Female Manipulations Or Every Man's Nightmare

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Female Manipulations Or Every Man's Nightmare
Female Manipulations Or Every Man's Nightmare

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Female manipulation
Female manipulation

Poor peasants. They are used to thinking that starting a relationship is only their prerogative. How wrong they are. They do not decide anything when they are going to lure the "poor sheep" into their nets. As the saying goes, "the bitch does not want, the dog does not jump up." So, it's time for men to find out what female manipulation is.

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  • 1 An impregnable fortress or banal ignore
  • 2 The way to a man's heart is through his stomach
  • 3 “Sex, sex! How cute! "
  • 4 Lament of Yaroslavna
  • 5 "Having run away, I will jump from a cliff …"

An impregnable fortress or a banal ignore

How attractive an unapproachable woman is. What tricks men do not indulge in in order to achieve the location of the "snow queen". In fact, it's all just a catch me if you can game. If a woman does not need this copy for nothing, then her coldness will be generously flavored with irritation.

But condescension is the opposite. Direct instruction for further action. And if suddenly, "the ice is melting between us," then this is never a man's merit. This is the next stage that a woman needs. She just got bored, and she decided to see what would happen next.

A separate line is an already existing relationship. Oh, how the ladies like to boycott. This is the coolest way to get what you want. Ignore can manifest itself in everything: in silence, in refusing to have sex, in an empty refrigerator, and spending the night in another room. And all this is done in such a way that the man does not find a place for himself.

So, if a friend suddenly fell silent out of the blue, then she needs something. The task is simple: find out the reason, try to solve the problem, if the whim is adequate. If the ignore is associated with a delusional idea, then “what I fought for, I ran into it”. No indulgences. You can cook dumplings yourself, and spend the night in another room - this is enough to play "tanchiki".

What could such a confrontation be fraught with? Well, either the lady twitches and cuts in the "bunny", or she will pack her things and go beyond the horizon. Yes and please. Who needs a hysterical specimen? A man has only one brain, and it will be expensive to feed it to a "brain-biting bird".

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach 2

Heh! A favorite technique of all women, without exception. Well, except for absolutely culinary mediocrities or pathological lazy people and indifferent women. Caution! Feeding mode is on!

How often does a woman wanting to get that handsome guy from the next department to pamper the office with her culinary delights! Here you can find pies and meat according to a special recipe, salads, and super-sandwiches. And what guy doesn't like to eat deliciously? And even homemade food! This is how an inexperienced guy unnoticed and falls into cleverly placed culinary networks.

When the girl received education from her mother and grandmother, she clearly understood one simple truth: "a man needs to be fed." This rule is sacredly revered and observed to this day. You don't have to go far: before the wedding, a slender handsome man, and after hog with a mammon over a belt. This phenomenon was even veiled under the word “matured”. Yes, no swearing. They just fed the poor fellow.

How to manipulate a man
How to manipulate a man

And if suddenly, one day, a man discovers an extra 30 kg, it's too late to twitch somewhere. Who needs a 120 kg boar? And what about the lady? And the lady sits on the priest exactly! She may not worry about anything, this Apollo of Belvedere will not go anywhere. By the way, an attempt to limit oneself in food will lead to hysterics, they say, that culinary abilities are at zero, kitchen mediocrity, and, in general, if you don't like it, look for another one. Powerful!

And the poor peasant, in order not to provoke unnecessary screams, obediently devours the pies of a caring female feeder.

But there is a completely opposite game. Food punishment. Often the spouse goes to bed hungry. After all, he mishandled and did everything not as the lady needed. The easiest thing in this case, just leave him alone with empty pans. Cheap and cheerful.

Female manipulation
Female manipulation

The obstinate will not sit on dumplings for a long time, and the cherished cutlet beckons with its aroma. And at such moments, a woman begins to cook downright restaurant dishes. But one serving, for yourself. And the wrong person can chew a cabbage leaf, fortunately, it's delicious …

“Sex, sex! How cute!”3

Sex is a powerful weapon for female manipulation! It is a pity that men do not understand this well and still fall for this trick. Popular story, all men go through this. Any relationship can be characterized as domestic prostitution.

There is a fur coat - there is sex. No fur coat - there is a hand. Weaning is a great punishment for any average man. Nakosyachil - sleeping on a cot. I drank - generally on the rug. And men, they are static creatures. It is difficult for them to find a nobody's lady.

How to control a man
How to control a man

It is only in his youth that the stallion gusars so that the member is smoking. By the age of 30, breakups are more and more common. Moreover, as a rule, he is already fattened. I see, yes, what is it about? So the poor man is trying, he is out of his skin, if only there was round-the-clock access to the body.

And he does not know that it is enough to chuckle contemptuously and calmly accept the rules of the game. In a week she will come running herself, because everyone loves sex, and the syndrome of an unclaimed woman is stronger than the desire to punish more painfully.

Crying Yaroslavna4

Cool thing - women's tears. Women cry beautifully and professionally. In view of the high emotionality, to begin to breed dampness, a woman spits once. The quieter and sadder the cry, the more it tears a man's soul. The more hysterical the longer the sobbing, the more panic a man falls into.

Women's tricks
Women's tricks

That's what it is designed for. In order for his beloved to stop flooding everything around, a man is ready to make any concessions, to fulfill the most idiotic requirements. If only this moan would stop.

And it works! By the way, it is easy to guess the manipulator at such moments. If she cries beautifully, like in a movie, well, like, “a lonely tear rolled down her pale cheek. Her face turned to stone, and only the quivering corners of her lips betrayed all the grief of the universe …”, then this is 100% the game of one actor.

Real tears make a woman, to put it mildly, ugly and snotty. That still vidocq. So sobbing and hand-wringing can be ignored. Let him speak, sorry, or what? But we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material why girls cry.

"Having run away, I will jump off a cliff …" 5

The apotheosis of female manipulation. Men also sin with this, but not so. But hysterical sobs, meaningful closures in the bathroom, sobbing and moaning - that's, yes, it's cool. Another phrase: "You will regret, you will live with this all your life …" And other pretentious crap.

Women's tricks
Women's tricks

Many ladies need to be given Oscars for such outbursts of emotions. Men are terribly intimidated by the prospect of living with guilt. Therefore, the suitcase is dismantled again, the plane ticket is returned, and the letter of resignation is destroyed. This manipulation occurs with enviable regularity.

Just don't be too afraid of her. Few of these would-be suicides decide on something more than just standing in an open window with beautifully flowing hair. According to the script, you need to take the sufferer on handles and assure that never, never! This concludes the performance.

The curtain of the curtains falls, and the faithful, sniffling, goes to fry another batch of pies. True, men can breathe out: such performances fall on the age of 25 years. Then the children and the mink coat will not allow the manipulator to step out of the window.

Female Manipulation
Female Manipulation

There is only one way out of this situation: to run away from such an actress, if there is still such an opportunity, and the stamp in the passport does not bother the man. If you have been married for a long time and firmly, then you can use his own weapon against the enemy. By the way, there is nothing more sobering than a stingy man's tear. Well, another fist against the wall. Generally beautiful!

For details on how to manipulate a man, find out in our article further on the link.

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