What To Write To A Girl When Meeting On The Internet, How To Intrigue

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What To Write To A Girl When Meeting On The Internet, How To Intrigue
What To Write To A Girl When Meeting On The Internet, How To Intrigue

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what to write to a girl when meeting on the Internet
what to write to a girl when meeting on the Internet

With the advent of the Internet, our life has become much easier. This is especially true for dating. If earlier a man had to choose the right moment to come up and meet a girl, now it is enough to send just one message. But what to write to a girl when meeting on the Internet so that she can answer exactly?

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  • 1 Major mistakes
  • 2 Basic rules of dating
  • 3 Study her profile
  • 4 Complete your profile completely
  • 5 Date
  • 6 Spelling

Major mistakes

Online dating has become an integral part of our life. Every second couple met thanks to the Internet. The SMS sent on time was the beginning of a great love. However, not everyone is so lucky.

Many have been sitting on dating sites for years, waiting for the answer of lovely ladies, but the girls are in no hurry to answer. What is the mistake of the guys and how to meet a girl on the Internet in order to interest her? The answer is simple: originality. Most often, guys start a dialogue with the banal "Hello, how are you?" Well, how can this interest? Of course not. The girl won't even look at such a message. If you want her to answer you - be original.

The second biggest mistake of male representatives is vulgarity. Some guys think that the best SMS compliment for a girl will be a high rating for her curvaceous forms. "Hey, baby, you have beautiful breasts", "Mmm, what a juicy ass" - these are the very phrases that a normal girl will never answer. Do you seriously think she's sitting on a dating site and waiting for you to appreciate her roundness? Most girls will mistake you for a concerned teenager and blacklist you.

Also, women rarely respond to those who have an incomplete profile. If you don't have a photo, then a beautiful creation will not waste even a minute on you. And this is quite reasonable, because why waste time on someone who is not clear. To increase your chances, be sure to fill out your questionnaire.

Also, girls may be silent, because you simply do not fit their selection criteria. And nothing can be done about it. The best option for you would be to continue your search for your sweetheart further.

An overly annoying interlocutor can also smoothly move to a woman's blacklist. Don't bother her with messages at three o'clock in the morning and don't ask what she was doing every minute all day. Such an overabundance of attention will only hurt your reputation.

What to write to a girl
What to write to a girl

Basic dating rules2

In order for the acquaintance to be successful, and the girl was eager to continue communication, it is necessary to follow several rules.

Study her profile3

It's much easier to start a conversation with a girl if you have common interests. Thanks to modern dating sites and pages on social networks, you can find out almost everything about a person. Study her profile carefully and mark possible topics of conversation. We also recommend reading our article on the best phrases for dating on the Internet further along the link.

What if there were no common topics, but I really want to meet this particular lady? Sly! Come up with common interests, and then you will figure it out along the way. Your task is to interest her with the first message, so that she will choose you among a dozen of template greetings.

Complete your profile4

As noted earlier, if a man has an empty profile, then he has no chance. Take the information fields seriously enough. There is no need to write phrases like: "For the women and the yard I shoot at point-blank range." This will not cause any feelings, except for bewilderment in the girl.

Tell us honestly about your hobbies, your favorite films and books. This information will help the woman understand how similar you are in interests. Also, don't forget about photography. It should be clear. It is best if you are alone in the photo. After all, otherwise it can slightly confuse the fair sex.

Everything about how to meet girls on the Internet is described in our article.



If the girl responded, do not hesitate with the date. Yes, of course you shouldn't do this in the second message. However, after sharing information, try inviting her to a real meeting. Don't expect her to agree immediately. Of course, this may well happen, but most girls refuse to meet so as not to seem too accessible.

After a while, you can repeat the sentence. But asking for a date more than two times is not recommended, because if the girl refused both times, then she is not interested in the meeting.

If you don't know how to start dating a girl, then we recommend reading our next article.


Oh yeah! This is the very thing that can scare a girl away from the very first written word. As a rule, ladies do not like absolutely illiterate guys. If something like: "Hello krosavista, do your acquaintance come to her mail?" - she will immediately rush to delete this message in order to remove it from sight and not irritate the look.

Of course, such a spelling will be completely forgivable to foreigners. However, you won't stand a chance with this spelling. If you are not good at punctuation and spelling rules, then it is better to use special programs that automatically correct your mistakes.

What to write to a girl
What to write to a girl

If you adhere to the above rules, then you will not have any problems meeting a girl online. But a romantic acquaintance story may well appear, which you will tell your common children.

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