Pictures And Photos Of Respectable Aged Men

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Pictures And Photos Of Respectable Aged Men
Pictures And Photos Of Respectable Aged Men

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solid man
solid man

A solid man is always a reflection of feelings of social significance, positioning and identifying him with capital, stability, solidity, reliability and strength, the ability to inspire confidence, show an important look, and make an impressive impression on others.

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  • 1 Solidity as a character trait
  • 2 Perfection of the style of a respectable man
  • 3 How to look more respectable?
  • 4 Mistakes When Choosing Clothes
  • 5 Small parts and accessories give solidity

Solidity as a character trait i

Solidity is a kind of embodiment of masculinity for a man, and for a woman efficiency. Women, describing such a man, say: "I am behind him, like behind a stone wall."

Many people think that external surroundings can add this very solidity and thereby increase their importance and role in society, the collective, and, perhaps, the family. However, this is just an appearance. No matter how much you dress up a fussy, talkative and insecure man in expensive suits, solid shoes, fashionable ties, sooner or later he will give himself away. The people around them will understand that they are just a representative of pseudo-solidity, not representing anything.

Solidity is a set of external, psychological, emotional qualities, thus it can be argued that a solid man is a collective image, characterized by many features that are harmoniously combined and coexist in one person. Such a person shows confidence in his abilities, realizing his significance and irreplaceability.

Solidity, as a character trait, helps him realize the weight of what has already been done and what remains to be done. Such people multiply it, transferring it to the minds of others. People feel a respectable person on a subconscious level, immediately distinguishing the fake from the original.

The word solidity comes from the Latin word solidus, which means whole, full, solid, massive. Thus, people, in particular about men who have solidity, are characterized by a respectful attitude towards others, firmness, self-confidence, the integrity of a person as an individual who knows what he wants from life, who has a core and respects himself and others.

Interpersonal communication is a testing ground for a respectable man. It is impossible to imagine a respectable representative of the male half of humanity in an open mouth, chatting tirelessly, in general idle talk and verbiage. Solidity helps a person to convey the essence of each word to people to the fullest, affecting their mind, feelings and reason. The people around actively not only listen to the speaker, but also hear his every word, listen and realize what he wants to convey to the audience.

what does a respectable man look like
what does a respectable man look like

A respectable man will hardly have to raise the tone of his voice, shout down or interrupt his interlocutor, he is characterized by absolute confidence that his every word will be heard and understood. Men with solid qualities tend to slowly express their point of view and thoughts, based on iron and irrefutable arguments.

The slightest doubt or hesitation in the voice is unacceptable, it is impossible even to imagine that, say, Stalin, Zhukov or Churchill with a different manner of communication.

Respectable people know how to keep the pause necessary to think about the answer to a question. The interlocutor, feeling the weight of solidity, will not rush his opponent; he will not even think that he is being disrespected, realizing that solidity is characterized by balanced and well-grounded words. In addition, people appreciate that solidity immediately "takes the bull by the horns", that is, it does not compete with talkers and idle talkers in eloquence. A respectable person knows that with one phrase he is ready to move mountains and turn the crowd in his direction. He values ​​his time and someone else's.

Perfection of the style of a respectable man2

A respectable man knows how to behave in such a way that he will be listened to in a T-shirt, and in shorts, and in jeans. However, in the material world, great importance is attached to the image of the interlocutor and his appearance. Clothes, footwear and even more an accessory play an important role in shaping the image of a respectable man.

how does a respectable man behave
how does a respectable man behave

Solid men are betrayed by style, and things do not have to be very expensive, but of high quality. Solid men tend to buy ultra-fashionable and modern models, but they do not intend to merge with the crowd, but usually they prefer classic models, since at heart they are conservatives. As a rule, even in their youth, they develop their own unique style of clothing, as well as the ability to keep themselves in society.

Research has proven that mature and confident people tend to wear dark colors in clothing. Respectable people prefer graphite, black and dark blue in their clothes. Solid clothes must be of high quality, fit perfectly and be clean. In the modern world, as well as many centuries ago, they are greeted by their clothes. At the present time, the services of dress and behavior consultants at business meetings or in business circles are not uncommon.

