What Compliments Should You Give A Girl? Best Ideas

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What Compliments Should You Give A Girl? Best Ideas
What Compliments Should You Give A Girl? Best Ideas

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original compliments
original compliments

And, in fact, this title could end the article. But, in spite of the sister of talent, the information below will give a whole lot of advice on what the best compliments to a girl can be done without going to extremes.

The content of the article

  • 1 Oh, so you also need to make compliments?
  • 2 Zoo and adjective dictionary
  • 3 Focusing attention
  • 4 "Does your mom need a son-in-law?"
  • 5 Astrology, occultism, fate and other metaphysics
  • 6 Antique Pantheon
  • 7 Blue Blood
  • 8 I swear to tell the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth!
  • 9 What about the best compliments of all?

Do you also need to give compliments? I

Such a simple question may arise in the minds of "especially courageous" readers. As you know from the old, like the world, the truth - a woman loves with her ears. For a girl, pleasant words, even if they are abundantly flavored with flattery, give a very special pleasure. In principle, almost all people like to hear eulogies addressed to themselves, but it is the weaker sex that treats this kind of odes with special reverence. This is because girls are cunning in their own way - they can, if necessary, interpret almost any compliment in the way they need at the moment.

The secret lies in a small peculiarity of the girl's psychology - in the overwhelming majority of cases, she thinks not with facts, but with conclusions. Therefore, pleasant words spoken at the wrong moment can lead to a slightly different result, which the man did not even expect, since he was guided by the good old straightforward logic of sincerity. Another conversation is that a compliment can be said not “from the heart”, but for some specific purpose - “for show”, to make amends, to drag her into bed, to ask her for something.

A selection of the best short compliments for a girl is waiting for you only in our article.

Statistically, women feel such a lie almost intuitively. And the older the lady, the easier she feels her, but the easier she accepts the rules of the game and depicts the same “non-sincere” gratitude, preferring to act according to circumstances, without the maximalism inherent in girlhood.

Zoo and adjective dictionary2

There is such a trick among young people who prefer polygamous relationships. In order not to get confused in the mass of names of different girls, they choose a neutral address a la "bunny", "fish" and other representatives of the animal world, or they use the same general adjective, like "sweetheart", "dear" and so on and so forth.

Compliments of this kind work, but for a very limited contingent of the female tribe:

  • On young schoolgirls and students who have not yet sniffed gunpowder, who escaped from the overly caring wing of their families and did not have time to dig up experience in matters of relationships. The saddest irony is that on their part, as a rule, feelings are real, not yet hewn with healthy cynicism and caution. But in return, they receive, especially if the partner is older, lies and admonitions in their oneness and eternal love, the price of which is complete zero. Although there are not without exceptions, so do not despair.
  • For simple girls who do not fill their heads with some kind of extraordinary tastes. For the most part, these are strong housewives, raised in the provinces and treating compliments primarily as a manifestation of attention, so they do not see much sense in thinking about its consummation or uniqueness. Nice word - and thank you for that, so to speak. Accordingly, they themselves do not go into their pockets for a word either - "kitty", "beloved" and other analogues of a simple and uncomplicated form of compliment.
  • On the same cunning ladies who use almost the same compliments for the same purpose - not to get confused in names. Here the game is on an equal footing - both partners perfectly see each other's tricks and just as well know that the person opposite is aware of the true background of the petting zoo. And here the effectiveness of the compliment will depend only on who will outplay whom.

In general, these kinds of compliments are good if they are applied in a timely, appropriate and infrequent manner. An elegant “knight's move” can be made by expanding the menagerie and adding representatives of other families in addition to felines and hares. If the partners are savvy in biology, you can even choose, at first glance, not the most pleasant animal, but possessing some special qualities inherent in the subject of the compliment.

Accentuating attention3

It so happens that a girl is not a goddess of beauty. However, she got hooked by something else. Maybe the interlocutor is excellent, maybe her eyes are special or her hands are incredibly beautiful. And then, in order not to squeeze out “everyday lies” from oneself, one should resort to compliments, the emphasis of which will be precisely on what the girl is good at. It is important not to start with specifics right away, but first let go of a couple of common phrases in the spirit of “you look great”, and then gradually concentrate your compliments on what you liked the most in your partner.

Of course, if a man is sophisticated in the art of eloquence and knows how to “sing like a nightingale”, then he will not need such a trick - but such gentlemen will not look for new knowledge about how to give a girl the best compliments. In general, in the case of compliments, it is always better to do them from the heart, because, as mentioned above, the weaker sex has a better nose for lying in such matters than a police dog for explosives. And if a woman loves a man, first of all, for the comfort and pacifying atmosphere in her company, then you should not squeeze out odes to her beauty, if such does not take place in reality.


“Does your mom need a son-in-law?” 4

Yes, a few years ago this still worked, but now it has passed into the category of generally accepted starting phrases for acquaintance, which have lost their former uniqueness. In general, if imagination and a sense of humor allow, it is possible to start an acquaintance, as well as to maintain further relationships, at the expense of this kind of rustic, but precisely this and attractive, compliments. Actually, a properly made acquaintance, fueled by the timely infusion of new original notes, is practically guaranteed success, if not in acquiring a second half, then certainly a good friend.

