Blurred Boundaries Of Relationships In The Future: Network Love, Polygamy, Gender Confusion

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Blurred Boundaries Of Relationships In The Future: Network Love, Polygamy, Gender Confusion
Blurred Boundaries Of Relationships In The Future: Network Love, Polygamy, Gender Confusion
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It is worth looking at the rapid development of technology and the shift in views on the diversity of sexual communications - and even a reader far from all this will understand that the relationship of the future is a topic not only relevant, but almost commensurate with the most pressing problems of our time. This article is sent straight to the ocean of futurism to find out the answer to the question - what awaits the bonds of all varieties in the coming summer?

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  • 1 Network love
  • 2 Digital lawlessness and permissiveness
  • 3 When your partner is just a doll!
  • 4 When the rainbow is no longer enough or gender palette
  • 5 "If I were a sultan, I would have three wives"
  • 6 Return to the roots
  • 7 What's next?
  • 8 "Do what you must - and come what may"

Network lovei

The very closest, in fact, and, speaking to be honest, a completely onset phenomenon. Social networks, busy employment, and an ever faster pace of life are pushing people to form connections, often not supported by any real communication. In other words, two people can communicate on the network for many years, but never see each other in the real world.

It is especially noteworthy that this kind of relationship can be quite sensual and even have a kind of sexual contact - in the form of text or voice virtual sex, accompanied by masturbation. As a rule, however, network love remains predominantly platonic, built on the similarity of interests, views, worldview and awareness of the existence of a “friend” who is ready to listen almost always.

However, this type of amicable relationship is short-lived and sooner or later will certainly fade away or go into the category of just friendly communication.

Digital lawlessness and permissiveness2

Virtual helmets, augmented reality glasses and smartphones have opened up new horizons for lovers of, to put it mildly, not entirely normal entertainment. Actually, the main obstacle is the still small size of the target audience and the illegality of certain preferences in developed countries, otherwise the leading producers of the media world would already rivet content with overly young girls and boys, snuff and other excessively perverted content, because demand creates supply.

But for now, it is worth noting especially - for now! - the target audience is still too small, which makes it possible not to take it into account when developing and creating erotic materials. However, one should not forget about the land of the rising sun - hentai of all shapes and colors is available and capable of satisfying any perverse requests. Moreover, it is so much easier to draw and assemble it, how much more difficult it is to track and legally restrict its production.

Be that as it may, all this digital madness affects generally unfavorably on such an institution of relationships, since an individual with serious deviations in preferences is more interested in living in a world of virtual permissiveness and debauchery. On the other hand, it is perhaps for the best.

When your partner is just a doll! __8212

Yes Yes exactly. No quotes. Literally and literally. The future is here and it can be ordered - for the price of a new car, but you can. And the realism of such toys for adults, as well as their popularity is only growing. After investing once, the customer gets a full-size partner, tireless, ready for anything and always, capable of emitting voluptuous groans and so reliable that the Kalashnikov assault rifle is the most capricious mechanism compared to it.

Future relationships
Future relationships

In addition to all of the above, this partner is also an excellent listener. The only thing is that in current times these dolls still do not know how to walk and give birth. But, looking into the not so distant future, it is not difficult to guess how soon neural networks, capacious batteries and miniature servos will reach the required level of development to be integrated into such a doll, not only without the slightest loss of the functionality of the latter, but also expanding it.

With childbirth, things are not so fast, but in the 21st century they have already created an artificial uterus, albeit capable at the moment only of supporting the development of premature lambs from the middle of the gestation period, but the use of such systems by people for people is no longer a matter of opportunity, but of time.

Thus, the traditional couple in the face of a man and a woman can, and in some places is already losing its attractiveness, fortunately, very slowly so far.

When the rainbow is no longer enough or gender palette3

The gender diversity of the United States, which has not yet reached the post-Soviet space and not even the whole of Europe, can strike an unprepared person. The times when six colors of the “LGBT rainbow” (because without blue) were enough are long gone. And the very abbreviation LGBT long ago acquired a plus sign at the end, in order to hide under it a whole lot of “genders” invented in the last decade in search of sexual self-determination. There are no longer lesbians, gays, bi- and transsexuals, but a whole bunch of queer, pan-, a- and even more transgender people, including those mentioned earlier.

Future relationships
Future relationships

For the reader, most likely brought up in the realities of one of the CIS countries and the former union, all this may seem strange, but such is the reality of those who call themselves intersex, third wave feminists (as well as a huge number of their subgroups) and fighters for social justice.

Strictly speaking, such couples are not only possible, but also successfully coexist with normal … more traditionally brought up people. And yet, this kind of civil or official family, as a rule, is not able to reproduce their own offspring without resorting to the help of surrogate mothers or the adoption procedure. It is difficult to say how pernicious such relationships are due to the differences in the mass of circumstances and mentality - but they definitely do not have a positive effect on classical relationships, although, in many ways, they are similar to them.

