How To Recognize A Playboy Man And What To Expect From Him?

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How To Recognize A Playboy Man And What To Expect From Him?
How To Recognize A Playboy Man And What To Expect From Him?

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Playboy magazine is undoubtedly a very entertaining sex read. The very word Playboy is now associated with a man of a certain type of character and behavior. Mothers advise girls to be wary of such men, but young ladies are drawn to handsome men with terrible strength, which is not surprising, because they know how to attract female attention.

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  • 1 Who is a playboy?
  • 2 Common types of playboys
  • 3 How to recognize a man by looking into his apartment?
  • 4 How to teach a playboy a lesson?
  • 5 Psychological advice
  • 6 What does a playboy need?

Who is a playboy? I

The people call playboy an interesting word for those men who prefer to spin in ladies' society in order to get as much attention as possible to their own person. In the bed of such a male, almost all the ladies who are in the company and even those who enter the environment often find themselves. Women suffer from the antics of such men who do not value relationships at all and are chasing only quantity.

By nature, however, the playboy is not a hardened heartthrob, but he is wary of starting a serious relationship, is afraid of any attachments that may arise and desperately avoids them. Insensitivity is just a shield that such a man uses to protect himself from obligations, attachments, from his fears and phobias.

A real man always strives to conquer a woman, interest her, tie her to himself. So why is it attracted to men - playboys, they behave defiantly, and some women fall for it, they understand what they got involved in too late.

Common types of playboys2

Familiar to many type "the first guy in the village." Such an exhibit can be really attractive in appearance, or even educated, however, the playboy nature cannot be hidden anywhere, and she looks out exactly at the moment when a woman allows herself to relax and dream about marriage.

The male fashion model is a popular type of playboy lately. Such guys consider themselves incredibly beautiful and sexy, and prefer to spin around in the company of men and women, catching compliments about themselves and admiring glances. It is very easy to check such a man - he always joins women's companies.


And at the same time it does not matter at all that a woman may already be over 40, in order to catch an admiring glance, he will be spinning nearby. You can't get such a look from men, so the handsome man strives in the other direction, to the girls. And if he also goes to the rocking chair, then the handsome man will certainly demonstrate his super biceps to the admiring ladies

The third type of playboy is the bad guy. He, like in bad thrillers, plays out of himself everything so bad and inaccessible, and the girls stick like flies.

The fourth type is the macho, which is a mystery covered in darkness. There are a lot of rumors about him, he is handsome and sexy, and all the women who decide to date him go out of their way just to match.

Many girls were deprived of peace and sleep, falling in love with a playboy. Such guys have existed at all times, and will not go anywhere, so the girls can only recognize and avoid them.

How to recognize a man by looking into his apartment? 3

Once in a guy's apartment, you can say a lot about his character. From the interior, the things in the house, you can understand what type of personality the beloved belongs to, and whether it is worth connecting your fate with him.

The playboy's apartment will always be "stylish, fashionable, youthful." Such a man is aiming at short-term relationships, and is looking for girls with whom he can have fun on a giant bed (why should he, if he lives alone?).

The entire playboy apartment is as if created in order to seduce women of all ages in it. The bedroom in the apartment will be thought out down to the smallest details, even a separately selected soft and elastic mattress suggests that it was chosen especially for carnal pleasures.

types of playboys
types of playboys

Such a man will have sexual attributes in his house - candles, a package of condoms (open), several handcuffs and other bells and whistles from a sex shop. Even if he assures that he bought all this specially for the arrival of the lady, in fact the situation is different - the playboy has prepared his apartment in advance.

At the same time, an experienced man will do everything to ensure that the presence of other women is in no way noticeable. Therefore, the "bachelor's" hut, which seems to be screaming about its loneliness, but at the same time perfectly clean and filled with all sorts of "little things" can speak for itself.

If a man has a carpet or a blanket with an animal print in his house, erotic paraphernalia like handcuffs and whips, you should quickly remember about the sick cat and say goodbye or spend the best, but only night with this man.

There is another type of guy that deserves anti-attention - the narcissist. You can also draw conclusions from his apartment. The narcissist will have more makeup and mirrors than the guest. The owner of this apartment may be courageous, super sexy, but the only person he can love in life is himself. Do not be surprised to see a mirror in a gold frame and a wardrobe that Carrie Bradshaw herself could envy.

playboy life
playboy life

Once at the house of a party-goer, you can notice that the apartment seems to have been bought recently and furnished only for show - a man practically never happens in it. A perfectly clean kitchen without a single stain of grease, a stack of clean clothes in the closet and a carpet without footprints - all this suggests that a relationship with such a man is practically doomed to failure from the very beginning, because it will be almost impossible to keep him near you.

Being wary of playboys, do not forget about the snobs, who can amaze any lady with his eloquence, but further communication with him can turn into a real disaster. At home, a snob will have a lot of modern, fashionable gadgets, but if you ask a man what function this or that object performs, he will not be able to answer anything, but he will tell the woman that she is completely unaware of modern technologies.

Such a man will not have a TV, and if you ask where this unit is, he will say that "he doesn't need this zombie box for nothing."

