What Does Sexism Mean? History And Modernity. Examples Of Manifestations Of Sexism

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What Does Sexism Mean? History And Modernity. Examples Of Manifestations Of Sexism
What Does Sexism Mean? History And Modernity. Examples Of Manifestations Of Sexism
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The concept of "sexism" originated in 1981. It was used by UNESCO to define unlawful gender-based humiliation of women. Since then, the topic of sexism has expanded and studied more and more. Now, discrimination against men has joined this social phenomenon.

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  • 1 What is the essence of sexism?
  • 2 Reasons for manifestation of sexism
  • 3 Can Sexism Be Accepted?
  • 4 Examples of manifestations of sexism in society
  • 5 Problems of the modern world
  • 6 Reverse sexism
  • 7 Methods to combat sexism

What is sexism? I

This is an ideology that supports the perception of women as insolvent figures in society, with insufficient intellectual and creative potential. Sexism recognizes only the physiological role of women: in bed, in the kitchen, etc. This ideology is based on prejudice and stereotypes. The main goal is to belittle the role of women in society.

According to the beliefs of sexists, a woman is only a keeper of the warmth of the hearth, a teacher for children. But this statement does not work in reality, because then the man is obliged to fully provide for the whole family, and not many are capable of this.

With the development of the industry, in the context of global restructuring and technological progress, the labor activity of women no longer looks wild. On the contrary, ladies are happy to take positions in such areas that only recently were available only to men. But these aspirations still cannot be understood by adherents of sexist trends.

They have a negative attitude and always find a reason to transfer their complexes and phobias to women. "A woman cannot take the place of a man, performing a certain job, while men can easily be cooks, hairdressers, stylists (moreover, some in this profession manage to achieve such heights that the fair sex does not even dream of)." It is impossible to assume that a person has talent (sexists are convinced that there can be no talented people).

modern sexism
modern sexism

Such an overestimation of one sex, belittling the other results in scandals, depression, and so on. Men are endowed with positive qualities, and women with negative ones. Men are smarter, stronger, more inclined to work. But why don't sexists take into account the trend of non-working men and working women?

Sexism also manifests itself in the legal system: different ages for the onset of retirement age, military service, unreasonable labor prohibitions in some areas, court decisions on child custody.

Reasons for manifestation of sexism2

Sexism is not a vacuum discrimination. It arose as a result of a combination of ancient and non-matriarchal and patriarchal views and beliefs, which were based on certain religious and philosophical trends.

  • A person does not accept himself as he is
  • Has a difficult relationship with his mother
  • There are stereotypes in upbringing
  • Bad example in the family
  • Dissemination of information through the media, in labor markets, in schools, among loved ones (gender stereotypes: “this is not a woman’s business,” “you’re a boy,” etc.).

The problem of combating gender discrimination is relevant to this day, because stereotypes are ineradicable. They define the image of women and men, regulate the rules and norms of behavior of both sexes, and rigidly regulate claims to their appearance.

Factors of gender discrimination emerge in childhood:

  • shades of pink - for girls, blue and light blue - for boys
  • princess shampoos - for girls, warriors - for boys
  • men shouldn't cry
  • girls and women need to give in, let them go ahead
  • girls are taught to cook, and boys are brought up to be insolvent
  • girls are sent to dance clubs, and boys are sent to technical, mathematical

These factors significantly narrow the horizons and limit the choice in all areas of life.

Because of upbringing based on sexism, women feel insecure, humiliated, it is difficult for them to realize themselves and be independent. They are convinced that one gender must necessarily occupy a dominant position in relation to the other.

all about sexism
all about sexism

Women and men differ from each other in a number of ways, but it is unacceptable to compare their physique and strength abilities. In the course of a reassessment of values ​​in society, finally, the importance of personality, and not gender, increases.

But the prejudice against women directly has not disappeared: more men are hired for leadership positions, and women in this case have to constantly confirm their competence. In some organizations, women are required to meet special parameters and sizes, while men only need professional qualities.

Can Sexism Be Accepted? 3

In a healthy society, there should be no such social phenomenon as sexism. Citizens should be, first of all, full-fledged personalities, but not robots with certain sets of qualities. According to the psychologist K. Jung, in order to improve personal qualities, it is imperative to overcome gender one-sidedness.

In the modern world, this statement is especially relevant. Despite the fact that life without stereotypes is impossible, you cannot obey them, ruining your nature. In no case should you succumb to the moods of others and depend on their opinion.

what is sexism
what is sexism

Feminism emerged as a counterweight to sexist movements. These are associations of women who are fighting for the independence and rights of the beautiful half of humanity. One of the main goals of feminism is to achieve gender equality.

