What Does Kept Woman Mean? What Is The Attitude Of Men And Others To Them

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What Does Kept Woman Mean? What Is The Attitude Of Men And Others To Them
What Does Kept Woman Mean? What Is The Attitude Of Men And Others To Them
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VK women
VK women

These girls clearly understand how much they cost, belong to only one representative of the stronger sex, do not waste their time on trifles. And for their own loyalty, kept women receive well-being, shown by absolute provision, quite decent and expensive gifts. They live off the guys and have no other source of income.

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  • 2 What are the reasons?
  • 3 Into the pool with the head
  • 4 Are there any downsides?

This was the case during the period of Dumas, Zola and Balzac. Little has changed over the past one and a half to two centuries, of course, the gifts have remained the same - jewelry, houses. Perhaps the very meaning of "mistress" has become the broadest and most all-embracing!

Being the kept woman of a wealthy person is authoritative, comfortable, presentable and cost-effective. And from among the kept women, there are quite popular personalities, including actresses, singers, TV presenters, socialites, who have achieved concrete approval in the world.

What status do they have? I

What will a girl of easy virtue provide for a man? Only a condensed illusion of superiority over oneself! At the same time, men can change not just every day, but every hour!

What does a mistress get from a man? Gifts, periodic meetings secretly from the spouse and conversations about how someday they will live together and always! And she is obliged to give herself completely and without a trace, fulfilling all sorts of whims of a man, including the most disgusting and impartial.

"Vkontakte" women allow the representative of the stronger sex to possess himself, and for this he receives material benefits! She does not pretend to be a spouse, in principle a specific partnership with a sponsor. A lover increases a man's fortune in the same way as an expensive car, branded watch, living space in the center or a cottage in a prestigious place.

Not everyone accepts kept women as they should. Often, young ladies at the wheel of a luxurious Lexus are poked with fingers and said unpleasant things, both guys and girls. The girl's reaction is absolutely understandable - envy, dissatisfaction with personal life, fatigue, lack of funds and time to rest. Guys also react inappropriately to these girls. What is the reason? Again, envy. The root cause is all in the same ordinary envy.

Most of them, from Ivan the technician up to Sergei the clerk or the would-be middle-class entrepreneur Vladimir Moiseevich, want, but cannot, get an elite kept woman! And the one who is capable will never call an attractive girl confused, or rather, will take her in her dignity!

A modern kept woman for a man is a sign of status, luxury and belonging to the cream of society. The very expression "kept woman" is eventually expelled by the definition of "common-law spouse", which absolutely calmly gets along with the official spouse and some other civilians. And everyone is happy, due to the fact that they have what they wanted - material well-being!

join the ranks of the kept women VK
join the ranks of the kept women VK

Any self-respecting rich man constantly supported and will continue to support such women. Since wealthy guys have a need for kept women no less than they do for almighty intercessors!

What are the reasons? 2

There are several reasons why girls choose this path for themselves.

  • The young girl does not seek to work and chooses the simple path to a wealthy and carefree life. Or seeks in a similar way to obtain financial income and a higher status of life.
  • A woman's goal may be a desire to get a job in the capital or another big city, and this is an easier and more comfortable way.
  • A woman has a difficult material condition or a need for funds, for example, to heal a loved one.
  • For certain young girls, catching wealthy gentlemen is considered a kind of hobby.
  • Often, infantile girls, unadapted to life, become kept women. These women take the relationship with the sponsor as a game.
become a VK kept woman
become a VK kept woman

The girl is not trying to start a family. Therefore, this kind of relationship has 2 goals: a sexual partner and material wealth. At the same time, there is no need to live together and run a common household

Into the pool with the head3

Being supported by a wealthy person is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It is also work, only the job responsibilities are slightly different - to be attractive, desired in the eyes of those around the men, but belong to one - your own sponsor.

The kept woman must always look amazing. There can be no talk about a dressing gown and comfortable slippers! Spa, beauty centers, gyms and fitness clubs, prestigious boutiques - all of this should thoroughly penetrate the life of a kept woman. When approaching a gorgeous girl, a person seeks to answer her! It is important for wealthy people to have gorgeous girls.

The kept woman is obliged to constantly and everywhere monitor her forms. As much as I would not like, but to be the kept woman of a wealthy man, having a 52-size ass and multiple body fat is almost impossible! Men love with their eyes! And a plump 35+ girl with an unkempt haircut and manicure, few people will like!

VK women
VK women

The kept woman must be ready to meet the sponsor at any time! As a result, she simply cannot spend valuable time working in a dusty office or standing behind a counter in a shopping center.

A kept woman should captivate a man not only in bed. Wise and understanding girls are more interesting for guys than stupid, albeit pretty pretty dummies. As a result, you need to make it a rule to work regularly and strive for excellence.

Are there any downsides? 4

This situation also has negative aspects.

  • The kept woman does not have the ability to love and start a relationship with her beloved. As soon as the sponsor finds out about the presence of another guy, he will quickly escort her out and find a new young woman in her place.
  • The girl will not be able to give birth to children as soon as she wants.
  • A young girl who falls in love with a sponsor is very worried. Since she wants a family and a child. And sponsors very rarely marry kept women, they need them for the sake of other values.
how to become a VK kept woman
how to become a VK kept woman
  • The owner will wish to exchange girls with a friend for a while, or simply give them for a short time. This experience is not considered a gimmick in this area.
  • If a woman has poor health, mental state, emotional breakdowns, the sponsor will not tolerate it.

If the negative aspects were not discouraged, and the lady decided to be a kept woman, then she should focus on such advice:

  1. The end of this relationship is the means. You need to treat this as a job and nothing more. There is no need to tell the guy about future intentions, he does not like to be only a scheme for achieving a goal, a kind of springboard, even if he is married.
  2. Try to clearly note how long this period in life will last. After this time has elapsed, leave it without looking back.
  3. Don't ask the person questions about their money.

Any girl will independently be able to make a choice to be a spouse, a concubine or a kept woman. The main thing is that he be faithful. You will also be interested in reading the article "Atolin - a dating site", where we reveal the intricacies of communication between kept women and sponsors.

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