How To Communicate With A Girl Correctly? 15 Tips For Guys

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How To Communicate With A Girl Correctly? 15 Tips For Guys
How To Communicate With A Girl Correctly? 15 Tips For Guys

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girl in paint
girl in paint

A successful acquaintance is the key to long-term communication and love relationships. When young people like each other, it is sometimes difficult to take the first step and start communicating. But having the secrets of acquaintance, the guy can easily overcome the barrier of uncertainty and tie skillful communication with the girl.

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  • 1 Common friends
  • 2 Internet for help
  • 3 Personal information
  • 4 First signs of attention
  • 5 What not to say
  • 6 Unpleasant interlocutor
  • 7 I am to you with all … body
  • 8 Seduce and conquer
  • 9 Male lead
  • 10 Suitable leisure activities
  • 11 Romantic acts
  • 12 Real kid
  • 13 Bunny is a coward
  • 14 Attention to yourself
  • 15 First steps
  • 16 Continue chat

Common friends

The emerging sympathy serves as a reason for acquaintance and the desire for communication. When a guy or a girl likes an interesting object, they think over further courses of action. To strike up a conversation with a subject of passion is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Hands are shaking, palms are sweating, and not a single clever thought comes into my head.

Confident macho and popular beauty become embarrassed snobs, trying to take the first step towards a secret heart friend. In such a situation, mutual acquaintances and friends can help. They gather in a company, invite an unfamiliar couple and introduce them to each other. A non-coercive conversation is struck, and further actions depend on the situation.

Internet help2

The secret of dating is simple with the Internet. A popular way for young people to communicate is through messages, through a social network. A guy and a girl understand when they are interested in the opposite sex. Usually, the sympathy that has arisen leads to the following actions:

  • Likes appear from the same person.
  • Pleasant comments and compliments appear under the photo.
  • Delighted "gifts" and postcards come: "Handsome!", "Gorgeous woman!", "Awesome guy", "Gentle princess". Such attention will not leave your opponent indifferent.
  • Following the first flashes of sympathy, the first active steps appear. The long-awaited message comes: "Hello!"

If the guy managed to charm the young lady. She will readily respond to the desire to communicate. Or will respond out of boredom. In any case: the young man has a chance and should not be missed!

acquaintance with the beauty
acquaintance with the beauty

Personal information3

Little secrets of dating will help to establish communication with the woman of interest. When trying to wake up someone on the Internet, it is important to remember the following:

  • Find out as much information as possible about the subject of adoration. Marital status, age, presence of children, occupation. At the first meeting, one of the factors that surfaced may affect the further course of events. Better to insure yourself in advance and dig up more personal data.
  • Do not send the first messages at night or earlier in the morning. Especially if the man is not sure that the woman is free. The hostess's sleepy angry voice will not be inclined to pleasant dialogue.

Spying on a girl is also not worth it. She will not be delighted with the figure of a stranger hiding around the corner of a house or hiding under a balcony. It is worth showing the maximum of cunning and wisdom, trying to find out something about the life of your beloved.

the secret of dating beauties
the secret of dating beauties

First signs of attention4

When starting a dialogue on the Internet, it is worth considering the line of the conversation in advance. Banal questions: “How are you? What are you doing? “Received from a stranger will not lead to success. What can a girl answer to this who does not really know the interlocutor? A little dating secret is to catch your opponent's mood and be interested in his life.

You can ask: “What are your hobbies? What qualities do you like in men? " It is better to immediately explain to the girl that with her magnificent appearance she knocked the guy outright. He wants to get to know the beautiful girl better in order to admire her inner beauty.

Beautiful compliments will not leave a girl indifferent. Any pleasant phrases addressed to you will direct the young lady's interest to a stranger. Nice name, hairstyle, face … You can be surprised at the age, if appropriate. But don't overplay. If a woman is forty-five, she will not look twenty-five, no matter how berry she is. But the blooming look, charm and charm are fully revealed in any year.

What is not worth saying5

The secrets of dating should gradually open the curtain on the personality of a stranger who wants to strike up a conversation with a girl. You can't be annoying and boring. Such types repel ladies even with the most attractive appearance.

rules for dating beautiful girls
rules for dating beautiful girls

No need to whine about your loneliness, about a former witch who spoiled the nerves and the best years of a young man's life. There is no need to pretend to be Casanova - a ladies' man, asking a new acquaintance about the presence of "pretty girlfriends", or to boast of their victories in the field of love.

No matter how golden the mother is, you should not overly admire the parent. The girl will think that in front of her is a typical mama's son.

An unpleasant companion6

It speaks about the upbringing and worldview of a person. Swearing words, spelling mistakes, vulgarity and outright questions represent a man of little education, uncivilized and obsessed with sex.

Even if the main goal of a man when meeting is a partner for sexual relations, you should not immediately emphasize this topic. Concerned young people around a dime a dozen, and the woman will happily "banned" another contender for her intimacy.

meet a beautiful girl
meet a beautiful girl

I am to you with all … body7

Impressing an unfamiliar beauty is the number one task in dating secrets. But men do not always understand correctly how to do this. They want to show off their gorgeous body, active and big "handsome junior" and send the girls candid photos.

Naked photos have become classics when meeting through social networks. Young people do not have time to strike up a conversation, as the man grabs the camera, takes off his pants and happily sends a photograph to the addressee. In most cases, the young lady deletes the correspondence and throws the guy on the “black list”.

Do not throw intimate pictures. If the acquaintance is successful, the young lady will be able to see from personal experience what advantages the new partner possesses.

