How To Please A Girl? Working Ways To Become More Attractive

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How To Please A Girl? Working Ways To Become More Attractive
How To Please A Girl? Working Ways To Become More Attractive
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No luck with girls
No luck with girls

The main reason why young people cannot start harmoniously built relationships with the opposite sex is hidden in the guys' insecurity. This point can be supplemented by a low level of education, poor self-esteem and problems with speech production.

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  • 1 Statistical indicators
  • 2 How to present yourself in dealing with girls?
  • 3 What should you pay attention to?
  • 4 Common mistakes in communication

Because of this, it is very difficult for insecure guys to meet girls, which leads guys to stressful situations. What should you do if you are not lucky with the girls? Tips from experienced pickup trucks will tell you how to deal with the opposite sex.

Statistical indicatorsi

The statistical map shows with a high probability that girls are much more pleasant to communicate with a man who is courteous in his speech and behavior, can lead the conversation in the right direction and interest his companion. Naturally, such qualities are developed due to the fact that men from the very birth develop in themselves natural charisma and get rid of a heap of unnecessary complexes.

That is why young people who do not have such an attractive characteristic beauty experience serious discomfort in dealing with girls. What should they do to correct this situation?

Due to the fact that many girls are moving away from the well-established stereotypes about the ideal and beautiful man, it is not so difficult to meet and start a relationship with the best girl in town. The main thing is to start working on yourself and correctly display your advantages.

How to present yourself when dealing with girls? 2

Very often, young people go to various forums to find out what is the secret of successful guys and why they have no luck with girls? However, the tips are so simple that by applying them in everyday life, you can easily get rid of the complexes that have haunted you for years.

First of all, you need to understand where a well-built relationship begins. From an acquaintance, of course. In order to interest a certain girl, you do not need to know thousands of enticing greetings, which can not only discourage the girl, but also embarrass you. It is enough just not to be afraid of this event and continue to be yourself.

No luck with girls
No luck with girls

When meeting someone, no one wants to see in his interlocutor a liar who does not meet expectations. In order not to disappoint other people's expectations, you must try to be yourself, without unnecessary decorations. If shyness still prevails over comfortable communication, it is recommended to choose the most convenient topics for conversation.

The best advice in this situation is to use topics in communication that distract the lady from the image of your appearance. This way you will show your natural personality without unnecessary embellishment. This approach will help increase the chances of meeting the person more often.

The most comfortable topics for communication are the subject of discussion. To do this, you can go to the cinema, visit an exhibition, go to a concert or sports event. If this is not possible, discuss creativity, hobbies, art and music. This will help you find common intersections and get you a little closer.

How to become attractive
How to become attractive

The main rule at this stage of communication is not to go too far, so that a simple conversation on light topics does not develop into interrogation with passion. This approach will ruin any relationship with a person.

Also, psychologists do not recommend touching on personal topics that can spoil the impression of a full disclosure of their mental organization. It is better to postpone this moment until the lady decides to discuss such intimate and sensitive topics herself.

In addition, you should be as relaxed and relaxed as possible so as not to spoil communication with a person. It is best to first touch on the topics of your views on life and preferences in relation to certain subjects. When discussing some topics that may affect a person's self-esteem, you should be as gentle as possible. In addition, you cannot immediately speak negatively about any religious, political or other beliefs, so as not to spoil the impression of yourself.

How to attract a girl
How to attract a girl

What should you pay attention to? 3

Before you go on the first date with a person, you need to determine what attitudes and behaviors you need to adjust in yourself so that the meeting is as comfortable as possible for both of you.

  • Due to the fact that human society began to drive itself into a certain framework (work-home-work-home), you can very often meet people on the streets who are literally exhausted by life. This is due to the fact that people practically do not see the white light and are morally exhausted. Therefore, getting pleasure from a simple trip to the street is already a rare occurrence that can be envied. Precisely because we are surrounded by gloomy and gloomy people. If the girl is in this mood, the best advice is to try to fix the situation. That is why you should see the positive, even where it is not, in order to allow the new interlocutor to be more liberated in communicating with you.
  • You shouldn't try to complain about your new girlfriend's life. The thing is that every girl has a fixed concept of how courageous her boyfriend should be. Your complaints can only reinforce her belief that you cannot lead an independent life. Of course, when you can safely call each other "loved" people, then you can ask your partner for emotional support.
How to behave with girls
How to behave with girls
  • Of course, it is best if you treat with a positive attitude to communication with this lady, but do not overdo it with this quality so as not to spoil the connection.
  • If nothing worked out for you with this person, do not try to pursue him. It is better to immediately limit yourself in all desires and future plans, so as not to overdo it with your actions.
  • Remember to take care of the woman. Of course, no one asks you to make expensive gifts right away, but every girl deserves attention in the form of a small bouquet of flowers, regardless of your communication format.
  • Expand your horizons. Constantly updating the range of your opportunities and topics for discussion will allow you to interest your interlocutor. In addition, it will be much easier for you to discuss many topics, even no matter how well you know them.
How to attract a pretty girl
How to attract a pretty girl

And it is for this that psychologists have developed special systems that help timid people to adapt in the society of unfamiliar people. And besides, if you do not adhere to the following rules, you can leave the girl with the most unpleasant sensations associated with the first date.

Common mistakes in communication4

Each of the guys wants to like the girl with whom he goes on the first date as much as possible. And it is because of this desire that the most popular and common mistakes are made, which lead to the end of communication.

  • Flattery and unnecessary compliments. Of course, the girl will be glad if there is to say how beautifully she made up her eyes today. But you should not rely in communication only on the discussion of her appearance and indicate exactly how it would suit her better.
  • Exaggeration of your dignity and your personal indicators. Sooner or later, the girl will recognize the real you, which will make you not particularly comfortable meeting her further. For she will not appreciate your bragging efforts.
Mistakes in communicating with girls
Mistakes in communicating with girls

Excessive use of mate in communication. Not every girl will be happy if her boyfriend uses abusive words through every word unnecessarily

Following such simple instructions, a man will no longer have to guess why he is not lucky with girls, because further communication will be built much easier and more pleasant.

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