Examples of manifestations of sexism in society4

  • Raunchy jokes about girls (pronounced by both guys and other girls);
  • Convictions in terms of personal and sexual life. For example, having a large number of partners in the past. Whereas men are allowed to have many affairs and relationships, even married ones;
  • Lack of a stamp in the passport. Many are worried about a free / single girl, and even more outraged by the possible reluctance to marry: “How so? You need to marry someone at least. Abnormal. " or “Are you a feminist? This is all because you didn't have a normal guy. Now you will stop toil yourself and you will get married successfully "
  • Relations with children. Mom is very necessary for the baby while she is breastfeeding. But when he grows up, he needs a good, authoritative educator - it doesn't matter if it's dad or mom. But even the law determines that after a divorce, a child, as a rule, remains with his mother;
  • Even in the formation of prices, there are pronounced notes of sexism. Men's clothing is much cheaper than women's. But it is from the beautiful half of humanity that society demands an ideal style and beauty. But how to get money for good cosmetics, stockings, bras, without which the perfect image will not work out in any way? This question is of interest only to women.
  • The softness of sexism at work: the woman removes the dirty cups, not the man; the office before the corporate party is decorated by a woman, however, and the woman also cleans the office after the corporate party.
  • The dress code applies to all employees, but only girls are required to wear stiletto pumps. What a shame! Also, the question of the form of clothing is acute in Muslim countries.
  • The surrounding people are very concerned about the number of calories the girl receives every day: “do not forget about the diet”, “how much you can eat”, “you are plump”, “you are like a board …” and these are the most “gentle” expressions. Many people believe that a woman gains, if not happiness, then the possibility of self-realization by entering into a marriage relationship. Actually, for this, women exist: for a man to be good.
  • The need for depilation and epilation. But men only shave their face (and even then, not all). Yes, a woman "overgrown" with hair looks, to put it mildly, unattractive. And the man?
the essence of sexism
the essence of sexism
  • Women's logic. This also includes the "stupid blondes". It turns out that a woman who has lightened her hair becomes stupid. Irrevocably. Once and for all. And also, if any girl refuses a guy (whatever), she will agree later: they say no = yes, but not now. The word "no", which expresses complete denial, has not been taught to men since childhood. Now they really consider themselves Apollo, at least.
  • Very often women are convinced that they have no place in the army. Even if you really want to serve. Of course, with the use of humiliating phrases "you can't do this", "what about the family", etc.
  • Women unjustifiably receive more modest wages in the same positions as men.
  • Now women have started to get driving licenses en masse and buy cars. And blondes, and redheads, and brown-haired women - everything (even the elderly). So men either because of envy or because of an offended sense of their own superiority vying to humiliate women for their especially careful, sometimes too slow driving (according to men who like to "reckless" on the roads). “Where are you climbing? Stay at home, cook borscht, woman! " - shouts of brutal males are heard.

Problems of the modern world5

history of sexism
history of sexism

The progressive development of science and technology on Earth in no way diminishes the parasitic spread of sexism. In an age of such a seemingly rapid growth and ascent, there is a problem that has captured and continues to capture humanity's misfortune. This phenomenon shows only the level of meagerness and insignificance of those who connect to the zombie game.

In our time, there are no countries where a woman did not experience any kind of oppression, was free from prejudices and protected in all spheres of life. In some countries, violence and murder is considered the norm and it is truly terrible. Women risk their lives in education, in marriage, in bearing their own children. But this risk can hardly be considered justified.

In the poorest countries in Africa or the most repressive countries in the Middle East and Asia, women lack the right to make decisions and control their own destiny. And in other countries, women get married early, suffer from domestic violence, contract terrible diseases, and are attacked to kill. They do not have the means and opportunities to save them.

Reverse sexism6

Reverse sexism is the expression of aggression and rejection towards men by women. Such cases are not common, in contrast to ordinary sexism. This can happen, for example, when hiring directly to a women's team.

facts about sexism
facts about sexism

Methods to combat sexism7

There were women who, at different times, excelled in scientific discoveries, engaging in politics, sports, space travel and business. Maria Skladovskaya-Curie is an outstanding chemist, physicist, teacher and public figure. Margaret Hamilton is the chief software engineer for the Apollo project.

Katharine Schwitzer is the woman who first ran the Boston Marathon in 1967. This happened 5 years before women received permission to participate in it. The representative of the organizers of the marathon, Jock Semple, tried to force her away from the track. Valentina Tereshkova is a Soviet cosmonaut, the world's first woman cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union (1963), candidate of technical sciences, professor and 10th world cosmonaut. Malala Yusufzai is a Pakistani human rights defender who fights to educate women around the world.

There are members of the public who oppose gender discrimination. It is possible to fight this social phenomenon, because people are still citizens of a democratic society. Everyone has the right to vote and gender cannot be the main focus in resolving controversial issues.

Typical sexists are characterized by a "pose" in which, in their opinion, it is easy to defend their opinion: "They say that a man has been a breadwinner since ancient times, he is strong, intelligent and not as emotional as a woman." To combat sexism, use:

sexism what is it
sexism what is it
  • remarks to those who show aggression based on gender differences;
  • conversations with persons who belittle the importance and position of women in society;
  • hold thematic meetings in a working environment;
  • turn to social organizations dealing with such issues;
  • seek help from a psychologist;
  • involve the media and the courts.

Sexism will continue to exist and be troublesome until a middle ground is found in relations between men and women at all levels.

Of course, there will never be complete equality between the sexes, but this should not be a reason for humiliating women. The aspect of social equality of the sexes does not mean absolute similarity, equality of their qualities, but their study and interpretation must be methodologically correct.

Fortunately, more secular views appear in modern society, and medieval traditions and beliefs are losing their priority, which makes it possible to eliminate most of the manifestations of sexism at the legislative level.

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