The Rules For The Perfect Massage That Will Make A Date Erotic

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The Rules For The Perfect Massage That Will Make A Date Erotic
The Rules For The Perfect Massage That Will Make A Date Erotic

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Perfect massage rules
Perfect massage rules

Whether you want to apologize to your partner or arrange a romantic date, here are some techniques and tricks for our sophisticated reader to make even the heroes of 9 1/2 Weeks jealous of your rendezvous. All that is required of you is the ability to read and the desire to please your partner, and we will tell you the rules for the perfect massage.

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The main massage techniques include light tapping, pressure, circular movements, and pinching. You should start with moderate pressure, then cool the ardor, and end with light movements, barely touching the partner's skin. The ardent start helps to relax the muscles and increase the receptivity to the subsequent, more interesting stages of the massage.

Don't forget about the neck, ears, popliteal hollows, palms and areas between the fingers. Most of the above-mentioned areas are unfairly deprived of attention.

You can use not only hands and special massagers, but also lips, a light feather or long hair. Girls who prefer short haircuts do not rush to get upset! You can rub your head against your partner like a cat. Both will love this little show.


  • Have patience. Sexual massage, of course, is designed to provoke both partners, but going too quickly "to business" is too boring. Try new things and build up your sexual appetite.
  • Provide a relaxing environment. Everything is important - the music and the light are muffled, the aromas are soothing.
  • Most types of "massage for adults" involve mutual trust between partners and a willingness to experiment. On the first date, such delights will be appreciated only by real gourmets.
  • Both sides should get pleasure. If a technique seems too complicated / intimate, etc. to you, postpone its implementation until better times. The person being massaged will feel your tension and stiffness, and no one will get pleasure as a result.
  • If one or both of you are obsessed with cleanliness, make sure that the thought of oiled sheets does not clog your head tonight. Use a towel.
  • The oil or lotion should have a neutral or pleasant scent that will please both. If the partner does not digest the smell of rose / vanilla / coconut / chocolate, the products with these fragrances should be discarded (even if they are at a mind-boggling discount).
  • If both partners do not have allergies and prejudice to any scents, then here is a list of the most popular scents: sandalwood, ylang-ylang, vanilla, lavender, patchouli.
  • The surface and posture should be comfortable. Your boyfriend or girlfriend, of course, will appreciate your acrobatic skills, but he himself is unlikely to be able to relax while sitting on the split (especially if he did not know how to sit on the split until this minute).
  • Dinner should be light. Having eaten for two pizza, burgers, two tiramisu and a serving of pasta with meatballs, you can hardly move at all. Seafood is perfect for satisfying hunger and will help as aphrodisiacs.
  • Take a relaxing bath before your massage. Arm yourself with shower gel and massager and start your massage from the comfort of your bathroom.
  • Biting is a great idea, but moderate your fervor, especially in intimate areas.
  • Remove jewelry to avoid the risk of injury and scratches.
  • One of the charms of erotic massage is that it doesn't require any special skills. The most important rule is to strive to please your partner and enjoy everything that happens yourself.


If your partner is lying on his stomach, start the massage from the neck and shoulder area, then go down the back (do not aggressively massage each vertebra if you are not a certified doctor), pay attention to the buttocks and do not forget about the popliteal cavities. Then go down to the ankles and feet

bath girl
bath girl

Many people are ticklish, but just as many people have a foot fetish and everything that goes with it.

If you put your partner “on both shoulder blades”, then the scheme of actions is approximately the same. Pay attention to the elbows and fingers. Touch the intimate parts of your partner's body, as if inadvertently, with the back of your hand

Do not forget about the skin around the nipples (with regards to both sexes), but approach such a delicate area with appropriate tenderness.

  • Use your entire body to massage, not just using your fingers. Use your body weight (in moderation, of course) to control the pressure and intensity of the massage.
  • During the massage, bend over to your partner's ear and whisper playful questions, or tell which part of your partner's body you intend to begin. Coupled with a sensual massage, it will bring your massaged ward into ecstasy.
  • Top-down massage is especially useful for men and women who do mental work. With light movements, release your partner from unnecessary thoughts and relax his entire body - from head to toes.
oil girl
oil girl
  • Starting from the bottom up, begin with a gentle massage on the feet. Place your oiled hands on your partner's feet and lightly move up and down from the feet to the head. Try "wave" movements or a figure eight.
  • Finish the massage by alternating between nibbling and kissing with a light breeze on your partner. And also do not forget to read our article on how to do breast massage correctly.

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