Seduce and conquer8

Unfortunately, girls who want to meet a man also resort to such mistakes. They send pictures in their underwear, as if they have no other virtues besides bodily charms.

beautiful girl
beautiful girl

Frivolous stallions happily peck at the bait, and serious young people begin to ignore the passionate madam. If they are looking for the right girl for a serious relationship, this way of dating is not to their liking.

The leading role of a man9

Active young ladies who want to take the first step towards communicating with a guy must have time to hand over the "Olympic torch" in time. The first message, likes and comments are acceptable from the fair sex, but after that you need to wait for a pause.

If a guy is interested in a girl, he will take the initiative and continue to communicate. The stranger's apathetic mood speaks of his unwillingness to start a relationship with a woman.

Suitable leisure10

Among the secrets of dating, the place where young people meet is of great importance. It is much more convenient and easier to strike up a conversation at a resort or in places of entertainment, where everyone is eager for communication and new experiences.

how to communicate with beauties
how to communicate with beauties

In a cafe, club or restaurant, a girl or a guy can invite an object of sympathy to a slow dance and start a casual conversation. The man offers to take the lady home. Or a woman invites you for a cup of coffee. In the absence of a dancing part, a man can invite a pretty young lady to his table, or offer some kind of treat. In case of persistent refusal, you need to politely smile and lag behind the young lady.

Modern women are trying to adopt the line of behavior of independent men and also offer the guy a cocktail at their own expense. A normal man will refuse such an offer, considering it humiliating.

Not knowing how to attract a man to communicate, a girl may ask the gentleman to take her home. Perhaps this option will help strangers to get to know and get closer.

Romantic acts11

Men and women have been dating for centuries without possessing any dating secrets. Representatives of the stronger sex are reputed to be more active individuals, pestering the beautiful lady with pressure so that she at least honors them with her gaze.

how to conquer a beautiful girl
how to conquer a beautiful girl

Serenades under the window and bouquets of roses played an important role in conquering the subject of passion. In the modern world, guys have stopped making loud deeds. And it was done in vain. The girl will certainly be impressed by a bold and active gentleman who will not hesitate to give flowers on the street and offer to meet. Women are impressed by brave and courageous men.

Real kid12

In order for communication on the street or in public places to be successful, it is necessary to remember what kind of oversights should not be allowed.

Option one. A cheeky look, gum, a businesslike gait, a shoulder-width stand and a daring, undressing look. Here he is - Vovan, the storm of local girls. Now a beauty, he will defeat you with his charm and courage.

The guy familiarly adjusts the collar of the stranger's coat, admires the intimate details of the figure at the top of his voice, uses jargon, offering to communicate better. The girl frowns, is embarrassed, or turns away with annoyance. She dislikes the impudent tipok who unceremoniously flaunts in front of her eyes. Perhaps, at heart, the guy is a simple and romantic soul, but his demonstrative efficiency clearly repels the weaker sex.

acquaintance and communication with a beauty
acquaintance and communication with a beauty

Bunny - Coward_8212

Option two, unsuccessful. A young man timidly approaches a pretty lady and, shifting from foot to foot, piteously babbles the words of greeting. His voice is quiet and uncertain, and his eyes concealed the fear of the poor student Kurochkin before the teacher during the lesson.

Now she will answer with a refusal! How will storm, thunder and terrible thunder break out! Lightning will pierce the globe from one end of the world to the other! … Why, she is silent, will she really drive me away ?!

Men overemphasize rejection of women. They magnify fears and insecurities in front of her. They should remember that the worst thing that can happen when meeting a girl is her refusal.

She may say no, but the world will not collapse on this. The sun will also shine, the birds will sing, and he will remain the same charming handsome man who, only, did not suit anyone's taste. Or it was not considered carefully by a stranger.

communication and acquaintance with beautiful girls
communication and acquaintance with beautiful girls

Attention to yourself13

One of the secrets of dating is, first of all, the appearance of a man. Who would like a bum in a battered and wrinkled shirt with a stinking fume, sour eyes and unshaven stubble? When considering a plan for the first conversation with a pretty young lady, a guy should carefully prepare.

Wash, shave, comb your hair (in some cases, cut your hair), brush your teeth, wear neat clothes and use deodorant. Yes, yes, as if going on the first bell in September. You should not resort to excesses and put on a ceremonial suit. A clean T-shirt and tidy jeans are fine.

First Steps14

Fresh breath makes it easier to understand, as popular advertisements say. A second before you meet, you can chew gum, but you shouldn't have a dialogue with it. Better to spit out the refreshing element beforehand. Not in front of a girl, of course.

When approaching a girl, you should pay attention to her mood. If it is angry or gloomy, then it is better to move the acquaintance to another suitable moment. If a girl is crying, it is worth asking her and offering help.

secrets of communication with beauties
secrets of communication with beauties

You can start a conversation with a light compliment. It is important to pay attention to the girl's dignity without inventing unnecessary facts. A chubby beauty will not be pleased with the phrase about "slender figure". It is better to focus on the existing advantages of the beauty's appearance.

Continue chat15

The secret of acquaintance is the appropriate line of behavior for a man. Observing the woman's mood, he competently builds the thread of the dialogue. If the compliment was accepted with a smile and pleasure, you can move on to unobtrusive questions.

Ask about the mood, business, start a casual conversation. Don't ask a date right away. It is necessary that the girl has time to become interested in the young man. An entertaining conversation will help tune the young lady to herself.

You can arrange the next meeting in the afternoon. For the first time. Subsequently, if the couple show mutual sympathy, it is worth exchanging phones and getting ready for a date. Patience, a smile, charm and sincere interest will help you get to know each other and find your love.

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