All about playboy girls can be found in our next article!

How to teach a playboy a lesson 4

Do not feed the girls with bread, let the guy change, set him on the right path. However, some categories of men are completely not created to be corrected, involved in relationships. Playboys belong to such men.

For years he deceives girls, makes them fall in love with him and breaks their hearts. Such a hobby for a person. And if a guy wants to feel like Romeo, then a girl who wants to keep the remnants of pride and self-control should not try on the role of Juliet.

However, cold and calculating ladies can still try to teach the playboy a lesson by showing him where the crayfish hibernate. To do this, you can resort to some female tricks, for example, start to portray hard to get. This method can also be called "cold-hot".

teach a playboy a lesson
teach a playboy a lesson

At first, the lady ignores the playboy, forcing him to think something like "I'm all like this, and she …". However, in order to outplay such a man, you need to completely and completely seize his attention. You can use compliments, tell him how beautiful and sexy he is, and then abruptly ignore.

Playboys always notice when a girl doesn't notice them. The hunting instinct and the desire to attract the attention of a rebellious lady immediately turn on. This is where the game begins. At the same time, it is important that the girl is nice and polite, not rude, but also does not allow herself too much.

After a couple of weeks, you can "recognize" him by showing curiosity and interest. It is enough just to smile, he will notice it, being at the other end of the room.

You can agree to a drink, but you should not let him shower the lady with compliments, dance, or even go to his house. The second step is to have fun with your friends. The playboy's attention has been drawn, and now the most important thing is not to scare the man away. The girl must remain aloof and visible at the same time. She can chat with her friends, laugh and joke, or even dance with another man.

This can be done not only in a bar, but also wherever there is an intersection with a man. Extraneous male attention will never be superfluous. The girl shows him that she easily communicates with other guys, and can even get carried away.

The biggest mistake some "avengers" make is they don't know how to play. Trying to “not pay attention” you shouldn't look at the man every second, assessing his reaction. Indifference must be real, only then will he believe and take the hook.

playboy and women
playboy and women

When he is all the same interested and showed attention, you can flirt a little, securing interest. This should be done calmly, showing that the conversation is pleasant, but it is important not to overdo it. A playboy man will surely take an interest in a girl who is not trying to seduce him.

Starting such a dangerous game, it is important not to succumb to the charms of a man, and he will struggle to attract attention, using all his eloquence, wit and beauty. The real avenger will kindle the fire, calling the man "Don Juan" and telling that she certainly knows about the number of his mistresses. Instinct will work, and the man will want to prove the opposite.

The last step to take is to make him want a woman, to crave her madly. This is not difficult to do if the previous steps have been successfully completed.

The lady plays, presenting herself as "all so mysterious", creates a legend, which the playboy is easily led to, and then twists around her finger and makes her suffer from unrequited love and hurt pride.

love a playboy
love a playboy

You can also use the feelings that have arisen and marry such a man, however, there is no guarantee that he will not return to his old habits. Without parting, even if imaginary, it will not be possible to tie such a man to yourself. He will be ready to change only if he understands how dear a woman is to him, and how afraid he is of losing her.

Psychological advice5

A girl who has decided to connect her life with a playboy must understand that from time to time her self-esteem and pride will suffer greatly due to the attacks of a man. He can even find himself another, younger and more beautiful, and only the fortitude of the lady will allow her to get out of such a situation without loss.

It is worth working on yourself, making sure that the figure is perfect, and the legs and buttocks do not swell with cellulite. Visits to the salon will also become a must. A girl who will take care of herself will be able to feel beautiful and desirable, even during a period of exacerbation of “playboyism”.

It is important to be able to manage your mood, to maintain a cheerful disposition even when you want to forget everything and cry into your pillow. For a girl who hooks up with a playboy for revenge or self-healing, the results often don't happen for too long, or they don't turn out to be what they would like.

what to do with a playboy
what to do with a playboy

Falling in love with such a man in one day will not work, this is a very long and even painful path. The only thing that a girl can do is to take up her own life, attend some circles and sections, get carried away with drawing or dancing. Only then will it remain interesting and not fully accessible.

A big mistake is spending a lot of time with a playboy, enjoying every call and message. With such methods, a man only ties a lady to himself in order to then leave her, breaking his heart.

What does a playboy need? 6

Girls often want to be suppressed by someone, love drama in a relationship. Playboys act for a different purpose - they only hunt for a number of women, then to show off to their friends, as well as satisfy their own curiosity, nourish a sense of dignity and need for someone.

Interestingly, most often playboys are found in predominantly female teams, with a small number of men. This is convenient from the point of view of the absence of competitors.

Ladies who bite at such guys realize too late that behind a beautiful picture lies a banal posturing, the ability to present oneself and narcissism. It is very simple to recognize a playboy - he will turn around in women's companies, catching compliments and assuring himself of his own irresistibility.

conquer playboy
conquer playboy

A girl who wants to tame such a guy should try to deprive him of his popularity. However, this is not very easy to do. It will take long conversations, as well as frantic self-confidence, which will allow you not to be heartbroken in the process of "educating" a playboy.

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