Often these are professionals in their field who will select an image for a newcomer for a specific event and help avoid mistakes. Leaders of many states, high-ranking officials and public figures learn over a long period of time to make the right impression. Only after some time it is possible to master this science, then solidity becomes something natural, which is given to a person by nature.

How to look more respectable? 3

The reference solidity is inherent in self-sufficient and self-confident people. It is easily diagnosed, if you shake off external tinsel from a person, then there will be no trace of solidity. Imaginary solidity is characterized by fears, even petty ones, such as: loss of business, loss of popularity with women, aging or inappropriate body, receiving criticism or condemnation from others, and so on. Such pseudo-solidity is quickly calculated by children, reflecting their attitude in behavior.

how to recognize a respectable man
how to recognize a respectable man

If the oratory, skill and rules of behavior in society need some time, then to create an entourage, not forgetting about the main components, you can do it instantly, without putting your dreams and aspirations on the back burner. Creating an image of a respectable man begins with subtle details.

Here are just some, but not insignificant elements of the image of a respectable man:

The state of health plays an important role - a toned body, a snow-white smile, an even and healthy skin color already makes the interlocutor pay attention to himself. A person full of health instills confidence, these traits speak of a high vitality, resistance to stress and a readiness for dedication

To look healthy, you must first visit a gastroenterologist and dentist, because no one likes bad breath, since a person is preparing to impress the interlocutor with the help of his oratorical qualities. Adjust your diet, eat healthier food that contains an excess of fiber and protein, unfortunately, you will have to forget about buns and fast carbohydrates, as well as about snacks during the day. Meals should be fractional 5-6 times a day, but balanced.

Particular attention should be paid to the problem of dandruff, since, firstly, it does not look aesthetically pleasing on the shoulders, to put it mildly, secondly, dandruff is unlikely to give confidence in communicating with anyone, and, thirdly, in men, unfortunately this problem is very common due to the more intensive production of sebum, which is the reason for the spread of the fungus on the scalp.

what does a respectable man mean
what does a respectable man mean

A man's appearance should always be neat. Solid men are distinguished by accuracy in everything and even some pedantry. Hair should be clean (hair is washed more often than in women due to physiological characteristics), the hairstyle must be styled

Particular attention, since a respectable man in communication uses not only words, but also sign language, should be paid to his hands, or rather his nails. They should always be trimmed short, the same length, and the cuticle free from burrs. Nowadays, men are increasingly turning to manicure masters for hygienic hardware manicure, which should be regular.

Paying tribute to fashion, you should pay attention to beards, beards and mustache. Wearing this element of his image obliges a man to monitor facial hair more carefully. The beard requires much more demanding care than the scalp - it is tougher and can hardly be styled with conventional means. Owners of a beard and mustache are still recommended to contact the professionals in the barber shop, where, without unnecessary fuss, they will be given a contour, removed unnecessary hairs, cut and styled, and, if desired, tinted (as a rule, men are skeptical about coloring).

The perfume should have a delicate aroma, and it should be applied on a clean body in order to avoid an unpleasant combination of odors, the amount of applied perfume should not be in excess, a light aroma with cedar or musky notes is enough.

Clothes and footwear. Taste and style play an important role in the matter of a man's solidity. A modern man's wardrobe should be varied, and when buying suits, one should consider the fact that two pairs of trousers are usually purchased for one jacket, since they wear out to a considerable extent than the upper element of the suit

who is a respectable man
who is a respectable man

Not many men are ready to spend all day in the store choosing the details of their wardrobe. In order to optimize the time spent, you can pay attention to online stores, with dimensional grids, the quality of materials and sewing of which the man is already familiar.

Shoes should be given, if not more, then at least as much attention as clothing. It should sit perfectly, not cause discomfort. If possible, you need to purchase 3-4 pairs of shoes for each season, especially in the off-season, when it is raining or slush outside. Even if the manufacturer promises that the outer material will reliably protect the shoes from getting wet, then she, like a person, still needs rest. In addition, wet shoes become a good incubator for the growth of fungi and bacteria, fraught with an unpleasant persistent odor.

