How To Understand That A Girl Is Cheating - The Main Signs

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How To Understand That A Girl Is Cheating - The Main Signs
How To Understand That A Girl Is Cheating - The Main Signs

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In every relationship, there are moments when former trust begins to be lost. For long hours, people can be tormented by doubts, trying to understand what caused these changes. Sooner or later. serious suspicions creep into your head, and it begins to seem that there is more than just a quarrel between you. So whether to check a girl for loyalty how to determine that she is cheating on you?

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  • 1 She communicates less with “yours”
  • 2 She began to devote too much time to self-development
  • 3 Schedule problems
  • 4 She lost interest in the unexpected

How do you understand that all this is happening not only in your head? Standard methods like “She comes home from work or school later” or “She takes more care of herself” are not the best helpers in this situation. And although, at times they can become the first swallows, denoting an impending thunderstorm, you should not be paranoid, winding yourself up on the first occasion. Well, in order to dispel the doubts that are already rooted inside, try to believe the girl for the signs indicated in this article.

She communicates less with “your” i

Relationships aren't just about sex and living in the same apartment. In order for your union to endure for many years, you need to look not only at each other, but also in one direction. And it's not only about joint hobbies, a knitting club, tennis on Thursdays and joint cooking - all this is very great, but her attitude towards joint friends and your family is much more important. And it's not at all that she should like everything that relates to you.

Friends with whom a person is able to communicate for many years or a family with whom a long relationship is maintained speak more about a person than himself. A long-term relationship is more than a collection of topics for conversation and common places for gatherings. First of all, it is a similar view of the world.

Yes, you can love different books and films, you can root for rival sports teams or hold opposing political views, but it is difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who loathes you over the years. Deteriorating relationships with people close to you are a sign of upcoming changes and a reason to take a closer look at her life.

She began to devote too much time to self-development 2

No, it's not about the new English courses or the fact that she now reads more before bed. At some point in a relationship, one of you always goes ahead. People were able to send rockets into space only because of their desire for development. And maybe she doesn't need a street or a new chemical element to be named after her, but stagnation in relationships is often associated with stagnation within herself.

How to understand that a girl is cheating
How to understand that a girl is cheating

Just as you have changed and grown, she has changed and grown. Perhaps she became more confident, perhaps softer. But are you keeping up with its growth rate? Or maybe she is overtaking you? When the things that you both once liked start to seem stupid or “not serious” to her, and your lifestyle is constantly attacked, it is worth considering: is her development a consequence of natural personal growth, or is someone helping her in this other?

Schedule problems3

People don't tend to change their habits. Sometimes there are unplanned delays at work or school, sometimes you want to spend more time with your friends, and that's okay. This is not yet a reason for jealousy. However, if she suddenly changes her attitude towards time, it is worth taking a closer look, maybe someone else has taken your place in her schedule?

Previously, she could be sudden and impulsive, not planning anything, and allowing any accidents to change plans for the day, but now she suddenly began to always know where she would be on the coming Friday. Or maybe the opposite. Your precisely scheduled life has turned into a set of chaotic events in which she never has time for you, and she really does not really know why.

It is difficult to single out a specific set of signs here, each person is individual, but who knows a loved one better than yourself? Changes in her schedule for no apparent reason are always weird and one of the best ways to test a girl for loyalty.

She lost interest in the unexpected4

All of the above indicates that something has definitely changed in your relationship. But people will change, just go up to your parents and ask if they were the same ten years ago. And even small relationship problems are not yet a sign of infidelity. She may spend less time with you or act weird and reckless, but that's okay. That's what people are people to do stupid things all the time.

There are times in every relationship when you are especially close. Usually, these are pleasant surprises that you give each other. It can be both an expensive gift, and simply about coming home early from work and cooking dinner together. And no, you should not sound the alarm if she once ignored such efforts, however, if this began to happen all the time, and the past moments of intimacy only began to hurt both of you, you should take a closer look at your relationship.

When girls cheat
When girls cheat

“Relationship with a loved one is not a sprint race, it is a long marathon that requires endurance and dedication,” for all the trite of this phrase, it is wiser than it seems. Momentary quarrels occur in all couples. Sometimes, there are even long months when you feel that everything is worse than before, but then, having shown enough patience, and perhaps, having made some compromises, you still return to that unreasonable happiness that arose when you simply had breakfast at the same table.

Suspicions of treason are a serious reason for resentment, but if such doubts have already crept into your head, only an honest conversation can solve them. And yes, perhaps this evening one of you will have to sleep on the floor (and you know who it will be), one unpleasant evening can relieve months of unfounded suspicions.

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