Larisa Renard: On Psychology, Self-knowledge And Female Energy

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Larisa Renard: On Psychology, Self-knowledge And Female Energy
Larisa Renard: On Psychology, Self-knowledge And Female Energy
Video: Larisa Renard: On Psychology, Self-knowledge And Female Energy
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Larisa Renard
Larisa Renard

Only the lazy one was not interested in the possibilities of our subconscious. Only an ascetic living "high-high in the mountains", where he does not catch Wi-Fi, has not heard of the numerous trainings, schools, courses and others like them. What is the reason for such an increased interest of humanity in psychology? Today we will consider this topic, paying attention to one of the "heroes of the occasion" - Larisa Renard.

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  • 1 Who is Larisa Renard?
  • 2 Where from?
  • 3 The case, by the way, took place at the University of St. Petersburg
  • 4 After university, Larisa studied at psychoanalysis courses
  • 5 Women's happiness
  • 6 What to read
  • 7 A promising title, what do you think?
  • 8 Who Should Look at This Book?
  • 9 What else can you suggest?

Who is Larisa Renard? Who_is

Larisa was born on December 9, 1966. For astrology lovers, we hasten to inform that according to the horoscope she is a Sagittarius.

By profession, she is a TV presenter, writer and psychologist, and by way of life she is the savior of human souls.

Perhaps a few decades ago, the profession of a psychologist was rare, but now you will not surprise anyone. Women who boldly claim that they can change your life 180 degrees in just a couple of classes can be found literally in every corner of the Internet. On the same Instagram, there are almost more such wizards than half-naked beauties who proudly call themselves models.

Such a high level of competition obliges - you need to be either a really outstanding specialist or an outstanding freak to be noticed.

Although, this applies to the entire Internet in general.

Well, this is where we are heading. Since this article is dedicated not to a certain Angela Esoterica88, but to Larisa Renard, it means that this lady has distinguished herself by something.

Let's see what.

Where from? I

Larisa Bogdanova (real name) was born not in the capital at all - she grew up a psychology guru in Krasnoyarsk. There is no shocking information about her adolescence - either Larisa was a calm and problem-free child, or she is hiding well.

Larisa Renard
Larisa Renard

Initially, the girl entered the biology department, but later, as, unfortunately, happens with many young people, she became disillusioned with the chosen specialty. Her next choice was fateful - she decided to devote her life to psychology.

The case, by the way, took place at the University of St. Petersburg2

Let's move a little away from the topic and note: the question of the path of life should be approached wisely, but not be afraid to make a mistake. You can always choose another road, all that is needed for this is courage and perseverance. This should be remembered both by students who are imbued with hatred of learning and by their parents. You don't need to have a degree in psychology to realize that hatred of the chosen profession is unlikely to help anyone succeed in life.

After university Larisa studied psychoanalysis courses3

Gnawing the granite of science is, of course, wonderful. But this does not always help to earn money for bread with a cutlet.

In Russia in the 90s, life was unstable, but people did not really think about psychological tricks. Working as a psychologist in the average school is more of a path to lack of money than to a line on the Forbes list.

Larisa Renard
Larisa Renard

Knowledge had to be directed into a channel not only peaceful, but also profitable.

Larisa came to the conclusion that self-promotion is a useful thing. But this will have to be learned literally from scratch.

Miss Bogdanova continues her further studies in the States. Specifically in the state of Massachusetts, its largest city and capital - Boston. A minute of geography, so to speak.

There, a psychologist studied the art of advertising, and then in Philadelphia, she comprehended the early development of children.

Larisa did not stop there and continued her studies - she received a master's degree in leadership (again, in the city on the Neva), and studied neurolinguistics. She also managed to defend her candidate.

To Renard's credit, it is worth noting that in terms of education and savvy, she can compete with many modern pseudo gurus.

Women's happiness4

“A shoemaker without boots” is not about her. Larisa Renard has been married for a long time and firmly. Having found a husband in her youth, she managed to maintain family happiness after many years. This undoubtedly adds credibility to her, considering that she advises other women on how to build happy relationships and find harmony in their personal lives.

