Geisha Secrets: Was The Art Of Seduction Really Learned From Childhood?

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Geisha Secrets: Was The Art Of Seduction Really Learned From Childhood?
Geisha Secrets: Was The Art Of Seduction Really Learned From Childhood?
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Geisha schools
Geisha schools

Girls were sent to geisha school from 5-6 years old. It was in ancient times, parents could not feed their children and often sold them for training. In the future, the age of girls for the geisha school was raised by laws to 15 years.

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  • 1 A new profession, mass entertainers liked the taste
  • 2 The geisha school had strict laws - the monastery is the other way around
  • 3 Adult geisha, their lives, opportunities, responsibilities and limitations
  • 4 Charisma, an innate quality, it either is, or it is not, and will not
  • 5 Prostitution is separate from the geisha and is not inherent in it
  • 6 Outfits, how expensive you are, but you can't get anywhere without you
  • 7 And then women surpassed men and took away their profession

The profession arose in the 17th century, when in drinking establishments special male artists began to entertain visitors, who were called geisha, that is, an "artisan" or a man of art, roughly like a modern mass entertainer. They turned on the audience by soldering visitors. Once, this role was played by a girl whose sharp mind and funny jokes were more popular with the regulars.

So there was a new job for women, men gladly gave the opportunity to earn by organizing a holiday. They were strictly forbidden to have affairs with visitors, and if one of the guests nevertheless insisted on spending the night, then he slept in the geisha's room under the close supervision of a mentor so as not to allow himself too much.

Many were ready for a platonic night among beautiful girls. The severity was dictated by local prostitutes, who made sure that their earnings were not taken away from them. At first, geishas were not even allowed to wear bright outfits, so they could not compete with the representatives of the ancient profession.

New profession, mass entertainers liked the taste

The innovation that appeared in the Yoshiwara ("Plain of Joy") quarter in the Japanese city of Edo (present-day Tokyo) in numerous teahouses, gradually spread to all of Japan. Geisha schools even appeared, where girls were taught to entertain guests.

They were taught to read and write, literature, philosophy, poetry, dance, singing, make-up, wear national clothes and the art of seduction so that they were pleasant to look at. The rules and requirements were getting tougher, the selection was carried out more carefully according to external data and talents.

The geisha school had strict laws - the monastery was the other way around

Two centuries ago, girls were taken from 9-12 years old. Getting into the school of a geisha, the girl occupied the lowest stage of the student, more like a servant for her older sisters. They washed the floors, tidied up their shoes, had to wait for the elders to return from the city, sometimes until late at night, thus enduring all sorts of humiliation.

geisha school what is it
geisha school what is it

This is how endless patience was brought up in them without complaints and tears. Girls were forced to play a three-stringed shamisene instrument on freezing cold days in the open air until blood oozed from their fingers. For each unsuccessfully struck note, they beat on the hands and head.

They were taught to be worthy representatives of the "world of willow and flowers": to play several national instruments, dance folk dances, sing folk songs, read poems by different authors, be well versed in poetry, in the news of modern life, its etiquette must be impeccably polished, it is good to know and lead the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony.

It is beautiful to walk, sit, make small talk, dress with taste and be sure to be able to laugh, cheering up the guests. All this was instilled in Japanese geisha from an early age.

The girl could not leave the geisha school. She signed a strict contract under which she had to work off all the money spent on her training, clothing accessories, food. The only thing was that a rich man could redeem her and give the opportunity to create his own school of geisha. Then she found freedom. Her attendance at tea ceremonies and the conduct of the evening paid well.

The more skillful the geisha, the more men are interested in her company, the more fee she received. She herself chose the man with whom she wanted to spend the night. Many would like to, but not everyone could afford it. Often a geisha had one regular client for a long time.

what do geisha schools mean
what do geisha schools mean

Only a very wealthy man could afford to rest with a geisha. The rest of the residents could not even guess what was happening behind the tightly closed gates, the entrance was prohibited, the geisha also could not go out on their own. The place was closed and mysterious.

Adult Geisha, Their Life, Opportunities, Duties and Limitations3

The geishas of the ancient city of Kyoto are distinguished by strict adherence to traditions and enjoy the special disposition of the Japanese and others. Rich men from all over the world are eager to get in and spend time with geisha, although it costs a lot of money.

When a pupil of a school sometimes walks down the street, everyone literally freezes, mesmerized by her beauty, her manner of movement, and with her gaze she can subdue any man. Sometimes there were cases when young boys from such a look fainted, there were accidents on the road.

How could a completely closed girl in a kimono make a huge impression on others? She could only show a bare, graceful leg shod in open sandals, and this caused strong sexual arousal, and not everyone could see her wrist. The rules prescribed never to eat in the presence of guests, maybe a little drink of the proposed drink.

what are geisha schools
what are geisha schools

On the coldest day, overcoming the cold, she would walk through the snow in sandals so that her bare leg could be seen, such a gait delighted those around her. Even in your own isolated world, you must always be ready to receive guests, combed, painted, in a beautiful kimono. Live the life of a geisha fully 24 hours a day.

This is her life, every minute she cares about her aesthetic appearance, about how she is perceived from the outside. She can even give birth to children, but she is in no hurry to get married, freedom is more dear to her, the only thing she worries about is to save money and open her "tea house" for guests.

Charisma, an innate quality, it either is, or it is not, and will not be4

The top of the art of seduction was considered when a geisha strolls among guests through snowdrifts in their open sandals with bare feet, everyone freezes and calls her the short word "iki". A European would say “charisma”, “class”, “chic”. That refinement of the inner state, against which no man can resist.

interesting about geisha schools
interesting about geisha schools

The concept of iki dates back to the 17th century, at a time when warriors (shoguns) closed the borders and thereby forced the inhabitants to engage in agriculture and return to traditions. Life revolved in two directions - between the streets with red lights and directly work and everyday life. Ica art flourished, developing in photography, cinema, and theater.

