How To Stop Being Afraid Of Being Alone? We Are Looking For Opportunities To Take Care Of Ourselves

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How To Stop Being Afraid Of Being Alone? We Are Looking For Opportunities To Take Care Of Ourselves
How To Stop Being Afraid Of Being Alone? We Are Looking For Opportunities To Take Care Of Ourselves
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girl with croissant
girl with croissant

It is a very difficult task to accept another person. The task is more difficult - to accept yourself. How often does a person have to deal with forced loneliness in most cases? It doesn't matter what the reason is - moving to a new, unfamiliar city or parting with a young man. It just so happens that loneliness, especially when it happens for the first time, scares a person.

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From childhood, a person gets used to living in society. Family first. It doesn't matter whether it is small or large, consisting of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, or just one parent. A person gets used to living not alone. He knows that there is a person in the house who is ready to help, listen, comfort, make laugh and laugh. As people grow up, they create their own families. Young people, especially girls, often end up in the parental home, moving in with a boyfriend or immediately with her husband.

Here again there is no time for loneliness, because already their own family begins to grow rapidly. Therefore, a woman, suddenly remaining alone, is lost. Not knowing how to behave alone with themselves, being afraid of silence, girls sometimes do stupid things.

They do not end long-worn relationships, cling to the first guy who beckoned them, and sometimes they get married, justifying themselves by the fact that it is time to age, want children and other ridiculous excuses. What's next? Read about the dangers of codependency in relationships in our article.

Constant quarrels, scandals, betrayal, misunderstanding, painful divorce, crippled psyche of innocent children. So maybe you shouldn't be afraid of loneliness? It's worth going through it once. It will not cripple, harm or change the person. On the contrary, this one will do a lot of good. So how do you learn to be alone?

Acceptance i

Psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified 5 stages of patients' awareness of a fatal diagnosis: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. A painful break, a sharp push of a person into the abyss of a lonely life, for most people is akin to a sentence. But the loneliness ahead is not a death sentence. Although the first 4 stages before adoption can take place, they should not be given more than a few days, a maximum of a week.

If possible, go straight to acceptance. Namely, first you need to accept the situation with a cool head. Experience the difference! Acceptance in relation to a terminally ill person indicates that the person has realized his fate. Accepted the irreversibly approaching outcome of his life.

Overcome the fear of loneliness
Overcome the fear of loneliness

Analyzes, completes unfinished business, says goodbye to family. It's ready for the end. This is scary. So why do women behave like those sentenced to death? To accept your loneliness is to leave the past behind. Be ready to create and meet your new future.

Being alone is not the end of the world. This is just the beginning. The beginning to something unknown, beautiful. The beginning of the life that a woman will build for herself.

All by herself 2

Living alone means doing everything one. Yes, it won't be easy. After all, now the responsibility and all matters lie entirely with her. She does everything herself. Cooking, going to the store, washing, cleaning. She pays herself, earns herself. But! She makes decisions herself, relying only on her own desires, plans and goals.

She herself paints her life, where to go, with whom to go, what to do with herself. Now she is on her own. The girl is completely responsible for herself and depends only on herself. All the time she is devoted to herself. And only for her to decide how to dispose of it.

In order to know what you want from life, you need to accept and understand yourself. When else to start looking for and unraveling yourself, if not alone?

How to free yourself from the fear of loneliness
How to free yourself from the fear of loneliness

Start simple - think. Just lie or sit with a cup of your favorite drink and just think. Alone in silence. This same bliss and pleasure inaccessible to most women - just a few minutes / hours of peace alone with yourself. Willy-nilly, thoughts themselves will begin to fill the head, questions will emerge, and some answers will still be found. Perhaps forgotten dreams of visiting a distant country will be remembered.

Will remember the desire to learn Chinese or the desire to become a singer. Then a sketch of a plan for further actions will be drawn up. After all, now is the time to implement them. The girl herself will not notice how she will begin to search the Internet for the courses she needs and other necessary information.

Dedicate yourself3

To be afraid of loneliness means not seeing all the possibilities that can and should be extracted from a free life. A lot of time is freed up, which can be spent not only on digging in yourself. This time can be devoted to personal care.

Yes, do not deny yourself soak in the bathroom, after dissolving anti-aging and soothing salts and foams in it. Walk freely around the apartment wearing a black mask. Feel free to spend the amount you need on beauty treatments that please you. Go in for sports!


Look for opportunities for self-fulfillment and professional growth. Right now, when there are no distractions, it's time to fully and completely devote yourself to personal and career growth. This is a contribution to the future, to the profession, to earnings. And a good therapy for unnecessary painful thoughts.

By understanding and accepting oneself, immersing oneself in the atmosphere of beloved and productive things, a person gains confidence in himself and in the future. Not afraid to go forward with head held high. And it is precisely such a person full of vital energy who attracts new acquaintances to himself, like a magnet.

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