Pros And Cons Of Free Relationships In The Modern World. Expert Recommendations

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Pros And Cons Of Free Relationships In The Modern World. Expert Recommendations
Pros And Cons Of Free Relationships In The Modern World. Expert Recommendations
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free love
free love

The modern world lives a stormy life. He imposes his game. Each nation has its own rules and conditions. But there is one very controversial point: free love. Many immediately start fucking: "How can you, it's disgusting!" What sanctimonious thoughts, right word! Is it all that bad? Why has free love suddenly become something shameful? The answer is on the surface: licentiousness, cruelty, disease. All these factors oblige you to behave with discretion. And in order to minimize their defenseless life, people invented monogamy.

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  • 1 Cases of bygone days, legends of deep antiquity
  • 2 It's all about the usual pros and cons
  • 3 Free love in modern society
  • 4 “You are attractive, I am attractive as hell. Why waste time? "
  • 5 Flowers don't grow on the beaten path
  • 6 Love of all ages is submissive

Deeds of bygone days, legends of deep olden times

A short digression into terminology. What is free love, everyone represents in their own way. But the generally accepted explanation is: extramarital sex. It's simple.

In fact, premarital relationships exist only as long as there is lucid sex. Not one that is just for the sake of having children. This is not sex, this is the reproductive instinct. And the one that is the source of pleasure. Since the times of a person's awareness of himself are not fixed anywhere, then one will have to be content with known facts.

Turning to history, you can learn interesting facts about the presence of free love in absolutely all nations. Ancient excavations in various regions are replete with phallic symbols. It's not hard to assume that sex mattered a lot.

Ancient Greece, for example. Completely free relationships were present everywhere and were not condemned in any way. Moreover, in those days there was no difference at all with whom to delight your body: a man - well, great, a woman - wonderful! Even the gods of Olympus themselves allowed themselves freedom in relationships. What can we say about mere mortals

Ancient Rome, too, gladly entered into intimate relationships, not really bothering with moral aspects. China did not lag behind its contemporaries. India has successfully recorded a treatise on sex, Kama Sutra and Peach Branches. Well, obviously all this did not come from a monogamous relationship. Fortunately, the anatomical features of the compatibility of the sizes of the genitals are unlikely to appear from theoretical inferences

As for the ancient Slavs, they are even more interesting. Having been born in Russia, they did not condemn the girl who gave birth before marriage. The baby in the hem was a gorgeous bonus: the girl is not deadwood. And if she carried it from a princely warrior, and even gave birth to a boy, then there was a line of people who wanted to marry her

Whatever one may say, but sex before the wedding was not condemned. But why then did people itch to legitimize the relationship, if it was possible to throw off a couple of hundred calories without much expense under the nearest bush?

It's all about the usual pros and cons2

The disadvantages of premarital relationships include several points.

air kiss
air kiss

Venus disease. This is a classic of free love. But only in headless representatives of homosapiens. Actually, in ancient times, people, although they understood where children come from and learned to protect themselves, everything was bad with hygiene. Sexually transmitted diseases flourished

  • Moral aspect. Everything is twofold here. On the one hand, it seems to be not fatal, especially if for love and consent, on the other, something is lost in the human essence. Sex for the sake of sex burns out some bits in everyone's soul.
  • Illegitimate children. Before the advent of Christianity in Russia, a child from a hem did not differ in any way from children born in marriage. But with the advent of religion, such children passed into the category of the lowest representatives of the community. The same thing happened in other worlds. Such children had no rights.

Of course, you don't need to be seven inches in the forehead to understand that the pluses came from the minuses. Monogamous relationships have given and are giving 100% protection from "shameful" sores. That is why the custom of confirming virginity is widespread among many peoples. In women, it is not so easy to identify the disease, in contrast to men. And as a rule, the sick woman became a time bomb

The marriage made it possible to improve the well-being of the girl's family. It is not for nothing that the sale of the bride is widespread in all marriage rites: kalym, matchmaking. All this took place for all mankind


Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that free love during the time of Tsar Pea was an absolutely neutral phenomenon.

Free love in modern society3

Now there is no less puritanism in society. People with foam at the mouth defend purity and purity, but at the same time part with their virginity at the age of 16. It was possible to disguise the dance of hormones with the help of psychology.

Absolutely all psychologists claim that the sex life of a couple is one of the main components of marriage. In part, one can agree with them. But you will not be full of sex alone, as well as general interests. And in order to more fully understand the essence of what has been said, you can consider several banal situations.

Situation one

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. They had everything beautiful: love, tenderness and other attributes of a classic couple. Both were inexperienced: pure, like lambs. They became friends before the wedding and got married. What and how to do on their wedding night, both have no idea. But they lost their virginity. It's good if the result is quite positive. They coped and did not drive each other into complexes. And if not? An inept guy can completely discourage a lady's interest in sex, because the defloration process is beautiful only in books. As a result, the acquired frigidity will completely break the marriage.


Naturally, in the age of high technology, people understand that sex is not only a "sandwich" pose. But the girl's disgust for the copulation process will completely deprive both of the opportunity to achieve complete harmony in the relationship. Well, there and divorce is not far off. Plus the size of the instruments of love. Tales about "the more the better" - complete nonsense. How many men suffer from a big "friend"! This is cool only in porn videos, but in life a poor partner can look for a fifth corner in a hut.

