Who Made The Dating Site Mamba Change Its Name?

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Who Made The Dating Site Mamba Change Its Name?
Who Made The Dating Site Mamba Change Its Name?

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girl covers her mouth
girl covers her mouth

It turns out that sweets harm not only the figure.

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Sweets and Sitesi

Mamba is the largest Russian dating site. He managed to gain an impressive audience and a lot of loyal fans. Reviews of little-known and simply fraudulent resources are full of calls “throw this mess up and go to the mamba”, “they haven't come up with anything better than mambas anyway”, etc.

We must always go only forward, so the Mamba team decided to conquer the international market. Naturally, naturally, logical.

But few people know that in 2013 the site had a conflict with the manufacturer of gummies.

If you are over eighteen years old, you probably remember how a TV commercial with the slogan "Everyone loves a mamba!" Was played on TV. Of course, the ad was not about the site, but about gummies in brightly colored wrappers. Sugary taste with a little sourness - remember it?

The company bought up domains named mamba and refused to compromise. They can be understood - who got up first, that and the slippers.

But because of this, do not refuse to enter the international market, after all! It was urgent to come up with something. This "something" had to be different from "mamba" and at the same time completely copy the usual name.

So Mamba became Wamba. Even before entering the international arena, the site could well boast of an impressive number of foreign users. True, these were mainly Russian-speaking emigrants and residents of the former USSR.

They decided to start conquering the world with India. At that time, there were no resources in the country like Mamba, that is, using the freemium (free + premium) business model. Then they planned to conquer Brazil, South Africa, Turkey and other countries.

Russian users may not even have found out about what was happening. Mamba.ru continued its work, Russian users were not redirected to Wamba.ru.


Analysts thought it would be difficult for Mamba to compete with Badu.

This platform is currently the largest in the industry. In 2013, she was already a dangerous competitor.

Mamba representatives said they would use different methods. For example, in order to gain an audience, it was planned to temporarily give the site (and all earnings) into the hands of a major industry player. The option with direct traffic purchase was also considered.

Wamba predicted a long way to conquer the international market - from three to five years. Analysts did not rule out the possibility that the website's revenue abroad will surpass the Russian one.

Wamba dating site
Wamba dating site


  • At the moment, the audience of the site is more than forty million users.
  • The site has a People Nearby function that shows how far handsome men and women are from the user.
  • More than eleven thousand "streams" - live broadcasts are carried out per day.
  • The site has official apps in GooglePlay and AppStore.
  • Mamba is used in more than fifty countries of the world.
  • Mamba has more than fifty thousand partner sites.
  • Several million people are constantly online. The exact number of users can be found on the website itself in the "About us" section.
  • The app is downloaded more than one million times a month.
  • There are more than two million matches per day.
  • More than seventy thousand photos are uploaded by users daily.
  • More than twenty thousand new users register every day.

The results speak for themselves.

A rose smells like a rose, even call it a rose or not. Having decided to enter the international market, the Mamba team definitely made the right decision.

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