Signs Of A Henpecked. How To Define Such A Man?

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Signs Of A Henpecked. How To Define Such A Man?
Signs Of A Henpecked. How To Define Such A Man?

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under the heel
under the heel

Henpecked - an ironic definition of a man who is under the absolute control of his woman. It is sometimes very difficult to recognize a caring attitude towards your soul mate from complete submission. Where is that thin line separating a sensitive husband from a spineless being? It is very difficult to define it. But you can still try.

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A woman not only knows where the man works, she knows the work schedule by heart, controlling the arrival and departure from work with calls. She also knows how much time is spent on the road. The woman is aware of who he is working with, the phone numbers of colleagues, she knows his secretary and accountant, her boss in absentia, and is interested in what is happening at work in all details. She regularly visits: she passed by and decided to stop by. Attending her husband's work with children is her favorite hobby. Information about the receipt of wages and its amount comes to her phone.


A woman not only knows the size and time of receiving the man's salary, all the expense cards are with her, she checks and limits the amount of pocket money, controls their daily expenditure. Requires a detailed report on spending: how much he spent on gasoline, how much the lunch cost, how much was thrown off for a gift to a colleague. Money from additional earnings without discussion goes to the family piggy bank: on vacation, for repairs, for a new refrigerator.


Good friends are her friends, and only they can be invited to visit or go to a restaurant. A man's friends are all irresponsible, alcohol-addicted bums who constantly turn a man against his "holy" wife. If among them there is a more successful man than her man, only he will be invited to a family holiday, and in the presence of his spouse he will be given maximum attention.

Gen 4

The couple go shopping together. Is a man able to choose the right sausage, take yogurt and not look at the expiration date. The dress or blouse must be approved - for him a woman wants to look beautiful. The shirt will take the wrong quality or color, the portfolio will not fit the child.

Home cleaning is also carried out together, only the woman says what to do, the man does: where to vacuum, what to wash, where to put the bedside table, what detergent to use. One thing is entrusted to a man on his own - taking out the garbage. To feed or redeem a child - again you cannot cope without a man. Cooking dinner - the presence of a man in the kitchen is mandatory: peel potatoes or try to see if there is enough salt in the sauce, and beer spoils the appetite before eating.

How to understand that a man is under the thumb
How to understand that a man is under the thumb

Leisure and rest5

A weekend or vacation is planned by a woman. A man can only agree and try to be in a good mood, so as not to spoil the rest with his appearance. Every Saturday is spent on a trip to her mom because she missed her. And my husband's mother came herself a couple of months ago, and calls every evening. Every Sunday is dedicated to walks with children in the park - you should spend at least one day with your family.

On vacation, a man will also not be left to be sad alone, he, together with the faithful, will go around all the attractions of the resort. Soaking up the mud in the spa together is fun and good for the skin, while sunbathing is strictly on schedule. And the spouse visits the club only with his lady - what friends, after all, we came to rest together!

A man's free time belongs entirely to a woman, because he was busy all day at work and missed his soul mate. Lying together on the couch watching her favorite TV series is an ordinary evening in the family. Football or action movies are nonsense, a man was already nervous at work, but at home he "appreciates peace and quiet." Going to the gym or going to yoga - only together, the spouses should have common interests.

With friends in the movies or on a fishing trip, you need to take time off in advance, it would be nice to warn you a couple of weeks in advance so as not to disrupt all plans. If, nevertheless, it was unexpected (he informed his wife about the outing only the night before), then one should prepare for the next several days of undisguised ignorance and repeated reminiscences for a month, or even more.

A man under the thumb
A man under the thumb

And in general, a man specially gains free time in order to be with his beloved, he already does his personal affairs all day. The husband unexpectedly does not have a favorite hobby, he and his wife already have common interests, which she is fond of for the sake of her husband. And a hobby, in the wife's opinion, is just an excuse to distance herself from her: are you already tired of me?

By default, the spouse goes to parties of colleagues, meetings of classmates with her husband. What will friends say if he comes alone? And when she cannot get out for some reason, then the husband should not walk, so as not to make her worry about him.

Lack of independence6

A man has bad taste, he cannot even choose the right tie for his shirt. Therefore, he is incredibly lucky that his woman has both taste and time to do it for him and for him: what suit to wear, how many shirts to have, when to buy jeans, wear sneakers or shoes, which panties are not harmful to health. What shampoo to use, what haircut to make, how many times to shave - a man's appearance is determined by the woman's taste, even if it does not correspond to the man's desire or fashion.

Total control7

Absolute control - that's why it is absolute, therefore it also extends to the personal space of a man. The password on the mobile phone or laptop should be voiced or there should be no password at all: do you have something to hide from me? Plans for the day or evening (if they have the right to be) are negotiated and must coincide with the woman's plans and, of course, are approved by her.

Facts that a guy is under the thumb
Facts that a guy is under the thumb

In the bathroom, in the midst of the woman's numerous bottles and jars, there is one shelf for the man's toothbrush, razor and shampoo. And not the fact that only he uses the razor. A pair of suit hangers in the closet and a bottom shelf for linen and socks are enough.

It would seem that it doesn't matter how many shelves a man has in the closet or pillows in a common bed, but this also, albeit indirectly, determines what place a man occupies in the house, and therefore in a woman's heart. Much has been said about the leisure and recreation of the henpecked man, but I want to repeat myself, because this is part of the definition of personal space. But here, too, every step is subject to total control.

In general, a man becomes a doll, a puppet that exists to earn pennies and satisfy women's whims. The man is losing himself. He doesn't live his own life. They simply take it away from him. He lives, exists, for someone and for someone. When a doll breaks, it is simply thrown away and forgotten. This is scary.

The guy under the heel of his beloved
The guy under the heel of his beloved

Such families - through one. And that's scary too. After all of the above, if, when analyzing relationships, a man has 2 or more points that match, you can classify yourself as a risk group. And what to do with it or not to do anything and leave everything as it is is a personal matter for everyone. In the end, maybe this is better? Life is easier with less responsibility.

And perhaps, yes, no, for sure, this is how a man shows his concern for his beloved woman. Or maybe the decision is not about you, man? And you just love powerful bitches and women bitches, and control over your life brings you tremendous satisfaction?

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