It's the same with the tickler. Either there was someone inside, or it was not: it is difficult to make out, as well as to enjoy. And if there were a relationship, it would become clear whether a partner is suitable or not.

Situation two

The first story is taken as a basis, but with a significant difference: the guys have sex. Are the pluses visible? Yes, just with the naked eye. In an intimate relationship there is everything: tenderness, relaxedness, trust. Both of them get incredible pleasure. In this situation, it is a sin not to marry. This is in a good scenario.

If unsuccessful, something went wrong: the size, lack of constraint, the desire to learn something new and other nuances, simply repel partners. Accordingly, the relationship is gradually coming to an end. It is true: why marry and live in mental "coma" all your life? Dissatisfaction with the intimate side of the relationship will definitely lead to problems not only of the emotional plan, but also affect the physical level.


Realizing that free love allows you to study your partner not only from the external and mental side, you can draw simple conclusions: premarital relationships are good. But only only if there is a couple who is going to tie their lives forever.

“You are attractive; I am damn attractive. Why waste time?”4

In general, people, being an integral part of the fauna, obey the same laws of the universe as other animals on the planet. No one will deny that a person is an ordinary biological object. The instincts are the same as those of the deer in the tundra: eat, sleep, post the female. People are no different. A full stomach, a full body, warm and dry. It is not worth condemning humanity for sex without dating. Animal instinct, and nothing can be done about it.

In any case, it is very unpleasant for a healthy, strong man to solve his sexual problems with the help of his right hand. As well as a woman to store a whole arsenal of sex toys in her nightstand. No, this is not bad, this is normal, such are the customs and modern sex now, this is not only at home under the covers. It is so diverse, just touch.

But a surrogate will never replace the original. The problem isn't that two people decided to end a pleasant evening with dessert in bed. The problem is in relation to this. Of course, safety must come first: barrier contraception. Well, everything else is already on the conscience of the partners themselves. We got a release - we parted. And nobody owes anything to anyone. What if the bed underneath them broke? And the partners looked at each other with different eyes? There is every chance that another unit of society will appear. And quite happy.

girl in the bathroom
girl in the bathroom

Flowers do not grow on the beaten path5

The flip side of the coin is what pisses off Puritan society. More often than not, sex is not a reason for dating. He has no respect for his partner, he has sympathy, of course, but not at that level. These are banal "ooh-sighs" in a bar toilet or in a car. This is sex where the urge is. I just wanted it and that's it.

But the mistake is that sexual energy is incredibly powerful. It can fill and create, and it can devastate and destroy. This is the kind of burnout that prostitutes suffer.

The emotional desert of their souls affects their appearance as well. The people say so "shabby vidocq". People who indulge in promiscuous sex look much worse than others. After all, there is a complete distribution of sexual resources, but there is no filling.

In addition, the fact is known that "flowers do not grow on the trodden path." This means banal infertility. In principle, there is a completely logical explanation for this. Those comrades who absolutely do not care where to "stick" potential carriers of infection. As a rule, they do not really bother with hygiene and their own safety. Few people remember the condom in a drunken stupor. And then it’s a matter of technology: the more partners, the more dirt.

free love hippie
free love hippie

This licentiousness is due to the highly popular hippie movement. "Children of Flowers" promoted sex as a tool of peace. Their motto: "make love, not war", many perceive as a call for complete emancipation. Actually, that's what happened. The communes organized by the hippies were more like the "Swedish family". Under the guise of love for the whole world and universal freedom, bulk sin has become the most common thing. Well, yes, probably, if you choose between sex and war, then it's better to somersault in the hayloft than running around with a gun.

All ages are submissive to love6

Sex culture must have its place in the upbringing of adolescents. For some reason, this topic is stubbornly hushed up by parents. The strange thing is that people of the older generation completely forget about their adolescence and enthusiastically tell parables about chastity. The problem is not how many partners a girl or boy will have at the time of the wedding. The problem is in relation to this. The core of good behavior must be strengthened in childhood.

It is necessary to talk with children without cuts, without hypocrisy and falsehood. Of course, you shouldn't let them into the secrets of the marriage bed. But it is necessary to teach the culture of intimate relationships. The main thing is to convey to teenagers that sex can be both clean and dirty. That doing it before the wedding is both good and bad. It is necessary to teach safe sex, respect for a partner, the development of sexual relations within a couple. A correct explanation of the nature of sex will help raise healthy people. Yes, sex will be present in their lives before the registration in the registry office, but it will be beautiful, correct.

girl in the bathroom
girl in the bathroom

Even if a son or daughter allows themselves sex at an early age, they will not give birth at the age of 16 because they will not only know where the children come from. The culture of sex will be brought up in them. They will not become a "chest of surprises" in the form of gonorrhea or trichomoniasis, because they will know about safety. But again: it is unlikely that teenagers with the right upbringing will rush to lose their innocence just because they have already tried everything, but they have not. Most likely, what their parents want will happen. Intimacy will come only after children understand that it is the person with whom they want to taste all the fruits of the secret life of adults.

Well, as for the ardent defenders of virginity, they should start with themselves. The main question for them is: how are things with virginity themselves? I especially want to ask men: spending your time in search of a pure and pure, a virgin himself? And if not, who did you print yourself with? Oh, this is the exclusive right of men to premarital sex ?! Here, huh, it means! Until they give an answer for themselves, there is nothing to flutter their nerves for normal, morally mature and responsible people with the right attitude to free love, even if they are only 16.

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