People remember situations when a habitual pattern established in the brain breaks down on something unusual. No, it goes without saying that a bottle of chloroform and handcuffs in this case, although an original way to get to know each other, is clearly not the best and certainly does not guarantee further communication outside the courtroom. And it doesn't look like a compliment either.

Be that as it may, if a man is not endowed with the ability to speak beautifully, then sometimes it is more appropriate to turn to the good old basics and play on the straightforwardness and uncomplicatedness of compliments, saying something like “You are very beautiful. Would you like to meet?”. A timeless classic, so to speak.

Astrology, occultism, fate and other metaphysics5

No matter how skeptical and rationalist a man may be, this will not save him from the need, no, no, and to turn to all sorts of ephemeral things in order to please the girl with a phrase from the category “Fate itself brought us together, because on the day of the meeting, the stars formed like this! And I'm glad about it!” and stuff like that.


Yes, phrases of this kind give off an outdated romanticism, but, nevertheless, they still caress the ears of a woman who is pleased to hear about the fatefulness of their meeting with a man or that her eyes are comparable to a pair of brightly shining stars in the sky, or about her incomparable beauty in the light of the full moon.

Again, if both partners on a date are sufficiently savvy in the subject, a man can compare a lady with different celestial bodies, nebulae, and while complimenting the shining of her eyes directly refer to supernovae and blue supergiants - if only what was said was understood correctly - and success in this case will not keep you waiting.

Antique Pantheon6

Laudatory odes, in which the virgin will be equated to Pallas Athena or Venus, or Hera, or Demeter, or any other goddess of the ancient Greek or Roman pantheon, depending on her qualities, will not be ignored either.

It should be noted that in this case the compliment works in two directions at once - in addition to the fact that it is just pleasant, it will also connect female pride and the spirit of rivalry - after all, it will be doubly pleasant for a woman that she was not only compared to a goddess, but also lifted over the latter.

Again, with proper awareness, you can connect the ancient Egyptian, Old Russian, Scandinavian pantheons, and for the very sophisticated, the gods of the ancient east are available - here are the gods of Ancient Japan and also Ancient China. With the proper skill and the coincidence of certain character traits, you can also use Indian deities, although there you will already need the ability to deftly juggle data and focus the companion's attention on key points. The main thing in such cases is that the man should be well-versed in the material and could, if necessary, explain the beauty of praising his interlocutor.


Blue Blood7

Well, the queens, where can we go without them? Women love it when the crown of a beauty queen is placed on their foreheads, even if they understand that this is a slightly exaggerated statement. In general, calling a girl the queen of a man's heart, the sovereign of thoughts and thoughts, the sovereign of his love, gives her great pleasure. Because as if it raises her above him, ranks her among the refined queens and princesses. By the way, it is important to note that naming a princess, although pleasant, works worse than comparing with a queen, because the latter, whatever one may say, is not only a beauty, but also has power.

In addition, as it is not difficult to guess, it is appropriate to compare with women vested with power in former times, but, as a rule, in the period of the 17-19 centuries, when the fashion for sophistication and magnificent dresses reigned, and the ladies of the court shone with snowy whiteness and colossal hairstyles. … As in the case of the goddesses, with proper knowledge of history, you can almost every day of the month compare a girl with a new princess, queen, queen, empress, not forgetting, of course, not only to compare, but also to elevate your interlocutor.

I swear to tell the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth

And yet, although some girls love with their ears, they love first of all frankness and honesty. So that without the "Zoo", divine essences, the fate of inscribed signs, crowned persons and all this. This type of women prefers specifics, when a compliment emphasizes certain character traits, appearance, but without a romantic touch and, even more so, without lies.


With such interlocutors it is easy for those men who do not feel like a fish in water in the world of compliments, because it is enough just to say that there is such and such a thing in her - and this will be enough simply because she is honest and simple enough manifestations of attention.

Another type of truth lover in the female tribe are girls who prefer compliments regarding changes in her or her achievements. Something akin to “Oh, you got a new haircut! It's a little bit out of the ordinary, but it definitely suits you!” or “You once said that you liked such and such an author. I read his book - and I am glad that I liked it, as well as you!”. For them, this means, first of all, that the partner follows her life, that he is not indifferent to her interests and achievements.

In both of the above cases, the girl is important not only and not so much a pleasant word as the fact of a person's closeness with her as a person, and not only as an object of sexual attraction.

What about the best compliments of all? 9

Well, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the best compliments to a girl about her beauty are original. And also relevant, appropriate, timely, and most importantly, sincere. You should not lie to women - they value men for honesty and straightforwardness rather than for the ability to lie, even if this lie is pleasing to her ears.

This article did not have a “sheet” listing beautiful epithets and phrases. In this article, there was no place for eloquence lessons. It remains to be hoped that the reader has found something more here, namely the understanding that even simple and clumsy, maybe even somewhat peasant, words can tell a woman much more than the most beautiful poems and ballads. And that a woman will hear this “more” and will be grateful much more sincerely than for the odes that praise her, which do not have a foundation of sincerity and honesty.


Instead of Post Scriptum: Men, be honest and sincere - and then even “you are my mistress” will sound better than “the goddess of my heart”.

And how to write original SMS compliments to a girl, read our article, then follow the link.

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