"If I were a sultan, I would have three wives" 4

The Soviet actor and humorist Nikulin discussed this topic in the old film "Prisoner of the Caucasus". And absolutely rightly noticed both the main advantages and equally important disadvantages of polygamy. Before considering this phenomenon in more detail, it must be said that in a number of regions of the eastern countries there is also polyandry, caused not so much by the lady's insatiability as by the harsh vital and economic necessity.

How relationships will develop in the future
How relationships will develop in the future

Be that as it may, polygamy is the closest to the standard type of cohabitation and marriage. Given the floating ratio between the fairer and stronger sex, as well as the centuries-old history of the periodic use of polygamy and polyandry, it is possible that polygyny or polyandry will take its place in society, but, most likely, no longer out of necessity, but simply for the very fact of accessibility.

Back to the roots 5

But how will everything turn out if the situation with the relations of the future takes a radically opposite turn to diversity? What will happen if humanity returns to its roots and traditional marriage and classical interactions between a man and a woman begin to rule the ball - without any reservations or amendments?

Well, for humans, as a species, this will become the most advantageous strategy when the planet's population begins to grow at a faster rate than it is now, forcing them to look not only for new places to settle, but also to develop previously inaccessible environments, for example, the depths of the oceans. All this will give a certain impetus to science and industry, will compel more actively to develop the social sphere of life, and will raise the value of the family to the level of previous times.

What will be the relationship in the future
What will be the relationship in the future

Regarding the variety of sexual contacts in such a society, the opinion is likely to be established about their viciousness and condemnation of deviations from the generally accepted norm.

What's next? 6

So the time has come to look into the coming centuries so far that any confident statement still remains only an assumption and a hypothesis. When (and “if”) humanity enters deep space and begins to explore other worlds, the issue of relationships will move to a completely different level. And we are talking here not only about the interaction between the team members of some spacecraft plowing the vastness of the abyss outside our blue ball, but also about the relationship of the colonists both with each other and with the “earthlings”.

Scientists have already touched on this topic - here and the book "Return from the Stars" by Lem, and the notorious film "Interstellar" by Nolan, and the lesser known movie "Space Between Us" by Albanis and many others like them, playing on the situation with the interaction of colonists or researchers with those who did not leave the Earth.

The main obstacles to this kind of communication between the children of the Earth are both the spatio-temporal features of movement at near-light speeds, and the difference in living conditions. For example, a person who grew up on Mars, even under a dome, will feel extremely uncomfortable on Earth simply because of his inability to adapt to local gravity, and his earthly partner, unwittingly, is easily capable of crippling or causing a lot of pain - again for the reason a force disproportionately greater than enough to survive under conditions of weaker attraction. The same will apply to an earthling in relations with a person who has arrived from a planet where gravity is stronger than that of the earth.

Love relationships in the future
Love relationships in the future

It is interesting that in the conditions of such a settlement, humanity will actually break into several subspecies, thereby giving rise, no matter how funny it may sound, aliens. It is also interesting that after several generations, with a particularly sensitive difference in living conditions, a pair of a colonist and an earthling will turn out to be completely incapable of reproduction. In this case, the very institution of both marriage and sexual contacts is likely to be transformed and broken up into many components - isolated for each specific human society.

Well, here on Earth, the first successful researchers of engines that allow reaching near-light speeds will be extremely surprised at the changes that have occurred in a short time for them, but a huge time for earthlings. Along with this, they may learn, for example, that the model of interaction "man-woman" has changed so much that from now on there will be no place for the returnee in such a society without long and persistent adaptation.

"Do as you must - and come what may" __8212-2

Such parting words were given to Sir Nigel Loring in the book by Conan Doyle. I must admit that this is exactly what will help get rid of fears and worries about future relationships. No matter how the history of mankind goes, no matter what happens in the coming years, decades, centuries, millennia - this will only happen and it is not given to man to see so far ahead. That is why it is better to live here and now, to enjoy communication with the most real, living and real people.

How relationships will develop in the future
How relationships will develop in the future

Online friends, virtual reality and dolls, no matter how realistic it may seem, will not replace the warm body of a partner with whom you can merge in the voluptuousness of unrestrained sex, talk at the end of intercourse and be sure that the answers are not programmed, and the groans of pleasure were absolutely sincere …

So you need to seize the moment, catch luck and opportunities by the tail, and in matters of relationships, no matter how serious they are, live in the present, looking ahead for the minimum necessary time, and not build fantasies about those times when you don't have to try to to achieve a maiden or to fool a youngster, but carelessly buy an ultra-modern doll or immerse your mind on a journey through the world of drawn or digital slaves.

Yes, this is all great entertainment, which, like any toy, becomes boring and tiresome with its immutability. A person, in spite of a whole brood of "cockroaches" in his head, changes and can think not only according to a pre-written algorithm. It is undeniable that in such a relationship it can be difficult, unusual and at times unpleasant - but this is what makes them wonderful, because "everything that does not kill makes us stronger."

Future relationships
Future relationships

Objectively looking at almost any misunderstanding with your partner, and even more so looking at it after some time, it is easy to find deep within yourself satisfaction with the chaotic nature of what is happening, so characteristic of live communication.

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