How To Marry A Rich Man? Effective Tips

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How To Marry A Rich Man? Effective Tips
How To Marry A Rich Man? Effective Tips

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marry a rich man
marry a rich man

If you grew up in a poor family or faced in your life with many problems that you could not solve due to your lack of money, you probably have a thought in your head: I want to marry a rich man and start living differently. Every girl wants to meet and love the man of her dreams, who will cover her from the hardships of life.

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  • 2 What girls do rich men like
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  • 5 industriousness
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In this case, the chosen one must be rich and generous. Sometimes it takes years to find him, and then the very meeting takes place that you did not expect. But a long wait is not always good for us, because we are getting old, and men are always looking for those who are younger. So what does a girl need to do to meet a rich man faster?

I want to marry a rich man, but I don’t know where to find him

“I want to successfully marry a rich man, but he still doesn’t meet me” - you are upset. Perhaps the whole point is that you are looking for it in the wrong place. It is difficult to find rich and free men, but it is possible. Let's think about where to find them.

Rich people have a different life than ordinary people. Those who have a lot of money usually live in separate districts where guarded cottage settlements or modern multi-storey complexes with a closed yard, security and concierges at the entrance have been built for them. All housework for them is usually done by hired employees. They do not go to ordinary cafes, but go to an expensive restaurant or club. Just like that, walking down the street you rarely meet them, because if they walk in public places, then they are not often. Basically, on their weekends they go to some closed recreation center or go on a weekend to London or Paris. The rich enjoy special privileges, and therefore fly in business class aircraft. Do not forget that a large concentration of rich men can be found on financial exchanges, forums, presentations,at government meetings and in the Duma.

And now you might have been upset after reading these lines. “After all, I don’t go to such places,” you thought. Now let's think about where else you can meet rich people. One of the main meeting places for rich and famous people is the Internet. This is the place where you can find people with different interests and income levels. Millionaires can be found there too. There are 3 options for finding a rich man on the Internet:

  • on dating sites where rich men are looking for kept women or girlfriends;
  • on their own blogs;
  • on men's forums dedicated to business projects, expensive cars and equipment.

If in the first case you immediately reveal your plans to a man, then you should behave differently in blogs and forums. There you must arouse interest in yourself with your intellect. Make friends with a man first, and then think about a romantic date with him.

What girls are for rich men
What girls are for rich men

What kind of girls do rich men like?

To meet a rich man, and then interest him, you need to thoroughly prepare for this meeting. After all, every second will be precious to you. According to scientists, we form an impression of ourselves in other people in the first 5 seconds of our visual contact and communication with them. Yes, of course you have to work on yourself, but the result of your efforts, to which you want to come, is worth it. And now, the basic qualities of women that are attracted to rich men.


Take care of yourself, visit various beauty salons, sports clubs to meet a man fully armed. Look for quality clothing that looks good on you and highlights your figure. Do not forget about shoes with heels, but not on ice, but when it is appropriate.

Men, especially if he is rich, visually pay attention only to beautiful girls. When they look at them, they immediately imagine them in bed. If a girl turns out to be not only beautiful, but also temperamental, playful, there is a high probability that such a relationship will not be limited to one date. But no matter how attractive and good the girl is in bed, there is no certainty that she will not be overshadowed by some other rival. Therefore, you need to look for additional qualities in yourself and present them to a man.

A rich man is a dream
A rich man is a dream

Delight and listening skills4

Men like girls who appreciate their attention. To play a cold bitch out of yourself does not suit you, it is better to give him your smile. The partner looks you in the eye, and if in your gaze you can read happiness from the fact that he chose you. Your admiring look will not leave him indifferent and he will be ready to reveal to you a piece of his rich and luxurious life. For example, you go on a romantic journey with him, and what will happen next will become clear over time.

If a man, when meeting you, entered into a conversation, try not to disappoint him.

Above all, take a keen interest in whatever he says. Don't just nod your head or agree with him, but ask him questions about the topic. Do not interrupt him or move the conversation to another topic if he is saying something. Be sure to smile and laugh at all his jokes. There is a category of questions that you shouldn't ask a rich man. Do not ask about his income, property, so as not to show yourself as a mercantile person. At a restaurant, invite him to split the bill in half. As soon as the man talks to you about his hobbies and hobbies, portray a storm of excitement. Say that you have the same hobbies, but do not fall for the lie if he decides to check it out.

Where to meet a rich man
Where to meet a rich man


Men respect those women who make a living on their own. Even if you have the smallest salary, it is always better than nothing. And also tell him about your work, but only something boring and interesting, and he will listen to you with pleasure. It would be very nice if your mutual interests intersected not only in bed, but also at work. Especially if you work in the same area with him, but so far you are only on the way to success, and he has already reached a high position and can make you his protégé. When people have a lot of common themes, it is difficult to break off relations with this person, and there is no need, because you can always remain friends.


Be patient and understanding when dealing with rich men. For example, your first date went well and the man promised to meet with you again, but he called and said that he was postponing the meeting because he had important things to do. Someone will outrage this behavior, some will even want to express their indignation to a man, but you cannot behave like this with rich men.

If you want a rich husband, you have to accept his lifestyle, and rich men are constantly in a hurry somewhere, they can really have unplanned meetings. Where a lot of capital is spinning, a man constantly needs to be on the alert. A wise woman understands this and wins in the fight for a rich man. Respect yourself and your man, do not make scenes of jealousy, do not make claims to him about this. Then your chances of a serious relationship with him will increase significantly.

Rich husband
Rich husband

You never know exactly where your love will meet you, so always be the girl who is pleasant to others. Life is full of various surprises: sometimes a millionaire may appear to you in a poor man's costume, and a fairy tale about Cinderella may come true. Don't worry about a millionaire not looking at you just because you don't fit his social status. This is absolutely not the case. A man already has everything that you still only dream of. First of all, a lonely successful man needs an attractive and understanding woman nearby, and everything else will follow over time.

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