Reasons Why Girls Dynamite You And What To Do About It

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Reasons Why Girls Dynamite You And What To Do About It
Reasons Why Girls Dynamite You And What To Do About It

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reasons why women ignore you
reasons why women ignore you

Today you can easily find yourself a companion for going to the cinema or restaurant. To do this, it does not even take a long time to muddle the desired object. Giving gifts and throwing flowers at her feet is also not as relevant as a decade ago. Online dating apps like Tinder or Badoo are to blame.

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  • 4 Sexual failure

What do these sites give you? According to the specified parameters, the search engine will select more than a hundred potential girlfriends. Then it's a matter of practice. You click the likes of those you like. Swipe to the left if the girl is not hooked enough. Having mastered the application, the guy begins to think that he is insanely popular and every second girl is not averse to talking to him.

This is so, but with real communication, problems can arise. Here you are the pickup master on the net. So confident, educated and humorous. And on a date in a cafe comes the simplest young man, without any superpowers. At such moments, a woman's refusal to continue dating becomes a painful blow for any man. He was not at all ready for such a turn in relations with a new acquaintance.

Reasons for refusal not related to you

There can be a lot of reasons why women refuse any offers of a sexual nature. They are not always associated with a specific man. Maybe she's in a bad mood. It's even cooler if she goes on dates to boost her self-esteem. That is, he initially does not plan to establish new relationships.

One popular excuse is past bad experiences. A woman experiences mental anguish after parting with a loved one. To forget and get distracted from sorrowful thoughts, she installs an application for herself, or agrees to meet you on the street.

There is nothing you can do about it. If you begin to persistently seek a sad beauty, then the matter is unlikely to be crowned with a successful result. She needs to be alone with herself. An attempt to drive away feelings at the expense of a new person is always a failure.

There is such an expression "not my type". Indeed, some people, including men, choose a partner according to invented parameters. Well, for example, since childhood, she dreamed of marrying a tall blond with brown eyes, who also owns a successful business.

girl ignore
girl ignore

If you are a brunette and a medical student, even if you are very ambitious and promising, the girl may not want to build a relationship with you. This is no one's fault. She just has such a dream, an established view of the ideal of a man. Follow on. Somewhere nearby, there is a sweet girl who dreams of becoming a friend to a novice surgeon with green eyes.

Did not agree with the characters2

In order to cheat the girl you like, it is worth working out in detail the tactics for communicating with her. In this case, it is very important to take into account possible reactions and its psychological characteristics. A shy shy woman will naturally be scared off by excessive persistence. But what is really there, even a more relaxed woman will not want to continue a date if you immediately and very openly hint at sex.

Self-confidence is a wonderful and highly rewarding character trait. Women love men who don't look away during a romantic evening. When a guy speaks smoothly and calmly, without adding nerves and jitters, this also captivates a girl's heart. However, if all you do is show your fitness and brag about your promotion, this tactic will be a losing one

Why do girls ignore
Why do girls ignore

Inattention to her person also leads to rejection. You met to get to know each other better. You talk incessantly about yourself, childhood, school years, travel, work and your little sister

Frankness is great. But it is also important for a girl to be interested in her. Narcissism is damaging to nascent relationships. Moderate your ardor. Moreover, women believe in actions more. Those who like to pour out laudatory speeches in their address are perceived as unreliable guys

If relations with women always have a deplorable ending, and thoughts “why girls don't like me” come to my head, then you should read our article further on the link.


If you are inviting a pretty person on a date or a walk in the park, then you should carefully approach your appearance. Men are allowed to ignore some of the little things. But not taking a shower, coming in with sloppy stubble, forgetting to comb your matted hair is a fiasco.

Unpleasant smells for women are the most common reason for denial of intimacy. A man must watch this. Clothing is also important. It's one thing if your trousers are slightly wrinkled. It's a completely different conversation if a guy comes to a restaurant in dirty shoes, a stained shirt and pants with stretched knees. Neatness and cleanliness attract girls, whatever one may say.

The girl refuses the guy
The girl refuses the guy

Sexual failure4

If your relationship nevertheless reached a piquant moment, and then the girl stopped answering calls and SMS, then something upset her very much. Think about whether you paid attention to the fact that she also enjoyed the process.

Sometimes men get so carried away that they forget about the woman. In no case should you discard the prelude. Moreover, if your relationship has nothing at all. Foreplay is the basis of a harmonious sexual life in a couple.

She may not be satisfied with the size, your skills, the duration of intercourse. A woman has the right to choose a partner based on her sexual compatibility. She is not always ready to explain the reason for the refusal if it is directly related to sex.

It is impossible to get every woman you like. Therefore, it is worth treating rejection of women easier. It is better, of course, to find out the reasons to make it easier to work on yourself. The main rule of a successful relationship is honesty and self-development. If a person does not like his own society, then the other will not want to be around.

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