How To Leave The Friend Zone Or How To Fall In Love With A Friend? TOP-7 Ways

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How To Leave The Friend Zone Or How To Fall In Love With A Friend? TOP-7 Ways
How To Leave The Friend Zone Or How To Fall In Love With A Friend? TOP-7 Ways

Video: How To Leave The Friend Zone Or How To Fall In Love With A Friend? TOP-7 Ways

Video: How To Leave The Friend Zone Or How To Fall In Love With A Friend? TOP-7 Ways
Video: 10 Tricks to Finally Escape the Friend Zone 2023, March
How to leave the friend zone
How to leave the friend zone

Conversations that I love her, and she says that she loves, but as a brother have long become commonplace. True, then there was no such fashionable word friend zone, which defines such a situation. For some reason, people are more concerned not about how not to get into it, but how to get out of the friend zone. To answer this question, you need to understand how you get there, and what mistakes should be avoided.

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  • 1 Friendzone - who is she?
  • 2 Zone types
  • 3 Why is this happening?
  • 4 How to get trapped
  • 5 Pull yourself out
  • 6 There is a way out
  • 7 Irony of Fate

Friendzone - who is she? _8212

And yet, what is a friend zone? There is no friendship between the sexes. There are common interests and equality of relations, but over time, someone will begin to feel something more than friendly warmth. This is most often the case with men. Friendship and communication are born.

Then sympathy appears, the young man shows all signs of attention. The girl also understands that she is not indifferent to him and begins to use this state of affairs. As a result, the young man takes full care of the girl, and in return she only gives a drop of hope for something more.

Zone types i

An explicit friend zone is when the girl immediately decided to dot the i's and out of respect explained to her “friend” that he could not count on something more than there is already now. But still, she does not stop using the reliability of her "friend". This can happen after the recognition of feelings or any attempts to show them.

The hidden friend zone is dangerous because you can spend a lot of time there, wasting it. During this time, you can build a healthy and mutual relationship with another person, and not pray for your unrequited chosen one.

Why is this happening? 2

The main reason for the emergence of friendzones for men is the different goals of developing relationships in men and women. The main goal of all relationships is reproduction. Natural attraction to the opposite sex is inherent in us by nature. You can't get away from this.

The goal of a relationship for men is to leave as many offspring as possible. A man is not guided by some kind of mental ability, logic and experience of previous relationships. The main thing for him is the maximum attractiveness of the object. Here, of course, everyone has their own criteria of attractiveness, the possibilities of a man in a given task are endless.

The more trace of the genetic code he leaves in women, the more chances he has to fulfill his duty to nature. Of course, now this instinct is being pushed into the framework of modern society. But, nevertheless, the selection process remained at the disposal of genes and mother nature. Liked - you will be mine.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The goal of a woman's relationship is the highest quality of the offspring being born. Since she is limited by the number of children born, it is important for her to choose a male suitable for this purpose. The easiest way is to surround yourself with potential partners and choose the best one by exclusion.

The task of a woman is to seduce everyone from whom she is going to choose. This is where the danger lies, those who do not pass the selection end up in the friend zone. Unlike men, women have to think and use all their ingenuity in order to achieve what they want. Having liked (as in the case of a man) a woman outwardly is not yet considered a victory.

How to get trapped3

Most often, people get into the friend zone who understand that they do not feel reciprocal feelings for them, but they warm themselves with the hope that their chosen one has very little time left to discern how wonderful, kind and sympathetic he is. He tries with all his might to be good and runs at the first call to his object of dreams. Such people are stupidly used. It's comfortable. They will never be appreciated according to their merits.

Women choose men according to three main criteria:

  1. Reliability,
  2. Power,
  3. Courage.

If a man wants to show how kind, caring, attentive and charming he is, he falls into the exclusion zone. When choosing a couple, these qualities are associated in women with defenselessness and readiness to obey. And she must obey, she is a woman. This choice is made more at the subconscious level. Because in the list of the ideal man for women, the items "kind" and "charming" are always present.

How to get out of the friend zone
How to get out of the friend zone

What is a friend zone for girls, we read in our article further on the link.

Pull yourself out4

A man who is determined and wants to create strong mutual relations from the friend zone should first of all stop feeling sorry for himself. He should stop thinking that she will finally see what he really is. She has already seen and appreciated what she deserves. That is why he is where he is. How to exit the friend zone - exit and re-enter.

