The Capital Of Love: Where To Successfully Meet A Man In Moscow

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The Capital Of Love: Where To Successfully Meet A Man In Moscow
The Capital Of Love: Where To Successfully Meet A Man In Moscow

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where to meet a man in Moscow
where to meet a man in Moscow

It is believed that in the modern world, dating on the street is no longer practiced. All new ways and platforms for finding a pair are being created. If the classics have outlived theirs, then where to meet a man in Moscow? You can find out about this and not only this article.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why a woman can't find a mate in a big city
  • 2 Bars and restaurants
  • 3 Fitness centers, gyms and other places related to sports
  • 4 "Circles of interest", master classes
  • 5 High art and enlightenment
  • 6 Shopping centers, shops
  • 7 Fast dates
  • 8 Internet

Why a woman can't find a mate in a big city

It would seem that if a girl has such qualities as: intelligence, strength and originality, getting to know a man for a serious relationship in Moscow would not be a big problem. In fact, everything turns out to be different. It doesn't matter whether a lady arrives or a native Muscovite, anyone can face the fact that they can't start a relationship.

Loneliness for a woman is grief. However, now many modern women themselves and quite consciously choose independence not only from men, but from relationships in general. They feel quite comfortable without a permanent partner. But most of the fair sex are still waiting for their prince on a white horse. This is their mistake.

It is not enough just to sit and wait for the chosen one to knock on the door with a bouquet of roses. Or hope that fate itself will push together people destined for each other. No, those days are long gone. Now it no longer seems strange when a woman takes the first step. We must begin to act on our own. Otherwise, the chance of being alone is higher than ever.

It often happens that ladies either do not know where to get acquainted with the opposite sex, or they are looking for a chosen one where it is not worth doing. Among such places are:

  • The outside. First, it can be dangerous, because you never know who you will run into. Secondly, it is a waste of time. You can approach a hundred men, but never get to know anyone.
  • Night club. People go to such places to have fun, without thinking about something serious. Maximum - sex for one night.
Where to meet in Moscow
Where to meet in Moscow

Job. One unpleasant thing about relationships is that sometimes they end. After that, it will be difficult to constantly see the person you once loved. Especially if the feelings remain. The tension between colleagues who were once lovers will definitely affect the work process. Even if everything is going well for the couple, various rumors and constant discussions can spread. The bosses do not like this at all. Perhaps it wants to get rid of those who cause confusion in the team, that is, from a couple in love. Before starting an affair at work, you should think carefully: is it worth it?

If the good old ways turn out to be not so good, then where in Moscow to find a man? In fact, there are many options.

Bars and restaurants2

Where to meet a man for a serious relationship? Certainly not in a bar! Don't be surprised. If the clubs are not suitable for making a serious acquaintance, this does not mean that you cannot try more respectable establishments. Especially if they have a certain status and prestige. Better to choose small, cozy, even elite bars or restaurants. Where music serves as a background without interfering with communication. Where there are no promotions and big discounts on drinks and food. They obviously do not go to such establishments in order to meet someone. In addition, here you can even try to find a very wealthy man.

Fitness centers, gyms and other places related to sports3

This can be yoga, ping-pong, tennis, golf clubs, billiard rooms, a swimming pool, a football match, etc. You can even get acquainted with a man in Moscow on a regular jog in the park or near your home. A love of sports is something that can really bring two people together. It is only desirable that the woman herself liked this pastime.

Where to find a girl in Moscow
Where to find a girl in Moscow

If she manages to find herself a couple who loves sports, but she herself does not, problems may arise. He will call the lady for a run, and she will refuse. First, once, then another, and on the third it will already be able to meet a new passion. And this is just one of the possible troubles.

By the way, most men who are trying to keep fit have a very good income. So don't avoid sports.

"Interest circles", master classes4

All the same rules apply here as with sports. Common activities can bring a man and a woman together. The main thing is that they are interesting to both, otherwise embarrassment cannot be avoided. However, ignorance can also become a reason for dating. A girl comes to an aircraft modeling club or programming courses, asks the man she likes to help her figure out the topic, even to conduct additional classes, here close contact can no longer be avoided. And then, who knows where it will lead. And what once did not arouse interest can become a wonderful hobby.

High art and education5

Exhibitions, art-house cinema festivals, art spaces, educational lectures, theater. Yes, in a sense, these are also places related to common interests. But it's not that simple. They have a slightly different focus. Associated with something highly spiritual and elite. So, we consider them separately from the above.

At events of this kind, you can meet both an esthete and a rich gentleman. However, all this may well be one person. Among the Moscow elite, almost at all times, it was fashionable to get involved in such things. Discussing what you saw is a great way to start communication. And if a lady asks a man questions, she will allow him to feel needed by her, to demonstrate his mind and knowledge. The stronger sex likes that.

K / f
K / f

Shopping centers, shops6

Many women are greatly mistaken when they think that it is impossible to meet in such places. Moreover, they neglect them, but in vain! It's easier to find a single man in a regular grocery store. You just need to look at his purchases. Agree that the basket of a bachelor, a married person, and someone in a relationship will be different. Don't want a supermarket near your home? Not a problem. There are enough grocery stores in Moscow, which are usually called the fashionable word "luxury". "Azbuka Vkusa", "Globus Gourmet" - gastronomes with a certain contingent. A man who has an income clearly above average will go here.

But Moscow is not rich in supermarkets alone. How do fashion boutiques find a stylish beau. Or bookish? Maybe even computer shops. The opposite sex also enjoys shopping.

Almost the same story with entertainment centers. Being in them, it is easy to distinguish a married man from a free one. For example, they go to the movies with their family or friends. The same applies to various shooting galleries, bowling centers, etc.

To meet in places of this kind, you need to have one important quality - courage. The woman will most likely have to take the first step herself. Shyness here will be completely out of place. Or she should be able to flirt, give signs to attract the man she likes, forcing him to start communicating.

Quick dates7

The event became popular in Moscow several years ago, but has long gained popularity in the West. Quick meetings are held both in specialized clubs and in ordinary bars and restaurants. What is their essence? At the appointed time, an equal number of guys and girls who have applied for participation come to the institution.

Where to meet a man in Moscow
Where to meet a man in Moscow

Ladies sit down at the tables, then men begin to sit down to them one by one every 5-10 minutes. This time should be enough to ask a few questions and try to understand whether sympathy has appeared. At the end of the evening, representatives of both sexes in a special questionnaire mark those they like. If there is a match, the organizers provide contact details.

This option is good because you don't need to go anywhere and try to start a conversation. People come here with a common goal. Undoubtedly, this facilitates communication. Another plus is the opportunity to meet several men at once in order to make your choice.


Surprise, but it's not just dating sites. Although, they also should not be discounted. What could be easier than going to a resource designed to find a soul mate or downloading an app like Tinder? Probably just don't look for anyone. In the questionnaire, you can write down everything that you expect from the gentleman and what you can offer him.

In addition, you can find the person you like on the Internet, in the same Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook.

Where to find a man in Moscow
Where to find a man in Moscow

The main thing to remember about how and where to meet a man in Moscow is shyness and fears aside! All the princes either arrived a long time ago, or lost their horses. Therefore, a woman herself must go to meet her betrothed.

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