A Quick Guide To How Easy It Is To Learn To Kiss

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A Quick Guide To How Easy It Is To Learn To Kiss
A Quick Guide To How Easy It Is To Learn To Kiss

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how to learn to kiss correctly
how to learn to kiss correctly

The first kiss makes an indelible impression on a person, it will be remembered for a lifetime. Therefore, it is so important that this memory is pleasant. You will learn how to learn to kiss and do it right in this article.

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  • 1 A little about the kiss
  • 2 Necessary conditions for the right kiss
  • 3 How to bring a kiss closer?
  • 4 Kiss technique
  • 5 After the kiss

A little about the kiss

You would like to know how to kiss a girl or a guy correctly, but everywhere they write about it so vaguely. Your excitement is understandable, because a lot depends on the first kiss. For example, will your relationship continue as a couple or will have to break up. Or maybe the first time things don't go the way you expected, and this will greatly affect your self-esteem. The main advice is to trust nature.

No theory can replace practice, and in a person in the deep consciousness there are skills that will reveal themselves if you allow yourself to relax while kissing. You need to know what there is such a thing as physical compatibility. And no matter how hard you try and skill, if your partner is not yours, your experience will not affect the outcome of events in any way.

If a person does not like the smell, taste of the partner's saliva, which, I must say, contains a large amount of testosterone, then nothing can be changed. The chemical composition of saliva gives information about a person, which enters the brain, and from there a signal is received, after which a reaction occurs - sudden disgust, coldness, or, conversely, strong excitement and attraction.

Prerequisites for a Right Kiss2

So you've decided that today it will happen. Take care of the freshness of your breath, this is an important question.

Bad smell can scare anyone away. Fortunately, there is a toothpaste and toothbrush that will come to your aid. Grab small refreshing pills or mints on your date.

Chewing gum is good for freshening the breath, but it causes increased salivation, which will interfere with a proper kiss. At first, a kiss that is too wet can provoke rejection.

Try not to eat odorous foods like garlic sausage, onions and various spices the day before. More practical skills and answers to the question of how to kiss a guy in our article.

How to bring a kiss closer? 3

Sometimes it can be difficult to take the first steps to transition to a kiss. How do you know when it's time? And how to start a kiss without scaring the couple with an unexpected action? If you are walking together, you can make light tactile contact by lightly touching your partner while talking, but the touch should be innocent. If this is him, you can touch the shoulder, back, torso. If it is her, touch her arm, neck, or forearm.

how to kiss correctly
how to kiss correctly

You can try hugging her slightly, but only if she doesn't mind. During communication, look into her face more often, imperceptibly approaching. It is a good practice to periodically glance at her lips, nibbling or licking your own. If you feel tension building up, gently touch the back of her head or back and gently pull her towards you. If she tries to dodge, don't continue. Feel her pliability - it's time to start kissing.

Kiss technique4

There are many different kissing techniques. At first, it is better to do with a few of the most delicate ones. Before kissing, lick your lips so that they are not dry. If there is a lot of saliva from excitement in the mouth, you need to swallow it so as not to ruin the kiss.

Bring your face closer to the couple's face, and part your lips with the tip of your tongue. Gently grab your partner's upper or lower lip with yours and suck it gently. You do not need to be too zealous so as not to leave obvious traces of aspiration.

You can use your tongue in kissing, but do not push your tongue too deeply and forcefully into your partner's mouth, this technique is usually unpleasantly shocking. Lick your partner's lips, mouth tip, teeth with the tip of your tongue. Use lips and tongue alternately, or both.

how to learn to kiss correctly
how to learn to kiss correctly

A very effective technique is the "kissing path". Light, shallow kisses from lips to ear, and below to neck. In this case, you can slightly hug the girl to you, and the girl can gently stroke the back of a young man, or clasp his head with her hands.

In a kiss, it is advisable to use light biting and sucking on the partner's earlobes. It is a very sensitive place and it gives rise to a lot of pleasant sensations.

If you pay attention to the neck, it will only add positive emotions. After kissing the neck, you can also bite and suck it slightly, use your hot breath as an instrument of love play.

Do not forget about stroking, hugging. Your caresses should be innocent so as not to frighten off your partner.

After the kiss5

If you've already figured out how to kiss with your tongue, it's time to get to that awkward moment when the kiss is over. Usually, many are embarrassed, lost, hide their eyes even after the most successful kiss, and this spoils the impression of such an important event.

how to learn to kiss
how to learn to kiss

When it's time to finish the kiss, don't break away from your partner. Slowly move your face away, look into the eyes of your beloved or beloved, smile warmly and affectionately. Tell me what a wonderful evening it was. After that, you can step back slightly and give a light kiss goodbye.

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