Is The Ideal Wife A Fantasy Or Is It Really A Real Person?

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Is The Ideal Wife A Fantasy Or Is It Really A Real Person?
Is The Ideal Wife A Fantasy Or Is It Really A Real Person?

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Video: Is The Ideal Wife A Fantasy Or Is It Really A Real Person?
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Perfect wife
Perfect wife

What is this mythical character - the ideal wife? An ideal wife is a wife who lives in a man's head even before marriage, and even before meeting him. The ideal wife is the most popular fantasy of men and the biggest delusion of women. According to the man, only one woman out of all he met can be an ideal wife, and according to women, each of them deserves this proud title.

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  • 1 And why?
  • 2 The effect of marriage on a man
  • 3 What is the ideal wife?
  • 4 Qualities of an ideal wife
  • 5 The role of sex
  • 6 Sexual temperament compatibility
  • 7 Commonality of views
  • 8 All individually
  • 9 Common denominator

From all of the above, only one thing is clear - everything is complicated. Let's sort it out in order, who is the ideal wife? where to get it? and how to become it?

In 2012, British scientists, as usual, conducted another survey experiment, during which it turned out that men in marriage are happier than women. When the question of how happy the spouses are together was asked in the presence of both halves, both of them answered that they were quite happy and had warm feelings.

But when they were separated, so that they could not hear each other's answers, the men remained unconvinced, but a certain number of women now openly declared that they were not so happy in marriage.

Why all? I

And this happens because a woman in marriage is assigned the role of a caring mother, an obedient daughter, a nurse, a cook, etc. Naturally, she gets tired of the burden of worries that have fallen on her. Most of the interviewed ladies believe that they are quite capable of providing themselves with a decent life and can financially take care of their children on their own.

More than half of the participants in the experiment remain married only because the children must have a father. As Ivan Natanych (TV series "Interns") said: "To create heaven for someone is hell."

Influence of marriage on a man2

In addition, in the course of the same remarkable study, it turned out that the average life expectancy of "married" is much longer than single members of the stronger sex. Scientists explain this phenomenon simply.

the image of the ideal wife
the image of the ideal wife

In family life, if not the man himself becomes more disciplined and responsible for his own health, then this role is played by the woman, regularly reminding of visits to the doctor and timely revealing any deviations in the condition of the spouse. Moreover, living together and having children often contribute to the abandonment of bad habits, which also only benefits the body.

In addition to the above, the results of this study showed that married men not only live longer, but are also more successful in their careers, business, and are calmer and more balanced. And since the male participants in the experiment say that they are happy in family life, then the most important thing we have found out is that the ideal wife does exist. This is not a fairy-tale character, but the most real person.

What is the ideal wife? 3

Based on the fact that marriage is beneficial to a man on all fronts, it is not difficult to imagine a long list of responsibilities and criteria for a woman to be considered an ideal wife.

Perfect wife
Perfect wife

A successful man in his career will certainly receive the support and understanding of his wife about his ideas and undertakings. It is possible that she is the root cause of all his undertakings. Indeed, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is the weaker sex that stimulates the strong to conquer peaks and prey mammoths.

A physically healthy husband would hardly be such if he did not eat well and get enough sleep. After all, basically all the responsibility for cooking, its quality, compliance with sleep, day and nutrition regimes is the woman.

In addition, it is difficult to imagine a healthy and successful man with a sullen face. And since he is cheerful, fresh, full of energy and ideas, it means he receives enough female attention and care, affection and tenderness.

After all, nothing inspires confidence in a gentleman than interest in him as a sexual partner. All these little things, touches, kisses, affectionate words, may not be fully appreciated, but it is they that remind the guy every morning about his sex appeal.

Thus, it turns out that the ideal wife is a friend, a lover, and a caring mother, all in one glass.

what ideal wives should be
what ideal wives should be

But what qualities a woman needs to possess in order to cope with all these responsibilities.

