20 Unspoken Rules Of Dating Sites

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20 Unspoken Rules Of Dating Sites
20 Unspoken Rules Of Dating Sites

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girl covers her mouth with her palm
girl covers her mouth with her palm

The rules of the game are changing. “Play hard to get”, “no sex on the first date” - forget it all like a bad dream.

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The modern generation lives by different rules. Most of them are familiar to you, but some may surprise you.


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Modesty is a vice

Many users of dating apps rob themselves of their chances of success in advance.

What for?

Why add something controversial to your profile description?

"I'm not very good at this and that, I don't know how to get to know each other," and so on.

You have to attract people, not repel them.

Modesty is good only in small doses.

Overconfidence too

Self-confidence is sexy. Arrogance is not.

“I’ll make great paella and I can make you laugh” - okay.

"I am so amazing that everyone wonders why I am lonely!" - not okay.

"I love listening to music and chatting with friends." And who doesn't love?

The essence of all these dating apps and sites is to help like-minded people find each other.

Write what characterizes you.

Don't write about your love for sunsets.

Write about one particular sunset that impressed you once.

Girl with laptop
Girl with laptop

Don't write that you enjoy spending time with your friends.

Write about exactly how and where exactly you like to meet with them.

Do not admit that your friends filled the profile for you

“I asked my friend to fill out a questionnaire for me. Here's what came of it "- a ride as a joke. And that's not always the case.

By making such statements, you show that you are unable to tell about yourself on your own.

Not a word about the past

Any adult has in his arsenal his own army of exes, a couple of stories about one-off sex, and possibly a couple of nervous breakdowns.

But it is not necessary to tell the first person you meet.

Talk about the past when you become truly close to each other.

Less requirements

Some profiles are like a shopping list. “I am looking for a brunette, blue eyes, height 178-183.5 centimeters, weight no more than ninety kilograms three hundred grams, living strictly on Krasnoarmeyskaya street in house number 36”.

Nobody likes that.

One gets the impression that the owner of such a profile is a control freak. Who wants to mess with someone like that?

No photo? No chance

If the user does not have a photo, then he is either unattractive, or married (married), or is on the international wanted list.

Guy with phone
Guy with phone

So-so perspective, of course.

Just one photo? Hmm …

One photo is not enough. The person who likes you wants more. At least because one successful (or unsuccessful) photo is difficult to form an opinion about a person. Upload at least two snapshots.

The photo should reflect the real state of affairs

If all goes well, you will meet. And then it turns out that your photo was taken seven years ago. At a distance of five meters. From the back.

Sexy, but in moderation

The abundance of half-naked pictures will create you the image of either a desperate person or looking for only sex.

Don't fall in love with photography

Otherwise, you may be in for a bitter disappointment.

You may not receive messages at all

At first. The fact is cruel, but we do not live in an ideal world. It is even harder for men than for women. The fair sex always gets more attention on dating sites.

Do not despair.

Scroll through the profiles of popular users. Perhaps take a note of something. Correct your profile description, upload other photos.

And in the end, write to someone yourself.

Don't play hard to get

You don't need to line up love letters either. Read the profile description of the person you like, highlight what hooked you, and write the first message.

The girl ignores the guy
The girl ignores the guy

Do not go to "ignore". While you are playing your games, your interlocutor will have time to go on ten dates.

In the online dating universe, time flies by.

You don't have to answer everyone

It really is. Stupid and meaningless messages do not have to be answered.

If you do not reciprocate with the interlocutor and do not know how to tell him about it, it is better not to reply at all. This will save you time. And the interlocutor will not indulge in hopes.

Either a date or an end to communication

Chatting for weeks instead of meeting offline is a stupid idea. You will not experience the "chemistry" through messages. Either make an appointment or stop communicating with this person.

Don't expect too much

There is a risk that you will not like each other by talking live. Either one will feel sympathy, and the other will not.

Let go of high expectations.

The road will be long

You will have a lot of unsuccessful dates. This is normal. This does not mean that you are a failure. Treat it like an experience and move on.

Split the bill

Equality. And you are two adults.

Girl with a guy in a restaurant
Girl with a guy in a restaurant

Have sex (if you like)

And don't do it if you don't want to. You have a choice.

Call the next day

Forget silly rules. If this person likes you too, he will be pleased.

Interest is not reciprocal? The sooner you know about it, the better. There will be time to prepare to meet the other person.

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