What Is The Difference Between Female Love And Male Love? Science Opinion

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What Is The Difference Between Female Love And Male Love? Science Opinion
What Is The Difference Between Female Love And Male Love? Science Opinion

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Women love more
Women love more

The famous American writer Minna Antrim believed that ladies love with heart and soul, and gentlemen - with mind and body. The male gaze is not very different, the Finnish writer and journalist Martti Johannes Larni believed that women knew the meaning of love, and men - only its price. It may seem that women love more than men. But this statement is fundamentally wrong!

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  • 1 Why women love more: a scientific explanation
  • 2 How does it work?
  • 3 Hormones are a mood engine
  • 4 What is the difference between female love and male love?
  • 5 Types of female love
  • 6 How do girls show their feelings?
  • 7 Full interest in a partner
  • 8 Important little things
  • 9 Striving for constant communication
  • 10 Happiness doesn't like silence
  • 11 Jealous means love
  • 12 Anxiety and concern
  • 13 Eyes - the mirror of the soul

These opinions are absolutely subjective, built on the personal experience of certain people. Only science can objectively assess the strength of male and female love. And here's what she says about this.

Why women love more: a scientific explanation

Both women and men are capable of experiencing the same emotions equally. The only difference is how they manifest them. It appeared due to the peculiarities of the functioning of the brain in the stronger and weaker sex.

So, everyone knows from the lessons of anatomy at school that the human brain consists of two halves (hemispheres). Scientific studies have shown that for girls, the right hemisphere is leading, while for boys, the left hemisphere.

The right hemisphere is responsible for the expression of emotions, craving for creativity, enjoyment of beauty, imaginative thinking, richer speech and brighter visual perception. The left hemisphere is distinguished by cold logical thinking, accuracy, concreteness in thoughts. The description of the halves of the brain is surprisingly suitable for describing the female and male sex.

How does it work? 2

All people in the womb are girls first. In some cases, one of the countless genes on the Y chromosome causes the testes to appear and the boy begins to develop. The testes, in turn, are responsible for the production of the "male" hormone testosterone.

Neurophysiologists have found that even in the early stages of development, testosterone suppresses the growth of the right hemisphere, and supports the development of the left. This ensures what we already have in adult relationships - in any incomprehensible situation, men are guided by logic and planning of actions, and women - by intuition and emotions.

Do women love more
Do women love more

This feature is most clearly manifested on the road, where you need to exercise logic and caution. What does a woman do when driving in a dangerous or strange situation? That's right, hiding behind him! While men include a cold mind and get out of the situation with the least losses.

Another interesting fact: one of the New York universities conducted a study that showed that 21.3% of women throughout their lives have experienced depression at least once, which needs to be treated by a specialist, while among men only 12%.

This proves once again that women are more prone to emotions and stress, which makes them more impulsive, inclined to express their emotions more vividly, here and now, "on the spot." Therefore, it seems that women love more. They just "shout" about it very loudly.

And how men differ from women and not only in the psychology of love, we read in our article further on the link.

Hormones - the engine of mood3

The increased emotionality in a woman is also explained by changes in the hormonal background. It changes depending on the day of the cycle. Just before menstruation comes the notorious PMS, which men are so afraid of. During this period, beautiful ladies turn into real shrews and cannot always control outbursts of irritation.

Love of women
Love of women

But in the middle of the cycle, the hormonal background is so favorable that women become more affectionate, gentle and caring than usual. During this period, behind her, you can notice the desire to create coziness at home, cook a delicious dinner or just lie in an embrace with your beloved while he watches football.

A strong hormonal surge occurs against the background of pregnancy and childbirth. After giving birth, men often think that a woman has stopped loving them altogether. In fact, this all indicates that the manifestation of love of the beautiful half of humanity depends on many factors: mood, hormonal levels, relationships with a partner, etc.

What is the difference between female love and male love? 4

Every person experiences romantic emotions, regardless of gender. But women tend to show it more clearly. When they are in love, they become chatty, remember all sorts of little things, experience brighter emotions. Girls openly talk about their love not only to the chosen one, but also to their entire environment, are able to talk about their experiences.

The psychology of men in love is very different, they are often more modest in their expressions, not so brightly showing emotions. They are not always capable of reckless romantic acts, because they consider them illogical and impractical.

If you look at a girl and a guy in love, you might think that the weaker sex really loves more. But this is only due to differences in behavior. The emotionality of the beautiful half of humanity has led to the fact that their love can be attributed to several varieties.

How girls love
How girls love

Types of female love5

There are 5 main types of female love. This classification is somewhat consonant with the types of love that the ancient thinker Aristotle identified, but created on the basis of many years of observation, testing and surveys among modern inhabitants of the planet.

  1. Altruistic.
  2. Parental.
  3. Practical.
  4. Manic.
  5. Erotic.

If a woman loves altruistically, she is ready to give her love without demanding anything in return. She does a lot for a man and forgives him a lot, including things that even the law does not forgive. In general, he loves not because of, but in spite of. In such situations, women definitely love them more than men.

In parental love, a woman turns into a real “mommy”. The expression “every man is a little child at heart” came from just such couples. A girl in such a tandem makes important decisions herself, constantly advises her partner, takes care of him in every possible way. Most often this manifests itself out of pity for the man.

