Who Is Prettier: Blonde Or Brunette? Statistics On Men's Preferences

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Who Is Prettier: Blonde Or Brunette? Statistics On Men's Preferences
Who Is Prettier: Blonde Or Brunette? Statistics On Men's Preferences

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blondes or brunettes
blondes or brunettes

They say that gentlemen prefer blondes … But building a relationship certainly requires a more serious approach than just dividing women into two camps: blondes or brunettes. First, because there are tons of hair colors out there, thanks to the modern beauty industry. Secondly, with age, everyone will become equally gray-haired. Thirdly, admiring a blonde beauty, of course, is very pleasant, but over the years of marriage, you still have to talk.

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  • 1 Such different men
  • 2 Psychology of the subconscious
  • 3 Influence of mother image
  • 4 Appearance is not the main thing
  • 5 Stereotypes about women
  • 6 Myths about brunettes
  • 7 Why blondes are so successful
  • 8 Ginger-ginger-freckled

Such different men

Much to the relief, people cannot be categorized with 100% accuracy according to psychological typologies: even two people who passed the same set of tests, received the same results, will differ in the context of upbringing, world perception and personality nuances. This gives hope that one way or another all men are different, which means that they cannot strive to choose the same women, therefore, for every psychopath there will be their own abnormal one.

Finding a partner for many men becomes a whole adventure, more abruptly than the search for the lost ark, they have a clear list that determines exactly who should be included in the list of potential wives: a career woman or a housewife, a party girl or a homebody, a blonde or a brunette. We can say that such obsession interferes with building a happy personal life, but, at the same time, there is always a woman who will correspond to the list or she herself writes diaries with lists of lists and plans of plans.

In contrast to planners, there are always those who go with the flow, surrender to the will of the senses and trust their subconscious, looking for a girl from distant childhood in their companion.

Psychology of the subconscious2

Behavioral psychology says that for feelings there is no difference at all in the specific characteristics of appearance and personality. The fact is that everyone has a certain - conscious or rather unconscious - image of an ideal woman in their heads, which was formed under the influence of various factors. When this image is superimposed on a real person, love happens. And then it doesn't matter who was there on the conscious list: redheads, blondes or brunettes - it is only important that the mosaic took shape and came together on this particular person.

The most prominent adherent of the theory of the subconscious is, of course, the notorious grandfather Freud, who promoted the theory that men are looking for a woman similar to their mother. Contrary to criticism, the theory is very logical: the mother is the first woman who introduces the future man to the world, at first he perceives the world through her filters, she cares and loves faithfully, which is not the ideal of a woman.

brunettes or blondes opinion of men
brunettes or blondes opinion of men

This theory was developed both by Freud himself and by many followers: then various factors of influence were added to the Oedipus complex: was the mother present in the son's life, maybe the ideal of a woman - a sister or nanny, what kind of relationship was between the parents, what was the social level of the family, and so on almost indefinitely.

Ultimately, the essence boils down to the fact that the factors of the real world in one way or another affect the subconscious and draw a certain image of the ideal (or familiar and understandable) life partner. Thus, all searches for love inherently boil down to finally finding the physical embodiment of a person who so far exists only in the depths of the subconscious.

Influence of the mother image3

It is absolutely impossible to overestimate the importance of a mother to any person. But for a man, an emotional connection with a parent of the opposite sex is critically important for harmonious development.

A man gets his first experience of knowing the world and communicating with the opposite sex precisely thanks to his mother, which in the future will either beneficially or detrimentally affect the communication between men and women. The fact is that boys in childhood are much more receptive than girls and children's attitudes remain with them forever, while girls are much more flexible in this matter.

who to choose a brunette or a blonde
who to choose a brunette or a blonde

Thus, if the mother was, for example, a home tyrant and super-controller, then a man will always choose a woman who will broadcast the same behavior model, and if the mother has always been a support for her son, an ally in games and pranks, his companion will be the same fighting girlfriend, whom he will love and respect infinitely.

These are, of course, very rough examples, but they very clearly show how the image of the mother is transformed and transferred to subsequent relationships.

You can often hear attempts at refutation from men who say what a slender, active, ambitious wife they have who does not know how to cook at all, while my mother was the ideal representative of the category of Jewish mothers who laid her life on raising a family and today looks more like an intercontinental shuttle than a woman, and has always been more a Topol-M missile than a slender homing torpedo.

Psychologists in such cases advise either to wait for the birth of the child, or to take a closer look at the women you love: remember how my mother dragged her to learn to play the violin, to a chess club and to fencing with amazing zeal, and my wife today told how she sent her subordinates to advanced courses qualifications, seminars and four trainings, because very soon they will grow out of the company and they will have to move on, and skills are not superfluous.

blondes or brunettes
blondes or brunettes

It is difficult to say why the subconscious mind is so obsessively looking for suitable types, perhaps out of a desire to return to a comfortable state of carefree childhood, perhaps out of a desire for everything familiar and safe, but the fact remains. If the image in the head and in reality does not add up, no appearance, tricks and work on oneself will help.

Appearance is not important4

I would like to say that appearance is not the main thing in matters of love, personal qualities are much more important. Unfortunately, this is not at all the case: appearance is the first filter that weeds out a lot of beautiful interesting women who simply stopped taking care of themselves.

