How To Propose To A Girl So That She Does Not Refuse

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How To Propose To A Girl So That She Does Not Refuse
How To Propose To A Girl So That She Does Not Refuse
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The art of proposing or getting engaged has always been the case. At all times and among all peoples, there were rituals in which the young declared themselves a couple. The times of Tsar Pea have long since sunk into oblivion, and few people arrange a festival for the whole village. But how can you make an offer so as not to get rejected?

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A very good solution is to tie the proposal to a certain date. It is best to choose a symbolic calendar day. This way the event will be better remembered. Few remember when the proposal was made, but the events will always be remembered. That is why it is better to focus on the symbolism of the calendar. By the way, if you're lucky and there will be grandchildren, the future grandmother will be able to tell the children a fascinating story of her marriage proposal.

Ring 2

The first and very important point. Surely the couple has already raised the issue of legalizing relations more than once. Then there will be no problem with the choice of the ring.

If not, then you will have to include intuition. We need to take a closer look at what kind of design the girl prefers. It can be a thin ring, graceful and elegant. Inlaid with stones is possible. Or, on the contrary, it can be impressive and massive, immediately declaring that from now on, the girl is associated with a young man.

The choice of metal color will be important. Everything is simple here. Girls have two extremes: gold and silver. But traditionally the ring should be gold. But in order to bring it as close as possible to your favorite silver, it is better to opt for white gold.

Inlaid with stones, these are purely individual wishes. But it is worth considering that this ring is worn constantly. Loss of stones will ruin the appearance of the ring. Therefore, the choice must be stopped on a more practical option. Let it be a little like the rings of grandmothers, but clinging to everything that has loops will be a manifestation of myopia.

make an offer
make an offer

The size! Here's what you can't forget. This is a very important detail. You can drag her ring off without a palette and select it. Or you can deploy a whole plan. It is enough to go to a jewelry store with a lady and try on something. So size will cease to be a mystery.


The most important thing to do is to think through the script. There is nothing worse than to blurt out such a serious thing in passing. This is the lot of the students of the underground. So you hear: "Hey, can we get married?" And in response, the banal asks: "Oh, fuck off, you moron!"

A visit to a cafe or restaurant can be quite boring, with the exception of live music directed specifically to the girl. But waving the bow in front of your nose can easily become annoying, and all the flair will disappear instantly. Going to a restaurant is far from an indicator of the success of an event. Only the waiters know how many tables are left empty.

The game option is much more interesting. It can be absolutely budgetary, or it can result in a pretty penny. But then someone like a fantasy will play out. If everything is bad with the script, you can contact the company that organizes the holidays. They will definitely succeed. Or you can just remember the children's game "Zarnitsa".

where to make an offer
where to make an offer

A win-win is to involve children. The younger the child, the more chances of hearing the cherished "yes". The kid will be needed to offer the ring. It looks incredibly touching, and the level of mimicry will go off scale.

A flash mob is much more difficult to organize, but if there are a large number of acquaintances who will gladly donate their personal time, then this option can also be considered.

In general, the more interesting and exciting the events will take place, the more chances you have to go to the registry office.

Image and style4

Only an ill-mannered person will make an offer in sweatpants and sneakers. No, of course, situations are different. Sometimes weeding a garden can make you want to make an offer right here and now, and a clamp for a watering pipe can serve as a ring. But the conversation will focus on the classics.

So, when inviting to a meeting at which a proposal is conceived, you need to think over your image to the smallest detail. It will directly depend on the scenario and venue. But the seriousness of the situation obliges you to certain things.

If this is a game proposal, with a twisted plot and quest, then, of course, you can be in a certain way. And if this is a classic of pure water, then the stricter the appearance, the better. So he shows the seriousness of his intentions. A neat appearance always betrays a well-mannered person. Although, if the relationship has crossed a certain line, then the proposal can be made under the covers, with a disheveled head and unclean teeth.

pig bride
pig bride

"One chamomile, two chamomile" 5

The choice of colors is outrageously simple: what he loves is what he needs to give. But without a bouquet in any way. You can also show up with a bunch of dill, if it is according to the scenario. But preference should be given to your favorite colors. By the way, it will be useful to look at the rules for offering a bouquet, namely the variety and meaning. Otherwise, you can be insulted.

It is not at all necessary to carry the bouquet yourself. You can arrange delivery, at least, home, at least to the office. The latter is even better. Because colleagues will roll their eyes and help convince you to agree.

The bouquet does not have to consist of only flowers. It is worth paying attention to sweet bouquets. If the girl is sweet, then this is a win-win option. Delicious has always paved the way for the desired solution.


Not to be confused with a ring. The gift should serve as a memory. Be a sentimental attachment. A gift can be absolutely anything, but for centuries. It's stupid to aim at a fur coat: the moth will eat it, but the designer casket in which the ring is hiding is already very interesting.

Any gift must be accompanied by sweets. The more original they are designed and presented, the less chances of rejection.

don't get refused
don't get refused


Speech needs to be thought out to the smallest detail. It should be started from afar, but not turned into Armenian toast. You need to describe everything: appearance, character, abilities and capabilities of the girl, indicate your vision of a joint future, wishes and dreams. And after that, smoothly lead to the cherished phrase. In general, praise your beloved, but do not overplay.


After consent is obtained, it is necessary to go to the future father-in-law and mother-in-law. Here it is better to give preference to the classic version. The speech should be sincere, sincere, but laconic. Still remember that "brevity is the sister of talent"? This is just such a case.

What to do in case of failure9

What else to do? You can faint, you can pout your lips offendedly, you can just go into the sunset with a bundle on a stick.

how to get over rejection
how to get over rejection

Disappointment, of course, will befall. But who forbids finding out the reason for the refusal? Most likely, the girl is simply not ready for such an important step. So do not go into hysteria and think that life is over. It is enough to turn off the conversation and then return to it again. By the way, in no case should you take gifts. Otherwise, it will look like greed, and will simply offend the girl. But with regard to the ring … There is more advice to the girls: they refused, so it is not comme il faut to take gifts.

A wedding is a very decisive step for two people who must act consciously, not the dictates of souls. And, although you can live your whole life in a civil marriage, every girl wants to wear a white dress.

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