Why Don't Guys Meet Girls - Fear Or Indifference?

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Why Don't Guys Meet Girls - Fear Or Indifference?
Why Don't Guys Meet Girls - Fear Or Indifference?

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If you think this way, why there are a lot of lonely people in society, then one might ask - why, in fact, is this happening? Why do a lot of single guys and girls just walk past each other, and don't even think about getting to know each other, chatting, maybe even later have a family and children. All this is a very deep topic that requires a detailed analysis, in general, then this analysis will be carried out. However, the main question here is why? Guys don't meet girls on the street, on social media, at work or school for various reasons.

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  • 1 She is not a bird of my flight
  • 2 She is already occupied by someone
  • 3 Scoopers
  • 4 Will change
  • 5 Arrogance
  • 6 Strong relationships
  • 7 Self-doubt
  • 8 One must live like this

She is not a bird of my flight_8212

The first reason, by the way quite banal, is the thought that the girl you like is too beautiful. And the rejection of such a young lady will be a serious blow to pride. Therefore, often, when a man noticed a beauty, he is in no hurry to get to know her. The matter is complicated when it comes to falling in love, constant thoughts about what would happen if … This depressing much more than thoughts about the desired girl.

She is already occupied by someone

Do you mean busy? Is she a seat on a trolley bus? Thoughts that a beautiful girl should be automatically busy often do not receive confirmation. Even if she is busy, then you can go up to meet and talk without the goal of building further relationships. Just satisfy your desire, if you liked it - come. What will a person lose from this? Never mind.

Overcoming your fear is a truly masculine act that a girl will definitely appreciate. And the guy can move. Maybe she no longer loves her boyfriend, but with him because of her usual affection. In general, the risk is always worth it.


If a girl is beautifully and expensively dressed, her hair is well-groomed, her body is toned, and her face shines with a beautiful smile, then this can frighten many men. Allegedly, you can't save enough money for such, and in general she is a decorated fifa, probably, she does not know how to do anything around the house and her head is empty. No, it is bad to judge preconceived, therefore it is necessary to abandon such views. And to pull yourself together, come up and in the course of the conversation already draw some conclusions. Appearances are deceiving, as they say.

indifference to girls
indifference to girls

Will change3

Here's how you can objectively say whether a woman will cheat? No way, because infidelity often happens by accident or when the girl is against it. However, some men, looking at the behavior of a girl, can make such a conclusion, this is most often due to the fact that the girl communicates well with other men, maybe even flirts in front of everyone. This generates such thoughts in the male brain.


It is not uncommon for men to fear that the girl will suddenly be too arrogant. This can be shown by her behavior, manner of speech. The male ego can hardly stand an arrogant woman, and who loves such people? There are probably very few such people.

Arrogance can be manifested even at the beginning of communication, when a man said “hello” to a girl, and she simply ignored him. Yes, maybe she's in a bad mood. But the rules of good manners say that in case of unwillingness to communicate, you can simply refuse a man and that's it. And people don't like ignoring. At all.

Strong relationship5

Okay, in general it is clear what happens in the minds of men when they see a beautiful girl. Refusal on the part of the girl hits the male pride. There is also a moment related to public opinion. The bottom line is, what will people think if a girl refuses a man in front of everyone? They'll probably think he's a failure. It also oppresses men.

relationship fear
relationship fear

Is the opinion of all these people important at all? Objectively, no. These are just people, their opinions are not true. Strong relationships are usually established between people with common interests. These can be colleagues at work, classmates at the university, and so on. This is understandable, but acquaintance from scratch is always accompanied by great effort.


The problem with many men is that they are insecure. It can come from childhood, or it can be acquired during life. In any case, we must get rid of this. Girls like self-confident guys, maybe even rude ones somewhere, but that's a fact. The main thing is not to overdo it with self-confidence, as it can look like arrogance. Self-confident means brave and knowing what he wants, with such a man a girl can feel safe, as if behind a stone wall.

One must live like this7

So that there is no shame for the years spent aimlessly … At the end of life, many will think about what they did not do, but so wanted. Therefore, if you liked a beautiful girl, it is better to take a chance and try to do something, rather than reproach yourself later. The question of why guys don't get to know girls is very relevant and needs to be brought up for review.

the guy is afraid of women
the guy is afraid of women

To meet, to communicate, to fall in love is all so beautiful, it is impossible that someone would not feel this in their life. The world belongs to you, as the hero from one great movie said, and it really is. One should not be afraid to live, one should be afraid to live a meaningless life.

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