First of all, you need to understand what criteria a young man does not meet with his chosen one. There are few general criteria, they are divided into two types. The most important criteria for evaluating a worthy chosen one of a woman is Social, that is, those that will be looked at not only by her, but also by all relatives and friends. Thus, this score will add points to it. So, social values:

  • Financial condition. Yes, now, of course, you can start demagoguery about how all women are mercantile. But we are talking about a serious adult relationship. And for serious adult relationships, the next step is family. And the family is a wedding, this is housing, these are children. All this requires financial costs. Therefore, in the long term, the financial condition of the future man is important.
  • Social status. It means even the most ordinary self-confidence. It is not necessary to be the owner of a large holding or a silk panties factory. Social status can be expressed in the ability to make independent decisions and be responsible for these decisions.
Frenzona for guys
Frenzona for guys
  • Impudence. Oddly enough, but yes - women love arrogant men, sometimes boorish (but not in relation to women themselves). Impudence should be manifested by the ability to put forward their interests in the first place.
  • Take what he needs first. From impudence follows the concept of "like a stone wall", a woman is sure that a man is tearing everything in his path for his family.
  • Intelligence. It is clear - a man should not be stupid.
  • Originality of thinking. Ability to find solutions to "hopeless" problems. In general, when a man solves problems in a woman's life, she puts a tick in her list that he is good.
  • It is not for nothing that there are cases when women call in the middle of the night frightened and in tears ask them to come and fix an iron, kettle or socket, which has begun to smell burnt. They already then decide to check him for the last fad.

Personal qualities that a real man should have, according to statistics:

  • Athletic body,
  • Reliability,
  • Integrity,
  • Good manners,
  • Coquetry.

All women are different and the obligatory presence of all these qualities cannot guarantee a choice in favor of a man. But according to statistics, men who scored 9-10 points are not considered potential partners and husbands. Winners of 10 points are fairy-tale characters and not all women can meet the same criteria.

The golden mean of this list is 6-8 points. It is these men that women see as ideal candidates in relationships. If a man has counted less than five points, then he should not have a question - how did he end up in the friend zone. It turns out that he is not so good.

How to leave the friend zone
How to leave the friend zone

There is a way out 5

There is always a way out of any situation. The most ideal is to pump yourself up. One should not wait for the girl to change, when she sees and realizes his supernaturalness. You need to show her that a man is able to change, that he has become different. This takes time and effort.

Ideal leveling plan:

  1. Reduce communication or stop it altogether. Depending on the relationship, you should choose the one that best suits your particular situation. If there is an opportunity to completely stop seeing the object of desire, this is good. If not, we reduce it to a minimum, without showing any initiative on our part.
  2. They stopped seeing each other, but did not stop declaring themselves. You should surprise your chosen one and show that you did not get hung up on her and did not stop. It is necessary to make new acquaintances with girls and actively post photos in social networks from your vacation.
  3. It will be great to acquire new hobbies and hobbies. It is desirable that it be an active holiday, extreme, a lot of impressions. This will give the young man an opportunity to unwind and the girl to see what she is losing.
  4. Engage in self-development. Invest in yourself. Go in for sports, develop your hobby into business.

Such changes in a man will add 100% of a sexy brand to him. And the woman will pay attention to him herself. If this does not happen, the man must prove himself a real male. Make a date and show yourself on a new side. But you need to behave with a girl no longer like a friend, but like a chosen one. You don't need to remember your previous relationship on a date. She will definitely appreciate this upgrade.

How to leave a guy's friend zone
How to leave a guy's friend zone

It is important to understand that the man was in the friend zone not because he is so good, and she does not understand anything. This is just the opposite - he does not understand what she wants to see in a man. If friendly relations were for a long time, then it would be possible to study the tastes of your chosen one and acquire these qualities.

If the "friendship" did not last long, any changes for the better will make you pay attention and surprise you with positive dynamics. In any case, it is necessary to show the maximum number of "peasant" qualities so that the girl appreciates not a friend, but a full-fledged partner.

Irony of fate6

Often after such changes, the man is no longer interested in the woman who sent him to the friend zone. He has risen a step higher than himself, which means that his values have changed. He will already be looking for a corresponding lady of the heart.

And yet, do not forget the golden rule for all occasions, that prevention is better than any therapy. Therefore, we recommend our next article on what is a friend zone and how to avoid it? We read further on the link.

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