What Questions Can You Ask A Girl When Meeting, And What You Can't

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What Questions Can You Ask A Girl When Meeting, And What You Can't
What Questions Can You Ask A Girl When Meeting, And What You Can't
what questions to ask a girl when meeting
what questions to ask a girl when meeting

In the age of high technologies, social networks and the Internet, it becomes more and more difficult for people to communicate with each other. This applies not only to old friends or friends, but also to people who have just met. For men who like to take the initiative, it is important to understand what questions to ask a girl when they meet, so as not to instantly arouse antipathy towards themselves.

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Important information about meeting girls

If a man's heart is absolutely free and he wants to meet an interesting woman, then it is important for him to understand not only where to start a conversation, but also what to refrain from. There are several moments that immediately repel women and hack at the root of the desire to answer a man to an offer to meet.

First of all, it should be borne in mind that we are talking about a complete stranger. A man still does not know the character of a woman, or her predilections, or desires, or the level of upbringing. What may be acceptable to one woman may appear outrageous to another. That is why you need to act very carefully and delicately in matters of dating.

The principles based on which women pay attention to this or that man are different for each. For some of the girls, the priority is financial wealth, for some, a good sense of humor, for some, well-read or outstanding external data.

First of all, a man should remember that if the step towards acquaintance with a girl has already been taken, the time to be afraid and nervous has passed. You need to be confident in yourself and your uniqueness, because all people are different. In the first couples, the man is required to maintain a conversation and look for common topics for conversation. Here you will have to use all your horizons and erudition. It is not at all necessary to be a humorist of the level of Petrosyan, but at least a couple of jokes or anecdotes are worth knowing.

When meeting a woman, you must definitely show your gallantry. Somewhere to hold the door or give a hand, but it is not at all necessary to replay and bow in front of it. It will look more like a clownery than a serious interest in her person.

what questions to ask a girl when meeting
what questions to ask a girl when meeting

With all this, it is important that a man always remains a man and shows his dignity and qualities. It is not at all necessary for a man to start acting or thinking like a girl. It only repels women.

The most important thing that should definitely be abandoned when meeting a girl is impudence, rudeness and aggression. These qualities should not be manifested either in her address, or in relation to others in the presence of a woman. Of course, there are individual personalities among women whom such behavior of men only attracts, but they are too few to be taken as a guideline for behavior.

How to build a conversation with a girl when meeting 2

When a man meets a new, unknown woman and wants to establish communication with her, it is important to understand what questions can be asked to a girl when meeting, and which is better to refrain from.

Of course, there can be a lot of questions for a new person, but they should be selected carefully. Indeed, many women, like men, are ashamed of strangers and want to show themselves only from their best side.

On a first date or when meeting a girl, you can ask:

acceptable questions to a girl when meeting
acceptable questions to a girl when meeting

About age - yes, many young ladies prefer to laugh it off and say that women are not asked such questions. But this is more a residual manifestation of the stereotype than really harsh. Now women eagerly answer this question without the slightest hesitation

About interests - girls love when they are listened to and talk about their hobbies for a long time and with rapture. Such a question will give a man a little head start to think about subsequent actions, and a girl will allow her to tell about herself in more detail than just about a hobby. Also, a man, having received an answer to this question, will be able to determine the further topic of the conversation based on what is interesting to the woman

About childhood - each person can talk about this period of life for an infinitely long time: where he was born, where he studied, how he grew up, what he was fond of, what funny stories were in kindergarten or school. A good topic of conversation that will not affect anyone's pride and will take the conversation to a deeper level

About the perfect date - questions about what, in the girl's understanding, the ideal first date will allow a man to learn even more about the person who is opposite him. Such a statement of secret desires does not seem to be intrusive, the question is quite simple. However, this question has a certain catch. Given that the girl will answer this, the man can already understand what she really likes, what she dreams of and how she envisions her own future. This is just a small psychological move that allows you to get to know a woman deeper

the right questions for a girl when meeting
the right questions for a girl when meeting

About study, work and plans for the future - it may seem to someone that asking questions about study or work is not entirely appropriate when meeting, but this is an obligatory stage in a person's life. When meeting two strangers, each of them tries to get to know the other in a very short period of time in order to decide for themselves whether they want to continue this acquaintance. Facts such as study and work make it possible to understand what area of ​​life a person is ready to hunchback on for the rest of his life and what issues he understands best. Women are no exception in this matter, it is important for a man to understand where she works or is going to work in order to better understand her

Questions to refrain from when dating3

In addition to the list of questions to ask a girl when meeting, there is also a list of those that should be avoided:

About the salary

About children

The reason for breaking up with a former man (husband)

Why are you lonely

Did you cheat on your man

questions to a girl when meeting
questions to a girl when meeting

You are interested in sex without obligation

The above questions are deeply personal and if a man asks them to a girl immediately after meeting, she begins to feel some trick. In such a situation, a woman does not want to continue acquaintance and generally intersect with this person in the future.

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