Why Foreigners Love Russian Women. TOP-5 Reasons (PHOTOS)

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Why Foreigners Love Russian Women. TOP-5 Reasons (PHOTOS)
Why Foreigners Love Russian Women. TOP-5 Reasons (PHOTOS)
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Russian girl love
Russian girl love

So, this article will tell you about the features of such a wonderful phenomenon as the love of a Russian girl. Below we consider the specifics of the upbringing, formation and maturation of the beautiful half of humanity in the realities of Russian reality, their view of relationships, love and marriage.

The content of the article

  • 1 Childhood and learning the basics
  • 2 Adolescence and the first shoots of femininity
  • 3 Adolescence and the acquisition of the most important lessons
  • 4 The first love of a Russian girl and the holy confidence in her steadfastness
  • 5 Specificity of perception of relations
  • 6 "And there is a hole in the old woman"
  • 7 How to get the love of a Russian girl?
  • 8 How not to lose the love of a Russian girl?

Childhood and learning the basics

As a country with a predominantly traditional institution of marriage, Russia provides all the opportunities for a woman to become a mother and spouse from young nails to old gray hairs. As soon as a girl takes the first steps towards socialization, she receives a number of advantages.

Whether unfortunately, fortunately, but the tendencies actively propagated by our sworn friends overseas and in Europe have not reached the majority of Russian institutions - and therefore children from the very nursery are brought up according to gender - dolls for girls, cars for boys, and they try to suppress the opposite in measure of strength. Therefore, from childhood, Russian girls begin to get acquainted with the role of mothers, as boys learn the role of hard workers and defenders.

And home education adheres to the same postulates that the parents of the parents adhered to - the mother fosters girls, teaching them to maintain order and comfort at home, introducing them to the basics of cooking, creating in the developing consciousness of the child a stable image of a woman primarily as a mistress and keeper of the hearth.

Adolescence and the first shoots of femininity2

Having entered the elementary grades of school with the already existing baggage of certain attitudes, the girl soon begins to understand that all the awkward boyish attacks are just an inept manifestation of attention to her and a desire to draw her attention to herself. This realization comes through childhood resentment and tears, through mother's explanations, through the first reassessment of their views. Especially smart ones grasp the essence of what is happening on the fly and begin the first careful attempts at manipulation.

Later, when playing with mothers and daughters is already perceived not just as fiddling with a doll, but also as an opportunity to involve boys in games, the girl discovers that femininity is not a weakness, but a very powerful weapon, which, however, must be very skillfully used.

Then, bit by bit, receiving such a valuable life experience year after year, almost a girl, at the end of adolescence, learns the charm of first love, not love, and even more strongly feels the feminine principle in herself, all the more so because boys brought up in the same traditional style, relate to her with the reverence that the youth experiences at the moment of discovering feelings in himself, both similar, just as different in comparison with friendship.

Russians know how to love
Russians know how to love

Adolescence and the acquisition of the most important lessons3

Already the girl, having entered the time of her youth, plunges headlong into the sea of ​​new and unknown emotions. Like all adolescents, she considers herself already an adult and ready for anything, begins to neglect the advice of her mother, eager to help her.

It is here that the peculiarities of Russian upbringing are first manifested - once faced with the first rupture and the subsequent shock, she will not allow herself to be prolonged by suffering, but will endure it as steadily as possible. The mother's parting words, and the old signs of attention in the form of tattered braids, and the first relationship, more based on friendship than sympathy, will be remembered - and the totality of these memories will act as a lifeline for rapidly sinking self-confidence.

Household rationalism, absorbed with mother's milk, will not let you drown in a pool of self-pity, youthful disposition will quickly erase the traces of the first break, and hormones raging in the blood will push you to the next attempt.

The first love of a Russian girl and the holy confidence in her steadfastness4

Realizing that the previous attempt was not love at all, but rather an affair, “and in general I didn't like him,” at some point the girl meets Him.

about the love of a Russian girl
about the love of a Russian girl

Well, this is how she thinks that His is the only one, for life, and that's all. For the first time she feels not only sympathy, but also attraction, for the first time she knows the intoxicating veil of restrained passion. She is ripe enough to crave, if not intercourse, then foreplay, full of sensuality and desire.

During the same period, for the first time, she did not think playfully, but seriously about the family. She feels that she is ready, and youthful optimism obscures her eyes and makes any obstacles in her mind insignificant and easily overcome. She does not react to the mother's careful warnings about the danger that lies ahead, attributing everything to a misunderstanding. It should be noted that a young man - her chosen one - can have exactly the same thing in his soul.

However, only a vanishingly small part of such couples retains love and cultivates love from it, which will keep them warm for many years. Mostly, it is here that the girl is already faced with a real shock - the realization of shattered hopes, dreams and, most importantly, the very love in whose steadfastness she was sure, only aggravate the consequences. But for all the seeming nightmare of the incident at this stage, she goes through the first true tempering of character. Here youth breaks down and the first step into, in fact, adulthood takes place.

Specificity of perception of relations5

Above, the process of gaining valuable experience that a girl acquires on the path of her growing up was described.

what is so good about Russian wife
what is so good about Russian wife

It is worth noting that by the time she comes of age, she will more than likely retain her virginity - after all, her mother taught this, the age-old traditions of Russian culture say about this. So she perceives a relationship not as a way to get to know another man, but how to give him happiness and surround him with comfort.

All the time of her formation, she was instilled with the desire, first of all, for the role of a loving wife, caring mother, reliable hostess. The love of a Russian girl is a path of self-sacrifice, where the key is not so much personal happiness as the happiness of the family as a whole. On this path, she is ready to endure a lot, for if she does not find happiness in her husband, she will find it in children, in taking care of the household.

