How To Get Acquainted So As Not To Get Rejected: A Little Trick

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How To Get Acquainted So As Not To Get Rejected: A Little Trick
How To Get Acquainted So As Not To Get Rejected: A Little Trick
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How to get acquainted so as not to get rejected
How to get acquainted so as not to get rejected

Firstly, don't be afraid that a girl or a guy will refuse you if you want to meet. This happens to absolutely everyone, for a person is a cowardly creature, even one who serves somewhere in the Legion. There are no individuals who unscrupulously made contact. It is also very important to know who is in front of you - is it an introvert or, conversely, a very sociable extrovert person who can easily earn trust, just enters the social circle, loves to chat.

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And yes, there is such a trick - falling in love, and when she closes her eyes with her veil, you cannot precisely control your thoughts. Because it is difficult and impossible, because it is easier for many to snort than to make it clear that "I like you, but go from here, because I am afraid to be an idiot or a fool." This usually happens. After all, having reciprocated, they will immediately think of you as "henpecked", "underway", "loser".

How to overcome fear? I

It's not just sympathy for the person and the fear of rejection. And the banal barrier thinking, stereotypical, when you have something to fear, hide. You are not sure of yourself, your legs are not shaved, your face, you live at the age of 30 with your mother, and you - yes, dear, have not tried anything but kissing yet.

And such a stereotypical understanding is the result of a wrong position and the opportunity to recognize the opposite sex. After all, it is enough to read the forums and that's it - you are a beauty queen within four walls, and you, my boy, are just a loser, who you just need to look for.

You are a good friend, no more than 2

This is the scariest phrase a guy can hear. But you should sometimes feel it with your eyes or in conversation. This way, you will learn to feel natural with those around you. You might think what will happen if the girl refuses. Or some guy will tell you that you are just a friend and that's great. In fact, people simply determine the distance between themselves, and sometimes, this is just a distance that is specially designated for the location of the place of each of you.

Well, let's say you like a person. And in response they tell you that nothing can happen. Although, even if something worked out, then would they stay together for centuries? Hardly. Then it only gets worse - marriage, everyday life, divorce, and if not, then children - chores, torment, screams at night, permissible betrayal, etc.

At the early stage of communication, refusal is a lesson that you need to learn and build yourself in order to know your pros and cons in the future. And when you talk about them, they already understand you better and easier. Not because you became open, but because you know yourself better than others.

meets without refusals
meets without refusals

This is how an opinion about you is built. And as long as this opinion can be controlled, you build yourself and character. You are no longer afraid of possible outcomes - in life everything is temporary - permanent, and not vice versa. Imagine if your wife left you! And then, think about it, a refusal.

Perhaps she deliberately gives you a reason to run after her longer. Girls have such a "cockroach" that gets into the head and breaks the goods at a higher price. VAT includes in the cost, showing at the exit - aha, the price is higher, let it be like, give something, take care of it. And this is the norm, because men are used to taking what is bad. You go to him, she decided. No one drags down the aisle even in the wildest conditions of a marriage contract.

You are beautiful, but … 3

And here you can see the typical thinking of the guy. Why do they sometimes act like goats? First, it is someone's ex, even those who have now become the best husbands. These are the characters of compatibility. Further, no one will give away himself to the right and to the left, especially if a lot has been invested in the body. And you like his ass, which is so pumped up like a press.

get acquainted so as not to be refused
get acquainted so as not to be refused

Well, and he comes from a good family, he just doesn't get to know each other. Such people are still called princesses. Even so, but if you want to try, let him think whatever. This is also an experience. Getting a guy is a lifelong lesson. Suddenly he is scared to be the first to meet, and he hides behind his musculature, poured muscles and unprincipled character.

Examples of Right Social Couples4

As a rule, the badboy always runs after the good girl. It's a classic. There has not yet been a strong relationship among reckless guys and girls in history. Basically, she is an excellent student, a diligent girl, and he is - well, in a word, gouging, and after years of relationship they raise beautiful children, get married, walk by the hand. His “you are beautiful, but” no longer bothers him, and her “good friend” sounds proud and dignified.

Let's imagine that you are called to the board and you fail. I didn’t learn, I didn’t name some example, the answer. Not the point. What will happen to your life if they give you a "failure"? A two or three does not decide fate. Many famous scientists were mentally retarded.

The same can be built along the social line, when people converge not because of common interests, but the complete opposite. Therefore, refusals should be taken not as written on the forums, but sensibly - reasoning, making amendments and without offense to the whole world.

get acquainted correctly
get acquainted correctly

And it will also be informative to study the answers to the most piquant questions when communicating on sex forums further on the link in our article.

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