And What Can Transsexuals Teach Me? Find Out What Exactly

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And What Can Transsexuals Teach Me? Find Out What Exactly
And What Can Transsexuals Teach Me? Find Out What Exactly

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And what can transsexuals teach me
And what can transsexuals teach me

In our world, it is already difficult to be surprised at something. And even sex change does not cause such a violent reaction as it did 50 years ago. Misunderstanding, condemnation - yes, but not surprise. People who are content with their gender and do not want to change anything in themselves usually perceive transsexuals as narrow-minded and lost people.

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  • 1 Changes within male bodies
  • 2 Changes overtaking women
  • 3 Nothing personal, just hormones
  • 4 How many transsexuals are there among us?

At least the overwhelming majority of the population that was once part of the Stalinist world. But in vain. After all, people who have been in two skins at the same time can share incredible life experiences and teach us a lot.

Changes within male bodies

Men who thought that their true face was a woman shared the changes that occurred after the gender change. So, they noticed at least two significant changes:

  • The desire to have sex subsides somewhat. One of the old men commented: “When I was a man, I constantly wanted sex. Literally. Libido has been my driving force in all aspects. And if I didn't get sex, I masturbated. I did a lot. But now that I am a woman, I still enjoy sex, but I think about it a lot less and masturbate less too. "
  • Conversations get really interesting. Another man, in addition to the first distinguishing feature in the new body, also named this one. “When I was a man, my then-wife constantly complained that we had so little conversation with her. And when we talked (well, or created the illusion of talking), I almost never listened to her. I listened but did not hear. My wife hoped to see me as a good advisor, but I was not interested in this. And this is not only my distinctive feature, but all men. As much as we love our women, we are simply not equipped to be empathetic and considerate in our conversations. Now, having become a woman, I finally understand what she meant. Now, if there is a choice between sex and talking with my friends, I will choose talking. "

Amazing, isn't it? Not only the outer shell is changing, but also the worldview. It's incredibly cool.

shemale teach
shemale teach

Changes overtaking women2

If we take women (now men), then the opposite changes take place. Several years ago, the New York Times interviewed one of the most public transsexuals, once a former woman. She is the daughter (now the son) of the worldwide singer and actress Cher. He commented on what changes overtook him after the gender change:

  • There was more interest in sex. Now the need for love pleasures has grown rapidly, and now he wants it much more often, if not constantly.
  • No interest in protracted conversations. “When I was a girl, I loved long discussions with my friends. As a man, I don't feel happy in long, exhausting conversations. I noticed that my Jen (his girlfriend) can talk for hours. I can't believe I was the same before. "

Good or bad is not worth judging. Just physiology.

Nothing Personal, Only Hormones3

Many women face such a problem as increased libido of their men. Of course, this does not apply to all representatives of the stronger sex. Indeed, according to studies, in one third of couples, women are more greedy for sex than men. But two-thirds of the more sexually active partners in a couple are still men.


The dilemma is that many women don't understand this. How can you want sex so much? As the experience of transsexuals shows, it depends on the intake of certain hormones. Women have more estrogen. It suppresses sex drive. Testosterone is higher in men. This hormone, on the contrary, increases desire. So, ladies, understand that your man is not a twisted pervert. Physiology is to blame.

Meanwhile, many men complain that women talk too much, and at the same time criticize their boyfriends for inattention. Of course, not all women talk incessantly, but we are talking about the majority. In her book The Woman's Brain, Luan Brizendin, director of the University of California Women's Mood and Hormone Clinic in San Francisco, claims that women speak an average of 20,000 words a day, while men speak only 7,000. Other researchers dispute these numbers, but it does not change the essence. Women are by nature talkers, and this also needs to be put up with.

As the experience of transsexuals shows, the desire for verbal expression is mainly hormonal in nature. Transsexuals who were previously women now take estrogen-lowering and testosterone-lowering drugs. The experience of transsexuals helps us understand that guys are not perverts, and women are not frigid talkers. It's all about hormones, and there's nothing you can do about it.

transsexuals among us
transsexuals among us

How many transsexuals are there? 4

If you trace the history of the development of mankind, you can trace that now more and more of those who dispute their gender with nature, making adjustments. Who would have thought, but they started talking about sex change back in the Paleolithic era, but in a slightly different form. People talked about their sexual adventures of women with women and men with men, arguing that they are in the "wrong" body.

They considered themselves to be of the opposite sex, so they saw nothing shameful in same-sex love. But the actual sex change dates back to 1931, when German surgeons performed the first operation. Since then, the number of such operations has been increasing.

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