Miss Universe: History Of The Competition, Requirements For Contestants, Winners

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Miss Universe: History Of The Competition, Requirements For Contestants, Winners
Miss Universe: History Of The Competition, Requirements For Contestants, Winners

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Miss Universe
Miss Universe

Any girl from early childhood dreams of becoming a princess. To live in a luxurious palace apartment, surrounded by rapturous glances and envious whispers. The ideals of beauty begin to be imposed from a very young age. In animated films from Walt Disney, girls with gorgeous hair, slender waists and radiant smiles act as everyone's favorites.

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  • 2 Requirements for participants
  • 3 Winning Countries: USA
  • 4 Winning Countries: Venezuela
  • 5 Winning countries: Russia

Every year we see how the most beautiful girl is chosen at the Miss Universe pageant. Let's try to figure out what this event is and why beauties from all over the world are so eager to get the coveted crown.

History of the Miss Universe contest

The very first event aimed at identifying the main beauty was held in the United States of America in 1952. It was attended by representatives of 29 countries. And the winner was a young schoolgirl from Finland named Armi Kuusela (height 165 cm). At that time, she was barely 18 years old. As a reward, she received the crown that previously belonged to the Russian emperors and an honorary title.

The competition gained general fame after it was shown on American television in 1955. Since then, this event is the most significant in the field of fashion and beauty for the whole world and is held on an annual basis.

By the way, did you know that a similar contest with a different name, Miss World, started a year earlier? Read more about it further on the link.

Every year, elections are held for the country, which is endowed with the honorary right to host the competition. The process is watched by about a billion viewers from all over the world. In addition to determining the winner, "Miss Universe" introduces people to the most iconic traditions and customs of many countries.

This makes the competition even more significant for the world community and helps to convey to people knowledge about the mentality and habits of a particular society.

A kind of competition in beauty and talent was held exclusively in the United States until 1973. By that time, the number of participating countries had significantly increased and reached 52. In the spread of interest in the event, the large-scale distribution of satellite broadcasts and the increased demand for television had a huge impact.

The first country, after the USA, which had the honor of hosting the event, was Greece. Representatives of the Greek media took seriously the organization of the competition. It was held at the foot of the most iconic building for the Greeks - the Acropolis. The place was not chosen by chance, because it has a long history and carries the cultural heritage of an entire nation.

Beauty Fashion Miss Universe
Beauty Fashion Miss Universe

From 61 contenders for the title, the Filipino model, the granddaughter of the former President of the Philippines, twenty-year-old Margarita Moran was selected. She had a short height of 168 centimeters, beautiful dark hair and a slender athletic figure.

Today there are several nominations in which one winner is selected. In addition to the main title, the girls compete for the title "Miss Photogenic", "Miss Congeniality", "The Best National Attire." Therefore, there are much more opportunities to prove yourself, to show your talents and opportunities.

Requirements for participants2

In accordance with the rules, not all beauties who wish this can participate in the competition. Below are the main requirements for the contestants of the main beauty festival in the world.

The girl does not have to be the winner of the main beauty contest in her homeland. It is enough to have a pronounced natural beauty and seductive body shapes

who is Miss Universe
who is Miss Universe
  • The participant must not be under 18 years old.
  • A beauty cannot be married. In addition, at the time of preparation and holding of the competition, girls are forbidden to cohabit with a man.
  • No problems with the law and, moreover, no previous convictions.

After the end of the competition, a rather capacious contract is signed with the winner. It contains various requirements, for non-observance of which the girl can be deprived of the coveted title. So, in 1974, there was one curious incident. Miss Universe Ampara Munoz, a Spanish girl, was stripped of her crown for starring in a pornographic film before the expiration of a one-year contract with the organizers of the competition.

Winning Countries: USA3

On the first line of the top is the country that presented the world with the main holiday of female beauty. We are talking, of course, about the United States of America. The USA representative has become the main beauty of the planet eight times.

about the Miss Universe contest
about the Miss Universe contest

1954 Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson became the first American woman to receive the honorary title. Age - 21 years old. Height - 176 cm. At the time of participation in the competition, she was already recognized as the main beauty of her state of South Carolina. At the same time, Miriam did not achieve victory in Miss America.

After the end of the one-year contract with the organizers, the girl happily married the successful announcer and composer Donald Upton. The couple had two children. For a long time Miriam participated in various television shows, starred in commercials and proudly carried her title.

1956 - Carol Morris is 20 years old. The girl had excellent model data 91.5 * 63.5 * 91.5. Height - 170 cm. In her youth, she changed several states, in which she won the main prizes at beauty contests. A couple of years after Miss Universe, Carol married a prominent Texas oil tycoon and had three children. Then another marriage happened in her life, which brought her another baby.

1960 - Linda Bement. Age - 18 years old. Height - 167 cm. Also married. As a result, Linda's family life of two children, after which the couple divorced. Known for her devotion to religion. Attended the Seventh-day Adventist Church (the largest Protestant community). 1967 - Sylvia Hitchcock.

Sylvia Hitchcock
Sylvia Hitchcock

Sylvia Hitchcock

She also managed to win the Miss USA title. She graduated from high school and college in Miami, then entered the University of Alabama. After the beauty contest, Sylvia dropped out of education and tried to build a modeling career. She failed in this and returned to her home state, where she built a career as a TV presenter. Then she was lucky enough to become one of the judges of the Miss Universe competition held in 1972.

