Dating To Find A Sponsor. Tips For Beginners And More

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Dating To Find A Sponsor. Tips For Beginners And More
Dating To Find A Sponsor. Tips For Beginners And More
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much money
much money

Kept women are lovely lovely ladies who live off a rich successful man. One important condition for the existence of kept women is that they must fulfill the whims of the sponsor in an intimate sense without question. As a rule, these girls do not have an additional source of income. But some especially successful representatives of this profession receive business as a gift from their men as a passive source of income. This gift is a gift to all gifts. The relationship in such a couple is most often unofficial, joint children, of course there is no life. Apart from the exchange of sex for material values, they have practically nothing in common. Dating to find a sponsor today takes place on special dating sites to save both parties time.

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  • 1 From antiquity to the present day
  • 2 The kept woman today. Who is she?
  • 3 Who and why becomes a kept woman
  • 4 Is everything so smooth?
  • 5 Tips for Beginner Kept Women
  • 6 Is it possible to get settled in life with the help of a sponsor?

From antiquity to the present day

Historians have established that the first evidence of the existence of kept women appeared in antiquity. The most famous at that time was Campaspa, one of the beloved women of Alexander the Great. In the end, Alexander the Great simply "gave" it to a very popular artist at the time. During the golden age, the kept women of monarchs and rulers were very influential figures in politics. As a rule, they had more than one woman on the payroll. Today, the public's attitude towards women living off rich men is quite tolerable. There is neither particular condemnation nor excessive approval of the life position of these women. Today a kept woman should be not only beautiful, but also smart, as well as have a good sense of humor, knowledge of languages ​​or knowledge in narrow specialties are welcome.

The kept woman today. Who is she? 2

In fact, it turns out that the kept woman is just the mistress of a rich and successful man. Nobody bears any responsibility for this kind of relationship. A man, in turn, can be married or have children. These areas of his life do not intersect. The man does not advertise his connection with the kept woman. From one point of view, housewives can also be considered kept women, but this is not entirely true. Since the relationship in such a couple is built not only on sex, there is also love and mutual respect.

acquaintance with the sponsor
acquaintance with the sponsor

A supported woman always has sexual intercourse with the sponsor at the first request of the sponsor. Sometimes, especially wealthy men have several kept women. No one can encroach on the privacy of either the sponsor or the kept woman. Such a union is created to satisfy the sexual needs of a man, a woman in return receives gifts and material values ​​- jewelry, trips abroad, real estate, cars.

There are several types of kept women. The first type is girls under 21 years old. With chiseled figures, very young girls are the most coveted category of women. The second type is girls under 27. They are no less beautiful, but not so young. They tend to have a sense of humor, refined taste in clothes, knowledge of languages ​​is welcome. And the third type is media ladies. Those who have ever been on the cover of a popular glossy magazine or have been on television.

It seems that such a life is everyone's dream. Fast money in an easy enough way, beautiful life. But not everything is so fabulous.

Who and why becomes a kept woman3

The economic situation in the country and the world as a whole leaves much to be desired today. Perhaps this is the main reason - the lack of money and a very strong desire to live comfortably. Who wants to save money on themselves and eat only pasta? Or you need to quickly make a large amount of money when there are no other ways. But moral principles do not allow everyone to take such a bold step.

how they become a kept woman
how they become a kept woman

Another reason is the desire to live a luxurious life, but as a rule, a girl cannot provide for herself. Therefore, he resorts to the help of a sponsor.

Way of life. There are charming ladies who simply do not know how to live differently. Having started once, they could not and did not want to stop. And they just don't know how to live otherwise.

Unwillingness to start a family and have children. Dating to find a sponsor is the best thing that can be offered to such women.

Is everything so smooth? 4

From the outside it looks like such a "profession" is the dream of any girl. But is it really so? Pros - material values, a lot of free time. Cons - irregular schedule, let's say. And the relationship with the sponsor is based on sex and his money, so if a girl is sick or does not feel well today, and a man wants to meet on this very day, then there will be a meeting. Refusal may result in termination of such relationship.

There are situations when a woman falls in love with a sponsor and wants to give birth to a child from him. A man rarely reciprocates in this case. This is not why he initially begins a relationship with a kept woman.

While a girl is in a relationship with a sponsor, she cannot build her personal life. Sooner or later, she will want love and warmth.

why become a kept woman
why become a kept woman

If a girl is not ready to endure all these disadvantages in a relationship with a sponsor, then you should not start them. It is impossible to avoid this negativity, you need to understand this. Among other things, after a break in relations, the sponsor can pursue the kept woman, threaten with reprisal and take away the donated values.

Tips for Beginner Kept Women5

Today, acquaintances with the aim of finding a sponsor are carried out on the Internet. There are dedicated dating sites for this kind of relationship. It saves a lot of time and nerves. The most popular and well-known sites also check men and women who register.

If you have a desire to become a kept woman, then it is better to set yourself a personal time frame. So that in the future you can plan for leaving the sponsor.

It is important to determine the category of a man. The most delicious are officials, politicians, oligarchs, businessmen. But here the competition will be very high.

It is very desirable to transfer most of the material values ​​into capital so that the man does not claim them after the breakup.

It will not be superfluous to also plan leaving a man if a relationship has already begun. How and when to tell him about it and what to do after.

novice kept women
novice kept women

Is it possible with the help of a sponsor to get settled in life? 6

Yes and no. If we consider this connection exclusively from the standpoint of temporary earnings, then yes.

You can make good money, rent a house, get a car. Some especially brilliant young ladies are even given apartments. Transfer the rest of the material assets into capital. Such funds will be enough for the first time, and then you can arrange your personal life and find another job, start a new life with a good start-up capital.

If there is a goal to marry a rich and successful man, then from the position of a kept woman it will be quite problematic to get into a wife. Very often they already have wives and children, it will be almost impossible to divorce him from his wife. If the initial goal is to marry a rich, and not to temporarily receive money, then it is better not to get up to the position of a kept woman. You need to try to immediately charm a man and let him know that you are not interested in money.

Whatever goal a woman pursues, if she decides to become a kept woman with a rich man, this is her choice. The main thing is that this is a balanced decision.

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