Tips For Girls How To Accept Courtship From A Man

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Tips For Girls How To Accept Courtship From A Man
Tips For Girls How To Accept Courtship From A Man
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courtship men
courtship men

A girl who does not know how to accept a man's courtship loses her attractiveness in his eyes. Do not interpret them as an offer to jump into bed. It could be courtesy or just flirting. But being able to take courtship with dignity is the quality of a real woman!

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  • 1 Secrets and Features
  • 2 Accept courtesies from someone you like
  • 3 How to accept courtship if you don't plan a relationship
  • 4 How to get rid of unwanted courtship

Secrets and featuresi

  1. Never be ironic in response to a compliment. It looks stupid, inappropriate, the risk of offending a person is high. Save for later the beloved "are you kidding?" and the like. The correct reaction is to smile meekly and say thank you.
  2. Gifts are accepted with gratitude. No jumping, clapping, or other childish reactions. Emotions should show a person an honest reaction, not a simulated performance.
  3. Unpleasant courtship? Then, first of all, tell your partner directly that you are not interested in him, next time clarify this. The third can not be repeated, only ignoring will help.
  4. Low self-esteem ruins everything. It is no secret that girls with low self-esteem cannot properly accept a man's courtship. “How could he look at me ?!”, already looked, take this easier and easier. It's time to take the time to work on yourself and self-esteem, in particular.
  1. No one owes nothing to nobody. If you are invited to dinner at a restaurant, this does not mean that after that you need to go to his house. It is important to do what you want.
  2. You need to get pleasure from courtship. Sooner or later, they may end, it is better to appreciate such moments.

Accept courtesies from someone you like2

Nice gifts, flowers, candy boxes. All this is doubly attractive when it comes from the man you like. Girls are often lost and cannot properly respond to gifts from their boyfriend. Each such moment evokes a lot of emotions, but I don't want to hit my face in the mud.

Milena, 22 years old

How to take courtship
How to take courtship

Don't be overjoyed, it looks artificial and rather silly. This behavior gives the impression that the lady is "being led" on such things and is ready to enter into a relationship for this. Only expensive gifts can be accepted with admiration. If the chosen one jumps with joy for a cake in a cafe, then she is unlikely to arouse approval from a serious man, even if he is even interested in her.

Special attention should be paid to the attitude of women to courtship and flirting, as to something very important, significant. The man offers to go to a coffee shop after the movie, and she already imagines herself in an ivory wedding dress. No, that will not do. Each such gesture should be accepted with a smile and gratitude. This demonstrates the importance of the guy's action, but not too much.

Elena, 20 years old

How to accept a boyfriend's courtship
How to accept a boyfriend's courtship

A competent response is the key to success. If they give flowers, accept and say thank you, and not scatter in gratitude. The higher a girl values ​​herself, the more “expensive” it becomes in the eyes of a man, in terms of courtship. But it is worth remembering that no one owes anything to anyone. I took them to a restaurant and gave them flowers, well done. She doesn't have to stay overnight with him.

How to accept courtship if you are not planning a relationship3

Being honest with yourself and your partner is the main principle. There are two options for the development of events:

1. I like a man, but now there is no desire to build a relationship;

2. The man is not pleasant and his actions are unpleasant.

You should not refuse "head-on", because for the overwhelming majority of men a categorical answer, for some reason, is perceived as "yes". It is necessary to dryly substantiate your arguments. You can say something like this:

  • I appreciate your aspirations, but there will never be anything between us.
  • Don't waste your time on me, I have a man.
  • Your courtship does not bring me any pleasure, pay attention to someone else.
how to take courtship
how to take courtship

If an unpleasant man gives two tickets to a movie or other event, then he expects the girl to go with him. Tickets can be accepted, but go with someone else. A proven way to ward off a compulsive suitor.

Polina, 25 years old

Pity and politeness will do a disservice here. A man perceives every such weakness as false hope. He believes that he is paving the way to the heart of the chosen one. Even if she is ready to jump out the window from him.

How to get rid of unwanted courtship4

Psychologists recommend using these techniques to stop the courtship of a man who is unpleasant for a young lady.

How to take a man's courtship
How to take a man's courtship
  1. Indifference is the best weapon. No reaction, smiles, gratitude. Avoid flirting, reciprocal glances, and more. Any positive reaction gives a green light.
  2. Protecting personal space is a must. Come close? Take a few steps back, frown, show indignation. Take "closed" poses during forced communication.
  3. Any physical contact is prohibited. Any withdrawal will arouse his approval. Better to do it lazily and indifferently, showing discomfort and dislike.
  4. His jokes are not funny. This should be remembered as a multiplication table, even if it is really funny. The cavalier will take this as flirting and courtship will continue with renewed vigor. No laughter - no interest.
  5. Cold as ice. Show no compassion or kindness. Men do not perceive such a good attitude, for them it is always flirting and an indicator of attraction. Pay as little attention to such a boyfriend. Is he upset about the boss's comment? Do not speak words of comfort, do not approach and do not react.
  6. Respond with sarcasm to a compliment, react inappropriately and visibly. Let him see that it only causes ridicule. Prepare sarcastic remarks ahead of time to avoid embarrassment.
How to take courtship correctly
How to take courtship correctly

Most of the advice that will help discourage a man's courtship is cruel and unpleasant even for the girl herself. But in such situations, there is no other choice. Either suffer every time to squeeze a smile out of yourself in response to another unpleasant gesture of attention, or show firmness and stop everything. Naturally, before starting an active negative campaign, it is better to have a normal conversation with the guy and explain your position to him. Many men are able to understand that they are not interested in a woman.

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