The Ideal Lover Of A Married Man: 15 Basic Rules

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The Ideal Lover Of A Married Man: 15 Basic Rules
The Ideal Lover Of A Married Man: 15 Basic Rules

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what to do for a mistress
what to do for a mistress

As much as you want to have the best qualities of a mistress, this is an art that many women cannot bring to perfection. There are various ways that you must follow in order not to fail. If you enjoy this type of non-binding relationship with a man whose heart belongs to someone else and you want to know what a mistress needs to do, then you've come to the right place.

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  • 1 Secrecy
  • 2 Always look perfect
  • 3 Never leave anything behind
  • 4 Get ready to spend your vacation alone
  • 5 Don't expect anything
  • 6 Keep your mouth shut
  • 7 stay happy
  • 8 don't chase him
  • 9 Keep your social media clean
  • 10 Never Call Him Home
  • 11 Don't mess with him first
  • 12 Don't Ask Him
  • 13 Down with worries
  • 14 Give him space
  • 15 Never define a relationship

More and more women are content with relationships with married men, and we are definitely not here to judge you. But if you are striving to become a lover without knowing what you should do, keep reading.


As a mistress, you have to accept that there are few dates in town. He can't risk bumping into his wife, family, or friends while he's out with you. This would immediately mean death and serious consequences for his marriage.

If you are fortunate enough to live in different cities, then your chances are much higher. But if you live in the same area with him and his wife, he shouldn't bump into someone when he is with you. This is why most of your dates will consist of get-togethers or lounges at home or out of town, so get used to it. Fill your refrigerator with food and drinks, make your sofa as comfortable as possible, and oh yeah, don't forget the bedroom toys. It will be a long night.

Always look perfect2

As his mistress, you want to be who his wife is not. This means that you should always try to look as flawless as possible, no matter the situation. This guy is keeping you on the sidelines because you bring something that his wife doesn't have, so you need to play that role.

how not to cause discomfort to a mistress
how not to cause discomfort to a mistress

He should never see you without makeup, in baggy sweatpants and your hair in a matted bun. Even if the two of you are chilling out at home, you need to make sure you always look beautiful, with gorgeous combed hair, a full face of makeup, and clothes that will completely confuse him. He doesn't really care that you can offer him a rich inner world (I know it's rude, but it's true), so your appearance is what really matters. Make sure you look good at all times and he will keep coming back for more.

Never Leave Nothing Behind3

Many lovers spoil everything by taking courage and leaving trinkets in the guy's house and car. If you want his wife to track you down, go ahead and leave the breadcrumbs behind.

The most common are hair ties that are left inside a cup holder, earrings left on a nightstand, or underwear thrown under a bed. If you really care about a guy and don't want to create any problems between him and his wife, make sure you pack all your belongings before you leave. If you accidentally leave something behind, please report it immediately. He will be able to hide the evidence before his wife finds it, and he will definitely thank you for your help. Good job!

Get ready to spend your vacation alone4

what to do if you are a mistress
what to do if you are a mistress

You are not his wife, so you do not have the privilege of spending holidays with him or any major holidays. In fact, you may not even receive an SMS or phone call from him on these special days. But this is the life of a mistress, and it takes place with a closed territory.

When New Years comes, he will be at home with his wife while you sit at home in the bathroom and watch the irony on your tablet. And Valentine's Day is the worst! As he snuggles up to his wife in a restaurant overlooking the city, pouring dozens of roses and her favorite sweets on her, you take part in a Free For Single Girls until 10:00 event in downtown nightclubs. It's a shitty feeling, but this is the life you chose.

Expect Nothing5

You have to keep your expectations low. Don't expect him to call and say that he will do it, you look forward to his coming to your house on a certain day, don't even dream of planning a date, and definitely don't expect him to leave his wife someday.

Your time as his lover will definitely be short-lived, but if you enjoy his company and he rocks your world between the sheets, don't let yourself get in the way of continuing this relationship. Just don't treat him like a guy, and don't expect him to treat you like his main woman. The two of you are not in a relationship and that will probably never change.

what should not be done by mistresses
what should not be done by mistresses

Keep your mouth shut6

Many lovers end up revealing themselves by chatting about their romance with someone who will listen. If you want to bring this person's situation to a sudden and dire end, tell everyone to know that you are sleeping with them. Eventually, the words will reach his wife, and you will have big problems.

What to do to be the best lover he has ever had? You must learn to keep your lips closed. When friends ask you why you can't hang out, don't tell them that your married man is coming to give you a sensual massage. You need to figure out how to lie. And, unfortunately, you will start cracking down on your family and friends pretty well. But it will be worth it as long as you can keep it in your life, right?

Stay happy7

At some point, many lovers begin to worry about their current situation. It's not enough just to have a piece of a man, and they start demanding more of his time, more attention. But since he is married and devoted to another, your words will always be ignored.

