Clever Words For Communicating With A Girl - TOP 30

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Clever Words For Communicating With A Girl - TOP 30
Clever Words For Communicating With A Girl - TOP 30
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the guy is reading
the guy is reading

Clever words create the effect of an intelligent, intelligent person. If a man uses original, fashionable concepts in speech, this indicates his development, versatility of interests. For a girl, this means that she will not be bored with such a guy, and it is very tempting to appear in society with him. Clever words for communicating with a girl only play in your favor.

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  • 1 Unwise words
  • 2 Smart words for state
  • 3 Mistakes in the use of buzzwords
  • 4 Clever compliments

Here is a list of interesting and fashionable words that are appropriate to use in the context of communication with a woman.

  • Addiction is an addiction. The concept concerns not only smoking, alcohol, gambling addiction, drug addiction. Psychologists add overwork, extreme sports, surfing.
  • Antimony - the predominance of empty phrases in conversation, chatter.
  • Vis-a-vis - I mean the person sitting opposite on a date, conference, meeting.
  • Discourse - conversation, conversation.
  • Idiosyncrasy is not a perception of something like an allergy. "I have an idiosyncrasy for stupidity."
  • Insight - insight, the word is used in philosophy and psychology to denote a sudden understanding of the essence.
  • Kerrilism is a situation of asking a question again, which the interlocutor heard clearly. It is done on a subconscious level in order to extend the time for reflection.
  • Collaboration is a collaboration, bringing together several participants to achieve one goal.
  • Mojo is the charisma of a charming person, a positive state.
  • Sentence - morality, quote
  • Sophistry - to argue, skillfully use words.
  • A textrovert is someone who can write more easily than talk about feelings.
  • A truism is a well-known saying, opinion, or statement.
  • A fetish is a person you unknowingly worship.
  • Freak is a character with a bright, non-standard appearance, defiant behavior
  • Frustration is disappointment when the desired does not match the possible.
  • Esotericism is a mystical teaching of the spiritual invisible world.
  • Eclecticism is a combination of different views, things, theories.
Use smart words
Use smart words

After you have memorized smart words for communicating with a girl, use them in speech as often as possible (at first, but not with a girl). However, you will experience discomfort. New words need to be carried around like a new pair of shoes.

Advice! If you chose a smart word for yourself, be sure to find out its exact meaning, declension, in order to use it correctly, and not cause bewilderment in the girl. Replace common phrases and words with original ones. If you tell a woman that she has beautiful eyes, she may not even pay attention, but every woman will react to the phrase "You can drown in your eyes".

And it is not necessary to find these words specially in reference books, you know them, just add them to everyday life. For example, graceful, charming, stunning, luxurious.

Unwise words

Avoiding obscene words can help win over any person. In addition, there are words parasites that do not carry a semantic load and are used too often in speech. These include: well, here, so to speak, then this. Such interjections against the background of very clever words can spoil the impression of speech. To extract words-parasites from everyday life, you can ask a loved one, he knows them exactly by sight, or record yourself on a recorder / camera and listen. You will be surprised how the parasites did not notice their words.

Turn on the charm
Turn on the charm

Johnny Depp

Smart words for state2

You can introduce into your speech the concept of phenomena in the life of each person and seem a little smarter than others. Why show yourself, if you are reading this, then you really have become smarter.

  • Frisson - goosebumps from listening to a musical composition.
  • Preskevue - you can't remember a word or name.
  • Merekhlundiya - melancholy, despondency.
  • Chrysalism is a joy when viewing a work of art.
  • Zhuska - when a person picks up an argument for an already finished dispute.
  • Alexithymia is an overflow of feelings, emotions that you don't know how to show.

Mistakes in the use of buzzwords3

Young people often confuse concepts and use them inappropriately. Let's take a look at the most popular substitutions.

  • A priori - irrefutable knowledge, confused with "default".
  • Under the auspices - under the patronage, replaces "under the pretext".
  • Congenially - similar in spirit, not associated with genius.
  • The troglodyte is a cave dweller, not a glutton. Although this word should not be used in relation to a girl.
  • Comil'fo - corresponds to decency, but not "pleasant", "comfortable".
  • Equivoks - ambiguous hints, are replaced by "nods".
  • Authentic - really, genuine. Confused with "original".
Give smart compliments
Give smart compliments

Clever compliments4

When you say nice words to a woman, you also need to be smart. If a man does not have a poetic talent, then we offer the coolest phrases for compliments.

  • I am mesmerized by your eyes / smile / dimples on your cheeks.
  • A piece of the sky in your eyes.
  • Your smile shines brighter than the sun.
  • I would give you the Miss World title.
  • You smile at me!
  • You have an unearthly / incomparable / amazing smile.
  • In your hands I melt like ice cream.

Do not be afraid to experiment, come up with your own original compliments. Make your communication interesting and varied. A smart girl will definitely appreciate it.

Additional bonus. List of topics for communication: children, relationships, sports, leisure, work, study, car, travel, museums, literature, hobbies.

Feel free to use smart words to communicate with a girl. Discuss everything that interests you, because in order to please a girl you need to share her interests. If you have nothing in common, then it is unnecessary to spend smart words on it.

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