First Date Behavior: Should You Be Frank?

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First Date Behavior: Should You Be Frank?
First Date Behavior: Should You Be Frank?
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how to impress on a first date
how to impress on a first date

First date. How many emotions a person experiences, preparing for it: excitement, anticipation, desire. Merging together, these emotions can influence behavior during the meeting. There are probably details from your sex life that you don't really want to do with your significant other, let alone the person you just met on the Internet. So how honest do you need to be on a first date?

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  • 1 The thin line between lying and reticence
  • 2 Is Drama Friend or Foe?
  • 3 Role of welfare
  • 4 Do not go beyond
  • 5 What needs to be frank?

The thin line between lies and reticence

There is an obvious difference between “lying” and “hiding information,” especially when it comes to dating. If you are dating one girl and you are asking for a date, so that both of you don't know about it, that's a lie. And the argument “so you didn't ask if I have a girlfriend, I didn't say” will definitely not work. Going on a date with a girl and hiding the dirty details of the last breakup doesn't make you a liar.

You are under no obligation to disclose such personal information. Even if she asked how your last relationship ended, you have the right to refuse to answer. To tactfully dodge an awkward conversation, say, “This is difficult, but I’ll go into more detail about this another time,” before quickly changing the subject. First dates are not about revealing all the secrets, not about being overly candid - they are about finding out if you are the right match, how strong the spark is to ignite the flame between you.

The correspondent of the famous women's magazine, Bridget Faulkner, shared her experience of meeting with overly explicit men. She remembered one terrible date. The young man talked about the fact that all his previous passions changed right and left, and now he is prone to frequent manifestations of despotism and totalitarian control. If it wasn't a first date, she would have sympathized with him. But it's too frank for the first time, isn't it? Since then, Bridget has not seen him again.

Talk about something distracted, do not make the evening too dramatic and frank, giving away one secret after another. Excessive honesty on the first date is repulsive and leaves less and less chance of further communication. I mean, if you are meeting a guy for the first time, you should not talk about the manifestation of "despotism and totalitarian control", even if such features are inherent in you. It is worth keeping silent about this until the time when you understand what you want to share, and that your partner is ready to hear it. On the first date, try to say anything about your former lovers at all, to name their number (especially if it is impressive).

K / f
K / f

Is Drama Friend or Foe? 2

Another enemy of a good date is pity. Gentlemen, well, in fact, are you men or women - your personal psychologists? Have you decided to have a good time or burden your partner with your own problems? Pity does not work as well as it is used to portray it in films, TV shows and books. No, a companion will not jump into your bed if she hears a story about how children made fun of your long nose in childhood, or that your father sometimes allowed himself to raise his hand against you. Pity does not inspire respect and does not ennoble in a woman's eyes - stop acting out.

The role of well-being3

Another cliché - the richer a man, the more likely a woman will fall for him. Firstly, bragging about the material condition on the first or any kind of date speaks of insecurity. A person should be worth something by himself, without finances. Secondly, excessive generosity indicates that a man is trying to bribe a woman, which indicates disrespect for her.

Don't go outside4

So, judging by the experience of dating hundreds of girls, a general conclusion was drawn that will help to understand what seems repulsive for girls.

Uncertainty. Of course, everyone gets a share of emotional excitement before their first date. It's quite normal. But if your goal is to make a good impression on a lady, she should see a strong, independent person in front of her, not an emotional and insecure one.

First date
First date

Past. It can be briefly mentioned, but you shouldn't make it the topic of the whole evening. Yes, and one more thing: when a girl asks about the past, she is interested in knowing about her childhood, past hobbies, friends, and not about the one who broke your heart, and how long it took to get over the breakup.

Money. Nothing kills a pleasant mood like a person who complains. A person who complains about a lack or an abundance of money does not cause any other emotions other than boredom and the desire to end the date faster.

Where do you need to be frank? five

It has already been said that you need to understand the border between lying and hiding harmless information, but what you don't really want to talk about. However, there are questions in which you need to be as frank as possible.

If you have children, tell them right away. It is better if this is revealed at the stage of communication on the Internet, and not when you have already met in reality. Give it out right away, before something really starts between you.

Talk about the future. This does not mean that you need to talk about all your plans in great detail, but if you plan to move to another country and do not want children, be honest about it. Moreover, having aspirations and goals is very sexy.

Frank conversations on the first date
Frank conversations on the first date

It would seem that it is not worth mentioning that you need to be honest when it comes to marital status. However, there are hundreds of examples when they don't talk about this either, simply because they do not consider that partner to be a legal spouse. Understand, when you say: "We live separately" does not mean "single", it means "still married."

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