You knew he was married when you met him (well, at least we hope you knew about it), so you can't make a difference now. This is too late. Maintain your position and stay on your way.

What to do for a mistress
What to do for a mistress

The sooner you realize that your situation is not going to change anytime soon, the sooner you will be on the path to staying happy. Your boyfriend will want to spend more time with you because you are stress free, no drama and you always have a smile on your face. You want to see him more than his wife, right? So give him a reason to want to come by.

Don't chase him8

When it comes to being a lover, you must live in the eternal state of "ignorance is bliss." Surely you know that he is married, but his wife must be the most distant thing from your mind at all times. If you are too keen on analyzing his marriage and wondering about his wife, you will end up driving yourself insane.

If you want to remain positive and content with your situation, refrain from harassing and cyber-harassing his wife. Don’t google her name, don’t look at her profile on VKontakte, and of course don’t show up at her office to look at her during lunchtime. When you become obsessed with his wife, envy, this is certainly a recipe for disaster. As a lover, you clearly don't care about boundaries, but stalking his wife is a line that should never be crossed.

Keep your social media clean9

as a mistress not to cause trouble
as a mistress not to cause trouble

What a mistress shouldn't do. Many lovers completely spoil their position by being too bold on social media. Not everyone needs to share information online, and when you're in a relationship with a married man, you definitely need to keep your social media profiles clean.

If he buys flowers for you, do not post a photo of the bouquet or tag it in the photo. In fact, you shouldn't even follow him on social media at all. Do not use his name and photos in your account if you want to keep him in your life, and also do not hint at dates with other men. While your boyfriend probably has a suspicion that you are not only devoted to him, there is no need to put it on display. This will only create more problems for both. So put your accounts on lockdown. Adjust filters to limit the amount of information displayed, or delete your accounts entirely.

Never Call Him At Home10

If your boyfriend is one of the last people on Earth to have a home phone, don't you dare call this number. Get him out and try to contact him at the house he shares with his wife. By doing this, you are completely crossing the line.

There are certain rules that come with being a mistress, and staying as far away from his real life as possible is a must. What if you call and his wife answers, what will you do? She will definitely start asking him about the woman who called and asked him. Your boyfriend may be so upset about this that he may even end your relationship completely.

What to do for a mistress without trouble
What to do for a mistress without trouble

Therefore, if you are happy with being his woman on the side, be sure to remember this rule.

Do not contact him first11

In fact, you shouldn't mess with him at all. This is always the wrong time to call or text a guy. So it's best to sit back and let him be the first to reach out to you.

By letting him call you, you will know it is safe time and he is ready to talk. His wife is probably in another room, or perhaps she ran to the grocery store. Keep your conversation light with him, and use a short conversation as an opportunity to set a place and time for your next date. Once the call ends, that's all. Don't send him a follow-up text message. You don't want to risk his wife grabbing his phone and reading the message?

Don't ask him 12

When you decide to become someone's mistress, you are pretty much abandoning all the rules of ordinary dating and relationships. This means that you are not allowed to ask him questions about where he is going or who he is with. As a lover, you cannot afford to know what he does when he is away from you.

how to behave correctly for a mistress
how to behave correctly for a mistress

You should only focus on the time you both spend together. So the next time you want to ask him, "Why don't you ever call me?", Stop. He is not your husband, he is someone else, and he is not obliged to answer any of your questions anyway. Get used to this, because you will often be interested in what he does, but you will never get a direct answer from him. This is the life of a mistress!

Down with worries13

A man who has a mistress can deal with problems at home. That's why he decided to provoke a side romance with you in the first place: you are cheerful, without drama, and you help him forget about the shitty situation in which he lives at home. Therefore, when you are together, you should not have a reason to argue.

Being with you is like heading to a tropical island with crystal blue waters, great sand and fruit drinks in abundance. All his worries should be washed away as soon as he sees you. The moment he feels that you are causing stress in his life, if arguments start here and there, he will run away. Be a good lover and leave arguments to him and his wife.

Give It Space14

It must be difficult for a guy to live a double life. He has a difficult job, he has to play the role of an adoring husband while at home, and then he has to pay attention to you when the time is right.

correct mistress behavior
correct mistress behavior

Since there is little free time, give him time to come to you. Don't be so demanding if you haven't seen him for a week, don't get aggressive with him when he can't call you back. The guy needs a break, and giving him enough wiggle room will make him crave you even more. So keep busy meeting other men or your girlfriends. When he approaches you, he will appreciate the fact that you are not such a demanding lover.

Never Define Relationships15

And finally, being a lover means that the word "relationship" doesn't even have to be in your vocabulary. Since this guy already has a wife at home, being in a full blown relationship with you is definitely not on the list. He is not able to give you the attention that you need, so you should never dream of having a "RELATIONSHIP" with him. Defining a relationship with a man who is married is like coming to a restaurant with your food. It is pointless. In the end, you will be embarrassed when he reminds you that you are just his mistress.

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