Qualities of an ideal wife4

  • Fidelity. Now we are not talking about sexual affair, not about sex. The fact is that female loyalty is much more than one might imagine at first glance. After all, it is the wife that is the basis of energy in the family. She gives everyone strength and energy for every day.
  • It is she who sets the emotional background in the relationship. And whatever they are at the moment, complex or, on the contrary, very harmonious, the lady only has to admit the thought that there may be some other man next to her, just for a second to doubt her choice, as everything crumbles like a house of cards.
  • It is difficult to explain from a physical point of view, but it has been repeatedly proven by many years of practice of family psychologists.
The ideal wife what does it mean
The ideal wife what does it mean
  • Wisdom and patience. An integral part of the ideal wife's character. No wonder they say that every woman has her first child not from her husband, but from her mother-in-law. If you treat with understanding his hobbies, how you would treat a child's hobbies, and wisely perceive his lies, and some punctures, then you can extend the time of life together for decades.
  • Sexual activity. It is difficult to prove to a husband that he is an alpha male, and push him to great achievements, if you do not consider him as a sexual partner. Some especially wise ladies are even a little cunning about the degree of their satisfaction with sex with their husband, just not to jeopardize his male pride.
  • Thrift. Moreover, every husband dreams that his half can cook deliciously. She was an excellent hostess, and almost like in a restaurant she knew how to set the table. It seems that the feeling of comfort and care for the interior of the home is alien to men.
  • Often they shrug their shoulders in bewilderment at the proposal of the halves to change the curtains in the house, or to make a rearrangement. But it is worth not cleaning and washing the dishes for a week, and even the most disinterested husband will feel uncomfortable.
characteristics of an ideal wife
characteristics of an ideal wife
  • Along with other qualities, an ideal wife must have an ideal memory. Of course, it is important to remember all the dates of birthdays, family holidays, and remind your husband of this. Remember who is allergic to what, and which socks he does not like. But more importantly, remember yourself! It is important for a spouse not to forget to take care of herself.
  • Appearance is important for a partner, regardless of his status, whether he is a lover, just a roommate, or a legal spouse. His vision is not dulled by the status and the stamp in the passport. And he never ceases to be a man. As well as he never ceases to love with his eyes, which is characteristic of the polygamous masculine principle. If a lady looks after herself, she will not have to look after her husband.
  • Among other things, it is important to remember not only about the appearance, but also about the inner world. By nature, the fair sex is creators. And to supply positive energy to the whole family, its reserves need to be replenished regularly. It is useful for family life that the wife has a favorite hobby, hobby, job. Something where she can realize herself and develop her feminine energy.
what an ideal wife should be
what an ideal wife should be

If you do not forget about yourself, then every woman has a chance to become an ideal wife, while not becoming a husband as a silent shadow.

The role of sex5

But in order for the family to be harmonious and both spouses to be happy in marriage, only their desires and even efforts are not enough. There is something that, under any circumstances, will create difficulties in a relationship.

Incompatible sexual temperaments. Many will rightly note that not by sex alone … However, for the sake of the same justice, it is worth noting that it is sex that is the engine of evolution, and it is very difficult for a person to refuse it. Incompatible spouses in bed often experience discomfort in everyday relationships, in communication.

Sexual temperament compatibility6

Sex therapists distinguish only three types of sexual constitution, that is, a person's sexual capabilities. By the way, they are laid even during the period of intrauterine development of the fetus. Subsequent sex education and perception of issues of inter-sex relations are superimposed on the already existing physiological base.

qualities of an ideal wife
qualities of an ideal wife
  • Weak sexual constitution - characterized by a person's need for sexual contact 1-2 times a week.
  • Average or moderate sexual constitution - requires its owner to make love every other day or more.
  • Strong sexual constitution - provides its owner with sexual intercourse every day and several times.

Thus, the incompatibility of sexual temperaments, especially if both spouses are extreme, entails a lot of misunderstandings. The person who wants more and more often feels unnecessary and rejected if he does not receive sexual release from a loved one. Those who settle for more, but do not want it, feel used and tired. In such pairs, it is very difficult to find a compromise.

Commonality of views7

It is much easier to find common ground and a common language if people are at least slightly similar in character, grew up in similar environments, and have, if not the same, then approximately similar idea of family life.

Perfect wife who is she
Perfect wife who is she

It is not for nothing that the estates of the spouses were taken into account when marriages were contracted. This excluded a lot of mutual claims from the financial plan of the family, and at the same time from the accepted norms of behavior and morality in the family.

Today, people are increasingly resorting to horoscopes, and looking for zodiac compatibility. However, there are only 12 signs of the zodiac, and there are billions of people on the planet. And it is not possible to fit each individual life and soul into a specific sign. Hence the conclusion suggests itself that people will inevitably have to come to an agreement despite various vicissitudes.

All individually8

But in general, to be frank to the end, then every man has his own idea of an ideal wife and woman. As outwardly, there is no single criterion for assessing the beauty of the fair sex, and internally. Each individual guy has his own dreams, ideas and preferences for the character, and for the image, and for the physical data of the partner.

Someone considers an ideal wife - a housewife, a faithful friend of all life, someone is a self-sufficient business woman who illuminates the life of a man with her light, and does not condescend to doing housework and children, paying for the services of nannies and cooks.

Perfect wife who is this
Perfect wife who is this

And for some, a wife is their boyfriend, with whom you can watch football and go hiking in the mountains for a week.

Common denominator9

In addition to the strict fulfillment of the female role in the family and responsibilities, in addition to common interests, and sexual compatibility, there is one very important factor that makes an ideal wife, even the very last mess, and a sloppy hostess, of course, this is love.

A beloved wife and woman is always perfect for her man, and as long as there is love in the world, there is not only a fairy-tale character in the world, but also a real, most real - ideal wife.