4 Reasons Why A Girl Is Not Ready For A Relationship

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4 Reasons Why A Girl Is Not Ready For A Relationship
4 Reasons Why A Girl Is Not Ready For A Relationship

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the girl is not ready for a relationship
the girl is not ready for a relationship

Having met a beautiful girl on the path of life, many guys rush headlong into the pool of love. Experiencing sensory experiences and physical attraction, representatives of the strong half of humanity, not paying attention to the needs of the chosen one, begin to "beat the closed door", not trying to pick up the "keys" at all.

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  • 1 Feelings are just beginning
  • 2 Fear of past relationships
  • 3 you are too closed
  • 4 Your way
  • 5 Hope dies last
  • 6 Arrange and conquer
  • 7 Persistence is not always the right method

And when faced with the indifference of their beloved, they become indignant, never trying to understand why the girl is not ready for a relationship.

A girl may not be ready for a relationship, and there are several reasons for this:

  1. The feeling is just beginning.
  2. We need to get to know each other better.
  3. Fear of past relationships.
  4. You are too closed.

Do not rush to draw conclusions … Learn, suggest, analyze …

Feelings are just beginning

The candy-bouquet period is a great time to get to know each other better. Perhaps this is the first relationship in a girl's life, and due to a lack of experience, she simply does not know how to behave further. By persistently demanding the acceleration of events, the opposite effect will not keep itself waiting long. "Hold your horses" and do not rush the natural development of relationships, let your beloved settle in as your girlfriend.

With endurance and tact, in the end, you will gain much more than you expect. Any Casanova runs the risk in the future to face the indomitable jealousy of a partner, which in itself entails a deterioration in the established relationship.

Fear of Past Relationships2

Starting a new relationship, each girl compares the behavior of her chosen one with the previous partner. If you are aware of the problems in your girlfriend's past relationships, learn from mistakes right away, and do not allow similar problems to appear in your love story. You should be careful if a friend complains to you about a previous partner.

Z Focus on the reason for the breakup, and try to analyze your predecessor's failures yourself. Perhaps, having clarified the fears of your beloved, luck will smile upon you, and you will be able to bypass the "sharp corners" in advance. It might be worth asking why the girl is not ready for a relationship.

You are too closed3

Count on a frank conversation only if you yourself are frank enough. By hiding your past and experiences of previous relationships, you risk losing trust. Lost trust is extremely difficult to restore, and often there is no future for such a relationship.

If, nevertheless, there are topics on which a taboo is imposed, it is better to decide in advance with possible scrupulous situations. A “veto” agreement is always a reasonable decision with mutual consent.

Your way4

Each of us dreams of an all-consuming feeling and an unearthly love story. Someone is tuned in to the slow development of events, and someone is ready and wants to get everything at once. Try to take your time and if you are "unbearable", it is better to warn your partner in advance that only the lightning-fast development of relations is suitable for you.

the girl does not want a boyfriend
the girl does not want a boyfriend

This tactic may frighten an inexperienced girl. And she will only be pleased with such a conversation if the girl is not ready for a relationship. But, it is quite possible that the lady of your heart will be glad of such a recognition and happily throw herself on your neck.

Hope Dies Last5

He who seeks will always find, and the same principle works in anticipation. If you and your partner feel sympathy for each other, love will not keep you waiting long. If you are still in the waiting area, a frank conversation with your other half may be the right solution. You should not count on understanding if you have suffered only a few days or hours.

Girls, as a rule, love to "shake the nerves" of guys, but having tested them for stability and loyalty, then generously endowed with affection. Probably, the girl is not ready for a relationship just because she does not yet see confidence in you.

Arrange and conquer6

If, nevertheless, common sense prevailed, and you are determined to win the girl's heart, make a plan of conquest, and clearly follow your instructions. Be consistent and selfless. If a bouquet, then roses, if lunch, then a restaurant. Of course, based on financial possibilities, not every womanizer can afford luxury establishments and exclusive ikebana. Replace spending with your considerate behavior and empathetic attitude.

free girl
free girl

Persistence is not always the right method7

If, after numerous pleasant surprises, romantic dates and walks under the moonlight, your passion does not give up, you should probably think about whether the chosen partner is right for you. Perhaps this person simply does not want a serious relationship, or you are just the hero of not her novel. In the absence of a frank conversation, you risk finding yourself in a friend zone, which in itself will lead to the complete disappearance of romantic relationships.

Be persistent, but not arrogant, frank, but do not condescend to vulgarity. Frankness, sensuality and truth are always the key to a strong and successful relationship. Be an example for your half, and then real fiery feelings will not keep you waiting long.

We have collected a list of proven reasons why a girl does not want a relationship in the article at the link.

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