The question of appearance must be approached comprehensively, based on the above information. It is worth noting that the process itself as a result may take a long time, but the game, as they say, is worth the candle.

Mistakes when choosing clothes4

A suit made of corduroy or velor evokes an association with a child who was poisoned by his mother in kindergarten for a matinee or so that he would not freeze. In general, corduroy, as a material, is not very suitable for a business style; nevertheless, preference should be given to wool fabrics in their pure form or with the addition of other fibers

man straightens his tie
man straightens his tie
  • Inconsistency of the length of the socks, which, when the legs are crossed, do not allow the leg to be bare;
  • A used handkerchief, accessories for such a purpose should always be fresh and clean;
  • An unironed shirt or suit, no matter how expensive they are, will immediately lose their aesthetic appearance. Preference in cleaning suits and trousers should still be given to specialized organizations, as for shirts, they must be ironed carefully, without creases, paying special attention to the sleeves;
  • An improperly tied tie, its length and the knot itself can play a cruel joke when forming an image. Ideally, the tie should touch the top edge of the belt, and knotting should be practiced before knitting.
  • The presence of too many bright elements in a suit that are inappropriate in a business style;
  • The combination of various styles in a suit, for example, sports and military, with elements of patch pockets or shoulder straps.

Small parts and accessories give solidity5

Correctly selected accessories can beneficially complement the image of a respectable man and even present it in a new light. It must be remembered that you need to give preference only to accessories made of high-quality materials, since cheap fakes can completely cancel out all the efforts of a man to choose clothes and shoes.

solid man
solid man

Accessories for a man should contain restraint, elegance and quality. However, the number of accessories shouldn't be too many.

The choice of accessories is based on the personal taste preferences of a man, but there are still certain criteria in their choice, for example, if the accessory is planned to be presented to a celebration as a gift:

  1. A quality suit and a watch are indispensable components of the image of a respectable man.
  2. Every detail of the look is important.
  3. Platinum and silver are the most suitable metals for a man;
  4. You should pay attention to the combination of the selected accessories with the existing items of clothing in texture, color and style.

The most important accessories that will help a man to emphasize his solidity are:

Clock. A mechanical watch combined with a leather strap to match other accessories is the main indicator of status and prestige. A less profitable option may be a quartz watch or an electronic one, which is more suitable for sports

about respectable men
about respectable men
  • A tie clip should serve primarily a practical function. It is better to give preference to silver shades.
  • Cufflinks should go well with a tie clip, be concise and fit into the overall style. Cufflinks are attached to shirts with double cuffs.
  • The belt should match the color and texture of the shoe. It is important in this accessory, in addition to quality and color, the presence of a laconic buckle without monograms, inscriptions and other hippie paraphernalia.
  • A man's clutch or wallet has a more practical function. It should be roomy, but not bulky, allow you to put bills and small money, which can be easily removed if necessary. Also, a purse should be combined with other leather elements of a man's wardrobe. You should not carry a wallet in a pocket of your trousers or jacket, this attitude will quickly lead both things to an unpresentable look.
  • A pen along with a watch can tell a lot about a man's social status and his place in society. They recommend choosing models from reliable manufacturers with a history.
characteristic of a respectable man
characteristic of a respectable man
  • A men's bag, like all wardrobe items, should perform a practical function and look elegant and expensive. The size of the bag, its functionality depends primarily on the owner. Do not choose a bag with many secret pockets - in the end it can confuse its owner in finding the right things. The choice of a bag depends on the man's lifestyle, for example, a briefcase is suitable for an office employee, and a backpack for a student.
  • The men's scarf, despite its popularity in the past few years, still not every man dares to wear, giving preference to bow ties or ties.

An umbrella is an essential part of an accessory that is a must-have in the off-season just to get to the car or walk in the park. The umbrella should be with a calm restrained print in that outerwear. It is better to pay attention to umbrellas with anti-wind protection, which have plastic axles that will not break even with strong gusts

Before rushing into the abyss of premature purchases of status things, you must remember that a respectable man is, first of all, character, endurance, the ability to present oneself and lead in society, and not at all elements of wardrobe and accessories. Solidity is a science that can be learned with patience and sufficient time to learn.

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