Larisa Renard
Larisa Renard

"Happiness loves silence" - and this is about Lara. A woman does not provide tearful revelations or sweet, like sugar syrup, boastful stories about her personal life.

What to read5

Let's dwell on literary works. What, to whom and why to read them.

"Lunar Manuscript" (collection)

Even women far from psychology and esotericism have learned to use the lunar calendar and plan their hairstyle shenanigans exclusively on favorable days. This book is an "advanced level" for those who want to know more about the moon and its relationship with a woman, her mood and well-being.

How to make your life successful and fill every day with harmony. What practices and meditations will help a woman feel a surge of strength and be inspired for new achievements. Why yesterday you were passive and felt a lack of energy, but today energy is literally in full swing.

These and other questions are discussed in the brainchild of Larisa. In addition to this information, the book contains a very non-trivial love story - the heroes are not some John and Jennifer from San Francisco, but the majestic ruler and priestess of the temple.

Larisa Renard who is
Larisa Renard who is

The book will tell you at what time, in what phases of the moon a woman should take care of herself, her body, her future. If by nature you lack determination and optimism, then perhaps a friendly push in the back with specific favorable dates will help you finally get off the ground.

Make your husband a millionaire

A promising title, what do you think? 6

As you know, wealth is either crazy luck (being born into a family of billionaires, winning the lottery jackpot, emptying the casino, etc.), or blood, sweat and tears.

At the same time, it is widely known that a successful woman stands behind any successful man. This book focuses on this very idea. A woman muse inspires a man and fills him with the energy that allows him to achieve success.

The book promises to teach this very "fullness", feminine wisdom and charge with the energy necessary to turn your loved one into a rich man.

Larisa Renard books on self-knowledge and psychology
Larisa Renard books on self-knowledge and psychology

Most income support benefits focus on how a man (or woman) can be successful on her own (or learn to manipulate others for the benefit of her wallet). Against their background, Renard's literature stands out, offering the enrichment of a man through his woman, or rather, her inner strength.

With a wedding ring on his finger and a lonely, flying business class and never traveled anywhere beyond the dacha, convinced careerists or no less convinced housewives and hearth keepers - this book is offered to all interested women reading.

In addition, Larisa Renard says that the future wife of a millionaire should always monitor her appearance, engage in self-development, create comfort at home, give a man love and say only good things to him. In general, create an environment conducive to male happiness and growth.

“The intrigue of temptation. Eight shades of love "

“In the image of a lady, you are calm and confident, independent and self-sufficient, and only a small touch reminds you and him that there is also a place for a night of love in the royal chambers, for example, a string of pearls that participated in a love game” - a quote from the book.

One of the ideas of Larissa's teaching is that a woman has four states - she is both the Mistress, and the Queen, and the Girl, and the Mistress. Reincarnating, she influences her man in different ways, but this effect is always powerful and sensual.

Larisa Renard books on psychology
Larisa Renard books on psychology

The book offers an entire guide for reincarnation, examining in detail the eight female archetypes.

You just have to choose who you want to be today, and the book will provide an opportunity to recreate the image to the last detail: a Frenchwoman, refined and shrouded in subtle Parisian chic, a stylish but not prim English lady, a gentle and affectionate Slavic girl, a burning and passionate Spanish fury, sophisticated and a spicy Indian woman, a seductive and mysterious geisha, an ardent and unbridled African woman or a concubine of the Sultan who occupies his heart and thoughts?

Eight archetypes, eight ways to bring a breath of fresh air into a relationship.

This book promises to introduce you to the secrets of seduction of men, known to women in different parts of the world. If you feel that the familiar image has set the teeth on edge not only for your partner, but also for yourself, you should take this book in your hands.

A loving woman (regardless of what she loves - men or adventures) is capable of much on the way to her goal. And changing the usual image is not such a big price to pay for women's happiness. This is rather an impressive bonus.