Practical love on the part of women is rare, as it is less emotional than others. In such a relationship, the girl feels comfortable and treats her boyfriend as a partner, negotiates with him, respects him, and cannot stand the brain. At the same time, she may not experience feelings that excite the soul. This is how experienced women and adults who are disappointed in "Italian passions" love.

Manic love is associated with vivid feelings that literally turn off the girl's brain, and she is capable of doing any reckless actions for the sake of love - jumping through the window to meet her beloved, quitting work for him, etc. Here instincts rule, a woman feels unhappy without her half and practically becomes dependent on him. Typical for amorous ladies.

Falling in love with women
Falling in love with women

Erotic love is based on sex life. In this case, the whole point is in "chemistry", to which communication, common interests, respect, etc. are intertwined later. Let's remember the heroine Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series "Sex and the City". Between her and the man of her dreams, there was just such a love, erotic, which later transformed into something more.

How a woman falls in love depends on her character, life experience, as well as the behavior of the chosen one, his actions.

How do girls show their feelings? 6

A woman in love is literally bursting with sensations from the inside, so it will not be difficult for a man to guess her feelings, even if she does not tell him about it directly. Here are the main signals.

Full interest in a partner7

Everything related to the subject of her adoration is of great interest to the girl. She asks him questions about the past, asks in detail about the present. She becomes very curious and sincerely wants to know about all aspects of her chosen one's life - personal, business, social, etc. Only a sincerely in love girl will be interested in a guy in a conversation, and not only talk about herself.

Important little things8

In the course of questioning her partner, the girl "shakes her mustache" everything that she learns about the guy. She begins to understand what he likes. Thanks to this, she buys only useful and really desirable gifts, knows how to behave correctly in some situations. The girl will 100% remember which dish the man loves the most, which boxer he likes, which car he dreams of.

She also becomes attentive to the desires of her boyfriend. He tries to satisfy all his needs. She will be upset by what upsets the man, and delighted by what gives him pleasure. Over time, it will seem to the young man that no one knows him as well as she does, and this will be the pure truth. Loving girls really go to great lengths to get to know a man the best they can.

How girls fall in love
How girls fall in love

Striving for constant communication9

Of course, this rule does not apply to ten-year marriages. But at the beginning of a relationship, girls always need more attention than boys. Therefore, the stronger sex should not be surprised by dozens of SMS in instant messengers or letters by e-mail and aimless calls. Starting to miss a man, a woman cannot resist the urge to hear his voice or exchange a few messages.

For the sake of meeting with a man, a young lady in love can sacrifice time that she could spend with her friend, cancel important matters. A woman's daily routine will change dramatically, as she will seek to spend more free time with her chosen one.

Some men are not ready to respond to a girl in kind, which sometimes becomes the cause of conflicts. The stronger sex needs to understand that when a woman loves, she is more eager to spend leisure time with a guy, and only with him!

Happiness does not like silence10

Girls in love always tell close friends and relatives about their boyfriends. They constantly think about those with whom they want a serious relationship, and tell everyone about them. In the circle of friends or relatives, during heart-to-heart conversations with my mother, in a team at work … As all paths lead to Rome, so all conversations of a charmed girl lead to one thing - her beloved.

It is enough for a man to simply ask if his chosen one told someone about him, and it will become clear whether she is in love or not. The girl will strive to introduce a new person to her environment, because she is proud of him and wants to share this happiness.

Do girls love more
Do girls love more

Jealous means love11

A woman in a love relationship, in most cases the owner. For her, there are no other men in life (except in rare cases when there is still a friendship between a man and a woman and she has a good friend).

Her attention is focused on one person, and she expects the same behavior from her chosen one. If a man is texting or just looking at a photo of another girl online, this will annoy his soul mate. She will not necessarily arrange a scene of jealousy, but there will certainly be a subtle hint.

Anxiety and care12

Women are made like that. As the guardians of the hearth, they are obliged to take care of those who are not indifferent to them - this is their instinct. A loving woman is sure to worry about a man, not staying away from his problems. She will be ready to help him, support and calm him in anything. This is not just an appearance, she really genuinely cares about what worries the object of her love.

In life together, this is manifested more strongly. Women prepare breakfast for their husbands and prepare containers of food for work. They rush after work in order to have time to prepare the beloved's favorite dish for his arrival. They look out the window to open the door to the apartment. Finally wash the socks. In such little things, the care of a loving wife is manifested.

Eyes - the mirror of the soul13

Despite the banality of the phrase, the eyes really betray a woman in love. Her pupils are dilated. The expression in her eyes changes when she looks at her soul mate. It glows from the inside. This is noticeable not only to her boyfriend, but to all the people around her.

How girls love
How girls love

Women's love is varied, impulsive and emotional. Women do not love more, they just do it differently than the strong half of humanity. Men are more restrained, they try to prove by deeds, and not by words, they do not spread so much about the details of their personal lives.

This creates the illusion that they are less sensitive and weaker in love. In fact, due to the fact that men and women express their feelings in different ways, there are so many harmonious couples on Earth.

It is also worth knowing how to identify the signs of a woman's love! You can read about this in our article below the link.

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