Why Men Are Taller Than Women: The Secrets Of Evolution

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Why Men Are Taller Than Women: The Secrets Of Evolution
Why Men Are Taller Than Women: The Secrets Of Evolution
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Why are men taller
Why are men taller

At all times, for some reason, men are always taller, larger, heavier than women. In most cases, excluding options for obesity, due to disease or poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle.

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Science and nature i

Thanks to science, the development of medicine, it became known to a wide circle of the public that in the female body, all organs are also smaller in size, in comparison with male: the male heart is 10-15% larger, the brain is 15% larger, the male blood is also almost a liter more. …

Despite the fact that a healthy man consumes 700 more calories per day than a woman, his metabolism in his body is faster. By weight, the male skeleton is also heavier than the female (some of its parts). Perhaps this is the answer to why guys are taller than girls.

Surprisingly, even a man's nose is larger and heavier. This is not because nature is concerned with maintaining the proportions of the male face. Everything is much simpler - since the male body is larger, it needs more oxygen to breathe. Moreover, on average, a woman is 15 cm shorter than a man. There is no equality and justice, even initially, laid down by nature and at the genetic level.

The mystery lies in one remarkable gene for men and women, namely the X chromosome. This gene is contained in a man's chromosome in one copy, and in a woman's - in a double one, due to which girls at a certain stage stop growing. This is very noticeable at school, among children under the age of 14.

Boys are taller than girls
Boys are taller than girls

It is at this age that boys begin to overtake their classmates. Probably everyone remembers those school times, when you say goodbye to your classmates for the summer as children, and after three summer vacations you hardly recognize them.

French researchers conducted another survey, during which it turned out that men need a significantly larger amount of food than women. If a woman can have dinner with one salad, then the man will ask for supplements in the form of cutlets, chicken, sausages or whatever is edible in the house.

It seems that not a single sane woman would feed a man with one salad (vegetarians following a healthy diet are not counted).

For many centuries, in ancient times, men ate more food than women. This was due to the need for strength and endurance when hunting. The times of hunting for mammoths are long gone, but the habit of having a good and thorough snack among men has remained.

Why are the guys taller
Why are the guys taller

Research shows that the majority of the world's malnourished is women. Naturally, all this cannot but affect the general development of a man, his growth. With a lack of food, the body saves energy necessary for the existence of organs important for life, therefore, some body functions stop developing. For example, the growth of the skeleton stops.

If earlier this was a forced measure for the survival of people, nowadays there is a stereotype that boys need to be well and densely fed from childhood. This explains why the man is taller.

Food and procreation2

Scientists from Holland did not stand aside from their French colleagues, and conducted their own research, during which they found out that women of short stature have more children than women of tall stature. And with respect to men, tall, large men became the happy parents of more children than their short brothers.

It would seem that there is no need for a long time to hunt down mammoths and bison for lunch, to scamper across wild prairies, forests and steppes in search of other prey, but still, in the 21st century, the physical characteristics of a man are of great importance for a healthy and large number of offspring. Subconsciously, women prefer a stronger and more physically developed man when choosing a man for the role of father of their children.

Why is the man taller
Why is the man taller

And it doesn't matter what age is on the calendar. Yes, female constancy should only be envied and admired! Scientists also noticed that the male body contains much more testosterone hormone, which is responsible for the formation of muscle mass. The female body contains more substance, thanks to which more fat is formed, which is lighter than muscle.

Therefore, men become taller and heavier. Fat in a healthy male body is insignificant, it is needed more for women, for procreation and the birth of healthy offspring. It turns out that Nature has thought everything through to the smallest detail. It is useful to remember this sometimes for women who exhaust themselves with exercise or strict diets.

Of course, everyone likes to see a fit beauty reflected in the mirror, but everything should be in moderation, and wisely. By the way, this also applies to men. It is one thing to have a mountain of muscles due to physical activity and quite another when using various additional pills that enhance the effect.

So why are men taller? 3

The reasons why a man is taller than a woman have been taking shape over the centuries. They remain in the subconscious of a woman in our progressive computer age. At all times, a woman tried to find herself a worthy life partner, a continuer of the family, who can not only give good offspring, but also provide for a family in the future.


Priority, naturally, was given to a strong, courageous man, warrior, breadwinner. A woman at all times thought about the future, not even understanding the meaning of her actions, because she laid her certain genetic type for many centuries to come, in her own kind.

It is not surprising that many nations worshiped a woman - Mother, and matriarchy reigned in their society. Although a man is physically taller than a woman, the last word in procreation remained with the woman. For all ages.

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