to the detriment of your interests. True friends will always understand if you tell them that you have other plans. In an extreme case, a compromise can be found that will take into account the wishes of both parties. It is not as difficult as it seems, and by saying “no” once, you will feel unprecedented freedom and finally make your old dream come true.

However, there are situations when your help is simply needed. You should not constantly refuse loved ones and put your interests above all else. We must soberly assess the situation and act adequately. Otherwise, the rumor about your egoism will scatter at the speed of light, and even true friends will turn their backs on you.

Don't be a rag5

If you want to finally build a real relationship, don't be a rag. You should not indulge every whim of girls. Sometimes their imagination is limitless and "red threads" will seem to you a mere trifle. A woman should see you as a man, not an errand boy.

How can a guy not be a rag
How can a guy not be a rag

It so happened that most often ladies pay attention to bad guys, who with one glance can show others that this is his girlfriend and it is better not to approach her. You should just radiate self-confidence, not be afraid of a miss. A little pressure also does not hurt, because the girl still needs to be achieved.

But in this case, too, a strict balance must be observed. Too impudent behavior will only alienate the lady. You should be as gallant as possible, but at the same time completely confident in your actions. Oddly enough, but it is your confidence that is the key moment when dating.

If at the moment you already have a beloved, but she sees only a friend in you, do not despair. There are enough other girls around who are also worthy of your heart. And there is a hope that in a new relationship you will not make the mistakes that brought you into the friend zone. And what is a friend zone and how to avoid it, you will learn from our next article on the link.

People used to think that being good is good. However, as experience shows, this concept has slightly distorted over time. The reason for this is the knowledge that the child receives in childhood. It so happened that every boy is instilled from childhood that a boy should be good. You cannot offend girls, even if she rushes with a stone to hit you.

Good boy or bad guy
Good boy or bad guy

In the sandbox, you need to share and not take away your own toys. You can't fight, even if the other boy hit first. Parents are so fixated on making their child good that they sometimes forget to explain that their interests also need to be defended.

As a result, society gets an “ideal” citizen who is ready to sacrifice his desires for the sake of others. Even if it is not necessary. Only here, unfortunately, such men cannot be called happy.

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