The good news is that all women are not expected to conform to beauty patterns, and to be honest, this is a big advance for society. Appearance is the main thing, but not at all in the way in which everyone is used to thinking. The Victoria Secret Angels are the highest stage of evolution, beautiful and inaccessible.

It is pleasant to admire them from afar, but it is worth putting even the most self-confident man next to him, as he immediately begins to stutter - it’s good if he doesn’t faint. Because such beauty is dazzling if you look for a long time. They really won the genetic lottery and look like the creation of skillful puppeteers, and not people - a dream of a transitional age.

brunettes or blondes who are prettier
brunettes or blondes who are prettier

The bad news is that women themselves, by inertia, tend to the reference magazine picture, turning a blind eye to their uniqueness. Men, on the other hand, want to see a lively attractive woman next to them: they are not only and not so much greedy for infinite legs, they fall in love with a mole on their shoulder, a slight half-smile and a tilt of the head.

But do not relax, men love with their eyes and notice even minor details. Unkempt nails, messy hair, wrinkled dress on a date - all of this will make any man refuse subsequent dates.

But a well-groomed woman is always beautiful in a special way, even if she has too long a nose, too many freckles, and her hips are far from standard.

Stereotypes about women5

It's no secret that you can build harmonious relationships only by listening to yourself and closing your ears to all the opinions of compassionate advisers. And of course, the most vivid expression of these advice can be observed in the stereotypical attitude towards women. Who has never heard another joke about a stupid beautiful blonde or an insidious brunette? How many women were burned just because their hair color evoked strange associations among the guys in dresses?

brunettes or blondes who choose
brunettes or blondes who choose

Myths about brunettes6

Until now, the question hangs in the air, who is cooler: blondes or brunettes. And the stereotyped thinking, hammered in for years, cannot be eradicated. So it turns out that men still believe that beautiful brunettes are insidious and domineering creatures. Online dating apps even conducted a sociological study, which showed that brunettes are considered more attractive and willingly ask for a date.

And in 2012, British scientists even set up an experiment where men were shown the same representative fair sex with different hair colors and brunettes received the Audience Award. It turned out that they would be more willing to be called on a date. In addition, men suggest that a brunette can become a good conversationalist and even help sort out some internal issues and problems. And brunettes are reliable as an armored personnel carrier and a comrade in arms.

You can study, in more detail, all the myths about women in our article at the link.

Why blondes are so successful7

However, there is no need to rush to repaint and get rid of blond hair, because, as it turned out, gentlemen are still blondes. Other scientists from the same foggy Albion conducted an even more amusing experiment, where 20 female volunteers, without changing their clothes, had to walk past the men and purposely drop something. About 75% of men rushed to help blondes, and only 50% of passers-by paid attention to dark-haired girls.

brunettes or blondes whom men love
brunettes or blondes whom men love

According to universal assurances, blondes are much more demanding as a life partner, but it is also much easier to communicate with them than with cunning and smart brunettes.

It's not interesting to think about dummies that are only good for making a party for one night, because this is a very special category of women from another planet, where a head on their shoulders is needed to make curls, and independent decision-making is akin to imprisonment. Better to deal with the natural magnetism of blonde hair, in principle, in isolation from personal characteristics.

The attraction of men to blondes actually once again focuses attention on the fact that man is still an animal, albeit social and in places reasonable. The fact is that even Darwin, back in 1859, suggested that light hair color is nothing more than a mechanism of natural protection of individuals from extinction. And although the theory did not continue its development due to lack of evidence, the arguments look very logical and sound.

The fact is that a light hair color could appear for the first time only in the north, where there was no need to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation, which means that the skin and hair of the inhabitants did not need a large amount of pigment. The main component of the northerners' diet throughout ancient history was meat, the extraction of which was a dangerous and deadly business.

blondes and brunettes
blondes and brunettes

Hunting took away many lives and the ranks of men in the settlements were melting before our eyes, while women were in abundance. The choice, as always, gave rise to competition: preference was given to more attractive women, those whose appearance was different from others. In the context of the fact that the vast majority of the inhabitants of that time were dark-haired, the question of a blonde or a brunette did not arise in principle. Blonde hair provided an undeniable competitive edge.

Today, of course, blonde hair is not a guarantor of attractiveness and male attention, but evolutionary mechanisms no, no, and even affect sound thinking.

But whom men prefer: blondes or brunettes, you can find out in our article further on the link.


Redheads, although they do not enter the race for the prize of male sympathies, still acquire stereotypes no worse than their light-headed sisters. By all accounts, redheads have a more fiery temperament, are capable of all sorts of atrocities, and in general, the common phrase "if the roof is rusty, the basement is always wet" has further secured the image of women with bright red manes as far from the ideal of an American housewife as possible. University of Westminster shares research that, other things being equal, redheads are considered more arrogant, narcissistic, and cocky.

brunettes or blondes who is better
brunettes or blondes who is better

Well, the Witch is a witch in Africa too.

In general, today stereotypes cause rather a grin, so the question of who is cooler than a blonde or a brunette will remain unanswered. A life partner is chosen, obeying completely different instincts, deeper feelings and psychological models, and not just by external data.

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