Now this is called elegance. This is what has always distinguished geisha from ordinary people. At the same time, it is difficult to find in the world such aesthetically perfect admiration for a man, this is the whole essence of a geisha and her attractive power.

Prostitution is separate from the geisha and is not inherent in it5

Yujo girls provide sex services, this is not part of the duties of a geisha, but it is strictly not forbidden and is considered her personal business, the price is not set. The only time she sleeps with a man against her will, during the ritual of initiation and transition from maiko to professional level. Without this act, she cannot work and receive a license.

For the right to the first night, wealthy men pay a lot of money. Often they also keep the girl in the future, but for each visit to the teahouse they pay without a discount, the maintenance of an individual lady is also his own business and is considered very prestigious in society, his rating immediately rises.

about geisha schools
about geisha schools

Maiko, a student of a geisha, wears a more modest kimono, the belt hangs freely from the sides. The outfit changes several times until she reaches adulthood and engages in her direct craft - entertaining guests during the tea ceremony. A big mistake is made by those who get married and abandon the profession for the sake of their husband, they are rarely accepted back in case of divorce.

Outfits, how expensive you are, but you can't get anywhere without you6

Hikizuri - a kimono for dancing is very expensive, up to a thousand dollars, so you have to use the wardrobe belonging to the hostess, for this you need to give part of the money earned. This money supports the elderly geisha who can no longer work, the maidservants who never became geisha, no one has chosen or ordered them at the ceremony.

The hostess lost her profit on them, that is, she taught in vain and spent her money. They try their best to serve so that they are not kicked out. A lot of money was spent on their training, but it did not bring results.

Currently, no one teaches maiko (the younger generation) individually, but is sent to centralized training in dance schools located nearby and in music schools.

geisha schools
geisha schools

Footwear deserves special attention. On the feet should be copurri "okobo", sandals on a high platform, walking in them is not very comfortable, the gait turns out mincing. To feel how geisha walk in them, you can tie your knees with a sheet and try to walk like that.

And then women surpassed men and took their profession from them7

This occupation became a female profession only since 1761, before that the role of a geisha (gay - art, sya - a person) or else he was called a hoken - a jester, was performed by guys. Since sex was not provided for in this profession, it made it possible for this craft to survive many upheavals in the entertainment industry, periodically sexual services were prohibited by the government, the entertainment program remained unchanged, geisha did not violate the law.

The main quarters were located in Edo, Kyoto and Osaka, geisha worked mostly not at home, but came to places where they were called for a holiday. Sometimes they managed to visit 10 places in a day, but at the end they literally fell from fatigue. The girls sang, danced, joked, and created group games.

Therefore, their life was more of a hard work, and not carefree, as it seems at first glance. They had to provide their community with everything they needed. They themselves demanded new outfits for themselves, which cost a lot and were always owned by the oki (mother's school, the owner of the community). Sometimes okiya was inherited by her girls.

geisha training
geisha training

It was considered good luck for girls from poor families to get into okiya, since poor parents not only could not educate them, but also feed them. They sold their pretty smart daughters in the hope that there they would receive an education and a specialty for further well-paid work.

They were led by "mothers" (oka-san) - the owners of the okiya, everyone called each other older sisters and younger sisters who had just been accepted into the okiya.

Maiko - "younger sisters" designated their position as a virgin, hanging ends of the belt. They also learned the art of dressing, painting, walking, dancing, playing and singing. Learning to speak fluently but respectfully turned out to be the hardest part of the training.

It was necessary to learn how to properly pour sake for the guests, and pretend that you were drinking yourself.

It was necessary to learn how to sleep motionless without touching the bed with the head, they kept an expensive haircut on their heads for several weeks. To do this, a brazier with rice flour was placed under the head. The girl leaned only on the back of her head, and if in the morning a trace from her head remained in the rice flour, then punishment cannot be avoided.

Maiko had no right to go outside the okiya on her own, only accompanied by her mentor could she appear in male society, she would simply be kicked out the door for insolence.

geisha school
geisha school

The older sister will take her to restaurants, theaters, where there are many men and will introduce her to the right people who have the right to invite to parties.

The inhabitants of the communities were extremely superstitious and all actions were checked against astrology, in which direction on which day you can go and how far away from your okey.

The older sister will present the maiko to her clients in the hope that for her first night they will pay a large sum of money to the community, and the girl herself will receive sponsorship - it was a kind of auction. Maiko's further career largely depended on the debut, an experienced geisha carefully watched so that there were no mistakes and awkwardness, translated everything into a joke in time. The earnings were divided between the establishment where the party was, the geisha association, the older sister and the okiya.

After passing the mizuage rite of losing her virginity, maiko became a geisha and then worked herself, had the right to a special hairstyle with knitting needles, before that it was impossible to decorate her hair. Several hairs were cut off on the crown, after which the girl had the right to tie her hair with a red ribbon in a bun. In addition, her red children's collar was changed to a white geisha collar. This all happened at the age of 20.

An individual work schedule made it possible to find a "danna", a patron, and spend most of her working time with him, regardless of whether she liked him or not. The geisha earned money, and did not live for pleasure.

facts about geisha schools
facts about geisha schools

He paid her expenses for a kimono and other necessary things for the growth of popularity, supported his children, whom she gave birth to. All this was prestigious for Dannu, in Japan the birth of children was appreciated, it spoke of the man's maturity. The presence of a geisha at the banquet spoke of the dignity of the event and the high cost.

The Geisha Institute has existed for several centuries and still lives on. And what qualities a geisha should take note of for modern girls, we read in our article further on the link.

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