What If The Guy Has Lost Interest? We Will Give Advice

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What If The Guy Has Lost Interest? We Will Give Advice
What If The Guy Has Lost Interest? We Will Give Advice

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what to do if the guy has lost interest
what to do if the guy has lost interest

At the beginning of the relationship, everything was like a fairy tale: flowers, courtship, light scenes of jealousy. And now you are "gone": wondering what to do if the guy has lost interest. Previously, your partner himself planned the general leisure, gave cute little things. And now you don't understand what happened: from an attentive lover, he turned into an indifferent cold crocodile. It seems that he has some kind of life of his own, in which you are given the place of a pleasant appendage or a free servant. Why did it happen?

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Reasons i

Man is by nature a conqueror. He loves to achieve something. Punching holes. To be on a pedestal. And this is not surprising - after all, its main hormone is responsible precisely for the ability to perform all these actions. Conquered - you can sit on the priest exactly and not worry about anything. Only here quiet happiness does not last long: he becomes bored without these very conquests. And if you do not take care that he can periodically conquer you again, the man will leave to look for this opportunity on the side. No, he may love you. Or, at the very least, he wants to keep the relationship because of affection. But real passions will flare up somewhere on the side

In addition, women prefer to think about problems in advance, scroll through various, sometimes the most incredible events in their heads, and prepare for them in advance. Men are made of different dough. They solve problems as they come, wait until a roast rooster bites in one place.

Remember the anecdote saying? It says that in the men's dorm they wash the dishes before meals, and in the women's dorm, right after. That's just it. Therefore, in a relationship, your chosen one often lets everything go by itself, guided by the slogans "until nothing serious has happened" and "somehow it will be." Tries to ignore emerging problems point-blank. And does not notice:)

The guy has lost interest in the girl
The guy has lost interest in the girl

And you have long eaten your whole brain with stupid assumptions: maybe I am unattractive? Someone else showed up? He does not love me?

Calm, only calm! What not to do2

The most natural impulse of a woman is to immediately discuss the situation. She feels bad and hurts, of course she needs to talk about it! No no and one more time no. A man is generally inclined to remain silent until the last (see about a roasted cock).

In such conversations, partners hear each other in their own way, and the conversation will slide into mutual accusations and scandal. Catch your teeth and use other methods. Do not fight the problem like a man, head-on, but use a little female wisdom and cunning. Fortunately, every girl has these qualities, you just need to let them open up. All the ladies are a bit of an actress. Remember this. And go for it!

The guy has lost interest
The guy has lost interest

What to do3

Don't take on a lot

Often, a man's interest disappears when he feels unnecessary. We try to take care of him, and sometimes we don't let him do anything himself. "Honey, no need to help, I can handle it!" - a familiar phrase? It is she who is the worst enemy of a strong relationship. We grab onto everything, and as a result, our chosen one feels that he is not needed. He does not fulfill his male role, it turns out to be out of work.

Not only stop taking the initiative from him with the words “I can do it myself,” but also ask him to help you. Stop carrying heavy bags alone just because you don't want to disturb him and are too lazy to wait. No really. Wait. Do you want to return his interest? Let him make a contribution to your life.

Do not forget to praise your loved one: "Oh, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have finished these bags myself!" "Turn on" the girl. “Oh-oh, something broke there… I don't know what… something… I'm afraid to go in there. Help! " And here you are again a weak young lady who needs to be cared for, cherished and protected. And a man on a horse, and not on the one who rides near the burning hut:) Proud and pleased with himself.

The man has lost interest in the woman
The man has lost interest in the woman

Find a hobby

Surely all your free time is devoted to your beloved, and only to him. How could it be otherwise, you ask? No, really. There must be, in addition to work and home, some kind of hobby, an occupation for the soul. It promotes personal growth and brings diversity to life.

Think back to what you did when you didn't have any relationship. Play table tennis? Perfectly. Did you spend a lot of time with your girlfriends? Will do too. Resume forgotten yoga trips and designer soap making workshops. Walk through the "guests". Or find a new activity. Then your partner will see that it is not on him that the whole world has come together like a wedge, that you have your own desires and interests. And he will also start to fear: what if you meet someone better than him at the tennis section?

Create the illusion of competition

Since a man, by definition, is all of himself a conqueror and owner, give him what he wants. But without fanaticism. So that the chosen one does not in any way decide that you are cheating on him. Then you get the opposite effect: instead of strengthening the relationship, you get a "divorce and a bedside table."

Man's interest in a woman
Man's interest in a woman

Act carefully: “Today I was walking down the street - some impudent guy clung to it. Give, he says, your phone number. I, I say, already have a man. And he doesn't lag behind. I had to dive into the deli. To what now insolent faces have gone. " “I met one friend and studied together. She says: she saw a former classmate, asked everything about me. Like unhappy love was once. I didn't know. Ha-ha, well, you must! " etc. Be prepared for the man to get angry. But he will think. What if someone covets his property? Such thoughts will make him fight for you.

Add some variety to your intimate life

Surprise your partner with something new. Especially if sex has long been going on in the same scenario. Just be prepared for the fact that your man will like the new course of events, and you will have to periodically return to the newly acquired knowledge. Therefore, do not dare to do something that you know you may not like.

Take care of yourself

How were you at the beginning of your relationship? Probably, were you shy to get up and go to the toilet with your soul mate? They were afraid to appear in front of him in an unattractive state, in the morning they said: “Don't look at me, I'm not pretty after sleep”? In those days, for sure there was no question of what to do if the guy lost interest.

Why did the man lose interest
Why did the man lose interest

Take a closer look at the presentation of yourself then and now. Do not walk around the house in old stretched T-shirts with stains, torn slippers, and a “I fell off a dump truck” hair composition. A good haircut and well-groomed nails will do half the battle, even if today you feel that you do not look very good.

A well-groomed appearance is important not only for your partner, but also for you. When a woman looks her best and knows about it, she behaves differently. Posture and playfulness immediately appear. Then you are guaranteed to catch the interested gaze of your partner. And this is what you wanted, didn't you?:)

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