1980 - Sean Weatherly. The girl was only 20 years old. She possessed stunning parameters - 89 * 63.5 * 89 with a height of 173 cm. Already the second representative of the state of South Carolina, who managed to break all records. She was the first to score more than 9 points in the preliminary rounds. The blonde took part in several more global competitions for the role of the most beautiful girl.

1995 - Chelsea Smith. The young beauty became the owner of the crown at the age of 21. At that time, Chelsea was the ideal female proportions - 90 * 60.5 * 90 with a height of 173 cm. She was the owner of the titles "Miss Texas" and "Miss America". After the competition, she was able to build an excellent career as a singer and TV presenter. She was also fortunate enough to be busy several times on the set of films. In her piggy bank Playas Ball and a documentary about the singer Beyonce.

1997 - Brooke Mahealani Lee. Held 26-year-old Brooke became the oldest girl to receive a crown at the main beauty pageant in its history.At the time of the finals, she was 26 years old and 128 days old. An amazing genetic cocktail is mixed in the girl's blood. Its roots are in Korea, China, Denmark, Portugal, USA and France. A highlight are the Hawaiian features inherited from her grandmother.

Brooke Mahealani Lee
Brooke Mahealani Lee

Brooke Mahealani Lee

2012 - Olivia Culpo. A twenty-year-old beauty of short stature of 165 centimeters, she participated in a talent competition with a musical composition for cello. Not surprising, because the girl's father and mother worked as professional musicians. Olivia picked up an instrument in the second grade of elementary school. Then she worked in very prestigious orchestras, including Boston and New York. After the end of the contract, she began to develop in the profession of a presenter on television.

Winning countries: Venezuela4

Venezuela became the homeland of "Miss Universe" one time less than the United States - 7 times.

1979 - Maritza Sayalero. Age - 18 years old. Height - 173 cm.Parameters - 90 * 60 * 90. To this day, she is happily married to the famous tennis player Raul Ramirez. The couple have three children. Maritza designs and owns her own shop.

1981 - Irene Saez. Blonde. Age - 19 years old. Height 178 cm. One of the most amazing stories happened to Irene. After the competition, she became involved in politics and in 1992 was appointed mayor of the city of Chacao, and in 1998 she even risked running for president of Venezuela. Then the notorious Hugo Chavis bypassed her. The headlines burst from the catchy Beauty and the Beast headlines.

1986 - Barbara Palacios Teida. Refund - 22 years. Height - 173 cm. The beauty was also the owner of an entrepreneurial streak. Barbara has built a remarkable television career. After 20 years in the profession, she founded the Barbara Palacios Corporation. The company specializes in designer jewelry and cosmetics in the elite segment. Also, Tida has released two books.

Barbara Palacios Teida
Barbara Palacios Teida

Barbara Palacios Teida

1996 - Alicia Machado. Age 19. Height - 173 cm. Even before the competition, Alicia acted in films. Her whole future life is connected with this direction.

2008 - Diana Mendoza. Age - 22 years old. Height is 178 cm.Parameters - 88 * 60 * 90. She built her career in the modeling business. She had a six-year contract with Elite Model Management.

2009 - Stefania Fernandez. Age - 19 years old. Height - 178 cm.Parameters - 90 * 58 * 90. Owner of Ukrainian and Spanish roots. The girl's main hobbies are swimming and tennis.

2013 - Gabriela Isler. Age - 25 Height - 181 cm.Parameters - 90 * 60 * 90. The winner of the competition, which was hosted by the capital of Russia - Moscow. She is a staunch Catholic and holds a diploma in marketing.

Winning countries: Russia5

To date, the Russian Federation has won a victory in the Miss Universe competition only once.

Oksana Fedorova
Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova

The pride of Russia is Oksana Fedorova, born in the city of Pskov. She graduated from school with honors and a gold medal. Then she received her education in the specialty of jurisprudence. Has the rank of senior police lieutenant. It was awarded to Oksana after receiving the second honorary diploma for graduating from the St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. By profession, she worked for several months as an interrogator at the Pulkovo airport.

In 1999 she received the palm in the Miss St. Petersburg beauty contest. Then Miss Russia submitted to her.

The beauty got the title "Miss Universe" a year later - in 2002. After the end of the contract, the girl did not quit her favorite business. For some time she taught the discipline "Civil Law" at her university. After that she was elevated to the rank of police captain. Then she graduated from graduate school and became a major.

In 2003, Oksana Fedorova was included in the list of State Duma deputies from the Russian Party of Life.

The girl has a successful television career behind her. She starred in the famous Russian TV series of the 2000s - “Don't Be Born Beautiful”. There Oksana played the role of herself - a beautiful and successful model who went through a difficult path of becoming and overcoming adversity.

Oksana Fedorova
Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova

This was followed by popular projects on the main federal channel - "Good night, kids" for the youngest viewers and the adventure reality show "Fort Boyard", where the girl worked in tandem with Leonid Yarmolnik.

Our "Miss Universe" is a rather active person in the field of charity. Also in 2006, Oksana became the official representative of UNISEF in the Russian Federation.

She is very interested in helping and helping children from difficult families and children who need medical help. She founded a fund to raise funds for targeted assistance to children, youth and elderly people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Today, Oksana Fedorova is a happy mother and wife. She has continued to appear in advertising campaigns for major brands and continues to do charity work.

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