Circle of Feminine Power

Larisa Renard books about psychology
Larisa Renard books about psychology

An ode to female energy. About how to use your feminine energy for good and achieve what you want. How natural elements affect us and our life, how to learn to attract men like a magnet? This tutorial will answer.

Lovers of psychological practices and meditations will be delighted - there are enough of them in the book. Numerous rituals described in the book have been known to the weak (is it so weak?) For thousands of years, and now you can get to know them too.

The book is made more exciting by having two love stories unfolding in parallel. The heroines live in different centuries, but their aspirations are the same - female happiness and male admiration. An exciting plot, useful practices and tips - you get both a novel and a training course at the same time. It is the combination of study with entertainment that makes Larisa's manuals original.

Who Is This Book Recommended To Read? Women who do not feel sexy and desirable, who have problems communicating with men, who dream of true love and are ready to make an effort to find it.

Discovering a new self

Larisa Renard books
Larisa Renard books

When a woman lacks energy, she feels unhappy and becomes familiar with the term “chronic fatigue”. Nothing brings joy, there is no beloved man, and if he is, then there is no satisfaction from sexual life. Melancholy, apathy and dullness.

The picture is not so unique. A similar state is familiar to women all over the world - neither beauty nor a successful career will save the one that is mired in routine.

This book will tell you how to get out of the quagmire and start enjoying life.

Why are the reserves of feminine energy being depleted? When a woman gets stuck in the past, reliving past grievances over and over again, when she experiences problems in her personal life or women's health fails.

To become cheerful, happy and glow from the inside will help "discovering a new self" - this is what this book undertakes to teach its readers.

Elixir of love. Novel recipe

Larisa Renard books on self-knowledge
Larisa Renard books on self-knowledge

This brainchild of Madame Renard offers readers a fishing rod rather than a goldfish - reading this bestseller, girls must independently collect the "ingredients" for the magic elixir that bestows female happiness.

Who needs to look at this book? 7

  • Girls in a love triangle and suffering from an insidious rival
  • For those who have difficulties in family life
  • Anyone who wants to increase interest in their own person in the eyes of a man
  • Intending to return the husband to the family
  • To those who still have not been able to find themselves

In this book, readers are once again waiting for an exciting plot and an abundance of ancient practices, seasoned with modern methods from the field of psychology.

In total, Larisa Renard wrote eight books. Their prices are quite democratic - even the average fantasy novel will deal a bigger blow to your wallet.

Larisa Renard
Larisa Renard

Literature is sold in bookstores (you can find books by a bright design) and on the official lifeacademy website. According to the assurances of this resource, books can be bought on it at even more “tasty” prices than in bookstores.

What else can you suggest? 8

  • In addition to books, Larisa offers her admirers to buy a medallion of female power (girls can receive this gift after completing six basic trainings of the Academy of Private Life). The aforementioned "Academy" is the teaching of Larisa. The medallion is designed to accumulate feminine energy, which its owner can use for her own good. It will not work to buy a medallion as some kind of trinket - it can only be obtained after passing trainings, becoming in some way a member of the secret circle. The owners of the medallion will be able to recognize “their own” in any part of the world - this distinctive sign is adorned only on those women who have learned the teachings of Larissa and have learned to manage four female states - the Mistress, the Queen, the Girl and the Mistress.
  • The Academy holds thematic breakfasts, where guests share their experiences, practice meditations and communicate with interesting people. The list of cities, venues is indicated on the official lifeacademy website in the "Breakfasts" section. By the way, the geography of the event is quite extensive - from Moscow to Ussuriisk, from Aktau to Prague.
Larisa Renard
Larisa Renard
  • Offsite trainings are held, including in Vienna, Cyprus and Monaco - a great opportunity to spiritually enrich yourself in truly beautiful corners of our planet.
  • You can order an individual consultation with a psychologist - you can choose between a personal meeting and Skype. On the official website, you choose the format of the meeting, the duration of the conversation and instantly receive information about the cost.
  • Those who wish can also purchase sets of candles, perfumes, intimate exercise machines and other female tools - again, on the official website. Don't take risks and beware of counterfeits.

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