Why Are Girls So Mercantile? And Is It Really So

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Why Are Girls So Mercantile? And Is It Really So
Why Are Girls So Mercantile? And Is It Really So

Video: Why Are Girls So Mercantile? And Is It Really So

Video: Why Are Girls So Mercantile? And Is It Really So
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Women love money
Women love money

Women love money! Yes, we just have to spend to look normal. A manicure will not do itself, and sagging cheeks with circles under the eyes do not paint anyone. Fitness is also not allowed for free. And humanitarian clothes from new collections are not yet distributed. And don't talk about natural beauty now.

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  • 1 Does mom like money?
  • 2 Let's say she doesn't like money
  • 3 Who doesn't like mercantile
  • 4 Men at minimum wages
  • 5 The problem of a hard worker in the middle lane
  • 6 The rich is afraid

If men guessed how much a quality foundation, expensive skin care products, and normally made eyelashes and eyebrows cost, they would not say so. It's easy to be a guy. Born and raised? Great, already handsome. Are there non-mercantile young ladies in nature, and what is wrong with them?

Does mom like money? I

Imagine the situation. The man is a freelance artist. He earns a penny. She creates a family with a woman who also works and does not intend to sit around her neck. They have a child, which is logical. The wife stops working. You can talk about working online, and other incomplete days, but in Russia it is difficult. For remote work without qualifications, they receive about 12,000 rubles. This amount will hardly be enough even for diapers and baby food.

And you need to do a part-time job from 4 to 8 hours a day. Where to put the child for this time? He's sleeping? Not always. And you also need to walk with him, feed him, cook food for children and adults, clean the apartment … The standard of living will drop. The woman will become nervous.

Therefore, it is in the nature of girls to look for someone who can provide for a family without stress:

  • At the time of caring for a child;
  • If one decree gradually grows into the second

Important: yes, you can raise children both in second-hand clothes and on potatoes. But will they be happy in the modern world? If you think not, what is the point of blaming the girls for commercialism? You love money too. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Let's say she doesn't like money2

Not all women love money. Some are downright ready, like thread by needle, to follow their man into poverty, mortgage, work, and anywhere. What is wrong with this situation? It's okay if we have a couple of students in front of us, and the girl is really determined to achieve everything in life with her work.

In youth, you can look normal if you hardly spend it, and you have a lot of energy. The girl has about 10 years to earn a decent living. And they begin to flow not from the end of the university, but from the age of 18. Then problems begin - appearance requires more and more investments, if at work they have not been raised to this age, then most likely they do not plan to raise, as they are waiting for a decree. The latter is also more difficult. The older the woman, the more money the medicine for pregnant women will require.

Even if a girl doesn't like money, she doesn't care. Then, most likely, she:

  • Not in the mood for a serious relationship with this man;
  • Doesn't want to start a family at all;
  • Doesn't like children and doesn't want to have them;
Why women love money
Why women love money

Too childish and arrogant. Believes that on maternity leave you can earn a million selling knitted mittens, as this is what the whole Instagram does.

Of course, if love interferes with the situation, we cannot judge whether this is a good girl or a bad one. But most adults have different priorities. Starting a family means having children. And if a man can somehow be persuaded into this adventure, since, in most cases, nothing but money is required from him and playing with a child is not required, then a woman who does not want children will remain with her own.

Who doesn't like mercantile3

Usually, women are accused of love of money:

  • Guys who are satisfied with the minimum wage and low level of responsibility;
  • Those who are trying to make money, but they can't do it;
  • Rich men, "burned" by predators of all stripes.

Men at minimum salaries4

Such people may well be happy, living up to 50 years with their mother. They are passionate about something other than work, and will give their time to him. They are not interested in a career for reasons of energy consumption. And let's be frank, it can be done not in all professions and areas of human activity:

Why women love money
Why women love money
  1. A teacher can become a head teacher and headmaster. His responsibility will increase, but his employment will dramatically increase and change. Maybe he doesn't want to buy boards and chalk and go to Gorono, but dreams of drawing maps with his children all his life?
  2. An artist may not become popular at all during his lifetime. This applies to writers, musicians and philosophers. But such people usually do not find themselves in anything else, and at most they work like Viktor Tsoi as a stoker

Problems with girls haunt men at minimum wages everywhere. Yes, not only can they not buy flowers, but they also have a strange charm. Many are trying to raise, launder, put on their feet, make them earn. And they don't need it. Therefore, the drama grows on both sides. The lifeguard-muse does not understand that only she will make money in this family, and the creator runs at full steam at the first mention of joint renting.

How to be: reconcile, if a woman loves money and such a guy, she must learn to earn herself. Alternatively, package and sell his work.

The problem of a hard worker in the middle lane5

Yes, if you do not have the gift of entrepreneurship, do not have high qualifications in digital, and do not deal with the right people, you are practically doomed to an average salary. There are girls whom she suits. But the guy who wants to make more money usually looks far from them.

Why women love money
Why women love money

“You are not the target audience,” a marketer would say. In fact, our hero is looking towards moderately tuned girls with lips, breasts and pumped up buttocks in the form of leisure, who do not just work, but "develop a personal brand on Instagram." The target audience of such ladies is a rich man who will water this flower and feed it. Well, until Instagram becomes a millionaire and ads start selling.

Simple working guys often choose such ladies, and not their office mates. They think simply - why do I need a personnel officer Lucy with a flat chest and without prominent glutes. She is nondescript, goes to the "Lecture Hall" in the evenings, and she cannot boast to friends. I took out an iPhone and a car on credit, I have a decent apartment, now I need a girl who will be a symbol of success. And there, perhaps, a better position will turn up.

The unfortunate man does not understand that the personnel officer Lucy will feed him, even if he loses his job altogether and decides to look for himself in the mountains of Kailash. Well, if he loves it, of course.

Rich is afraid6

With the latter, everything is clear. They don't believe girls are interested in anything other than monetizing natural assets. Life experience, pressure from friends and the media, the difficult path of a millionaire … Now I would cry, but then the thought suggests itself: "Who are you without your money?" If you are a nondescript nerd who knows nothing but to code and sell the code, or if you are a daddy's son who just inherited everything and doesn’t care about it, you are unlikely to be loved for your beautiful soul and multifaceted personality.

Why women love money
Why women love money

So it's not easy in a relationship. Even if girls love money, the guys keep up with them in terms of requirements. Therefore, it is important to find someone or someone who will meet your expectations. And do not be surprised if reality makes its own adjustments. Suddenly fall in love with an absolutely mercantile girl, and you will get rich, and why not? This was mentioned in fairy tales.