If the gentleman also surrounds her with care and tenderness, she will become a reliable support for him, ready to walk hand in hand with him through fire, water and copper pipes. Yes, in our days there are not many “wives of the Decembrists”, but, speaking in honor, and “Decembrists” today you will find fire with fire. The processes that took place in Russia in the 90s and early 2000s made their own changes in the thinking of people, putting enrichment at the forefront, which, in turn, entailed a change in the girls' outlook on relationships.

"And there is a hole in the old woman" 6

But not everything is so rosy and smooth. Not all girls were fortunate enough to walk the path of growing up smoothly.

Russian girl love
Russian girl love

Someone was unlucky with their parents, someone - with the experiences of the first unsuccessful steps, someone picked up bad thoughts and ideas in a bad company, someone set off into a blast, emerging from the yoke of too strict education, someone and he grew up as an orphan, someone was knocked down by various life troubles.

Unfortunately, no one is immune from such twists and turns of fate. Even more regretfully, not everyone has the strength to endure them without consequences. And if the "stars did not come together," then the girl, deceived in her expectations, goes into all the hard, becoming either extremely spiteful, or begins to look for lost happiness and missed opportunities at the bottom of the bottle, or leaves, as they say, "on hands" - and no longer with the aim of experiencing something new, but simply wanting to find meaning in this and, even if only momentary, but joy.

How to get the love of a Russian girl? 7

Anyone who decided to win her heart will have to work hard. And this path will not be easy.

She is kind, gentle and affectionate, but by no means available. She likes beautiful words and compliments - and she will be sincerely grateful to the gentleman for them - but she will not melt from them like the first snow under the sun. She likes gifts, but their price will not evoke a sincere response in her to the extent that especially valuable gifts will be completely rejected with the best wishes.

She appreciates deeds and actions - and does this on a subconscious level, evaluating them later.

traditional russian girls
traditional russian girls

She will like the generosity, but deliberately and not shown. The girl will greatly appreciate the beautiful and romantic surprise, which does not necessarily require at least one penny from the gentleman.

A cavalier will not be able to win her if he cannot find the thinnest line between persistence and obsession, because persistence will adorn him, but too ardent manifestation of her interest will cool her interest.

The lady will not be delighted at all if she finds out that the gentleman is looking only for intrigue. However, seeking it, the boyfriend can imperceptibly fall in love so much that when the time comes to “wash his hands”, he not only will not be able, but will not want to do it either.

She doesn't like extremes. Too “sugary” and “slick” monsieur will not win her heart towards his courtship. But a peasant overgrown with mud will not arouse even a grain of interest.

She loves to give joy to a gentleman. If he is cold and impartial as ice, in the end the girl will simply lose all interest in him.

Sometimes she needs bursts of emotion. It can be euphoric joy, heated argument, sizzling passion - but not always and not even often.

Russian girls in relationships
Russian girls in relationships

How not to lose the love of a Russian girl? 8

The long journey to the heart pays off very soon. The love of a Russian girl, her loyalty and reliability are incomparable. But, despite truly stoic patience, you can lose everything by making one single mistake.

She will not forgive betrayal. Yes, maybe she will stay with the gentleman, especially if they already have children. And taking care of their happiness will keep her from breaking apart. She will hold back once, twice, but after another failure she will simply leave - and then the spouse can forget everything that happened, because he will never be able to return.

She will not forgive insults, even spoken in the heat of the moment. She will remember them, but will not remind about it even once until the cup of patience is overflowing.

If a spouse or cohabitant is so stupid that he dares to seriously offend her child, he will not only lose everything he won, but will make himself a mortal enemy. The maternal instinct in a Russian woman is so strong that it can be compared with an animal - and this is the case when a comparison with an animal is fully appropriate.

She does not like lazy people. If the betrothed “beats his thumbs up” all day, in no way trying to correct this situation and not helping in the household, this will very rapidly reduce her interest to the point that she will either leave herself, or send such a “sloth away” away.

how Russian women love
how Russian women love

She doesn't like golden cages. If a spouse or boyfriend, even if providing her with absolutely everything, locks her in strictly outlined frames and, God forbid, forbids her to do at least some business, she will certainly get bored sooner or later, wilted, and then “fly away” from such a cage, because she needs to feel her own, however illusory, independence.

“There are women in Russian villages”

This is how Nekrasov's famous poem begins, where he describes a Russian woman raised in the provinces, far from the arts of cities. And in modern Russia, the situation has not changed significantly - except that the villages and villages have become smaller. But in the cities there are the same girls - strong in body, warm in soul and not afraid of the difficulties of everyday life. Their love, if the gentleman has already achieved it, is like a diamond - if it gets scratched - so only with a stronger love, and if it breaks, then it goes to dust.

It is impossible to describe how reliable such a friend, wife, mother is - she is not silent about problems, but speaks directly about them; anyhow does not lie under anyone, but if you decided to indulge in pleasures, then at least wear a firefighter suit so as not to burn yourself; not only loves, but protects and supports this love in the family and others.

Without a doubt - it seems impregnable, but behind the impregnable walls lies the "promised land".

She may seem too serious and even tough - but having cheered her up, her partner would seem to be under the sun - her smile will shine so much, and all the toughness will disappear with her.

Russian women in relationships
Russian women in relationships

She can be restrained, almost cold - but it is worth lighting a fire in her and it will not go out for many years.

Instead of Post Scriptum: It remains only to wish good luck and a lot of patience to those who decide to win the heart of a Russian girl - because this is the treasure for which it is not only worth fighting for, but also putting all efforts to preserve it after victory.

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