Pickup Tips For Men. How To Become A Pickup Master

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Pickup Tips For Men. How To Become A Pickup Master
Pickup Tips For Men. How To Become A Pickup Master

Video: Pickup Tips For Men. How To Become A Pickup Master

Video: Pickup Tips For Men. How To Become A Pickup Master
What is pickup
What is pickup

The seduction industry, commonly known as the pickup, first formed in the United States a couple of decades ago. Initially, the movement began on the Internet and was limited only to thematic forums and groups where people gathered who did not feel confident in real life, had complexes and were afraid of failure.

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It soon spawned commercial products and services. Those who had consistent success in seduction began to appear, a kind of guru who initiated the emergence of the teaching.

This teaching became interesting for those who wanted to improve their influence on women, gain confidence and diversity in their personal lives. Trainings began to be held, where those in need could gain knowledge not only on the Internet, but also in reality.

Pickup trainers rate their activities as pseudo-scientific, as they include theory, practice and continuous development. So what is a pickup truck and how to become a pickup master?

A pickaper is a person who practices finding, attracting and seducing sexual partners, and some even promote their skills in workshops for inexperienced and timid men. Conquering women is definitely not unusual.

However, pick-up artists can be distinguished from the general population by the fact that they turn this normal human activity into a game and strive to turn it into a kind of art that can be improved through the acquisition of new knowledge and practical exercises, often with a logical ending.

There are no exact data on the prevalence of such master classes in Russia, but the fact that they exist in any large city is a fact. Moreover, those who want to learn pickup nowadays have a huge selection of courses, pickup trainings and webinars. The last decade has seen an increase in the supply of these services.

Pickup stagesi

In the psychology of relationships, a three-stage model of human courtship is distinguished - attraction, creation of mutual comfort and trust, seduction.

Attraction is associated with the desire to initiate contact or establish physical intimacy with another person. Pickups use some sort of conversational trigger, usually a bold statement of romantic interest, in an attempt to gain attention.

This approach is supported by practical evidence that demonstrating social domination and risk taking using these bonding and compliment tactics is considered attractive.

Comfort and trust are indirect markers of emotional receptivity to the needs of others. This emotional responsiveness has been found to be critical to both establishing and maintaining a relationship. Research in this area confirms the importance of honesty, courtesy and kindness in courtship. Evidence suggests that trust can be enhanced through intelligent use of touch.

Seduction can only follow after attraction, comfort and trust have been established. Some pickup artists may use techniques such as exchanging information about each other and gaining information about their goal, and the topics they discuss become more personal and intimate.

This allows the pick-up artist to know their purpose in more detail, and mutual revelations can help develop relationships. Using these techniques can lead to seduction within hours.

Pickup trainings2

Generally speaking, pick-up artists don't just hunt women in pursuit of their primary target. They also target insecure men who can become their clients, charging exorbitant fees for seminars and instilling rudimentary tricks that can be easily learned by downloading pickup books from free sites.

in the bar
in the bar

The usual lesson introduces men to the basics of female psychology, the definition of motivation and tests that develop mental activity. Trainees receive recommendations for the first approach to a woman - where to start a conversation and what popular conversation patterns to use.

Later, the practice of dealing with rejection takes place. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, almost all courses include a “field work” condition in which men try to meet in public. The trainers observe such exercises and, depending on the result, give an assessment.

All this looks like a real school, here a man is taught what a pickup is and how to become a pickup master: how to stand, walk, speak and think correctly. The main thing here is not to learn to mechanically follow instructions and give out a memorized text, but that the student should, in the end, feel like a man - strong, caring, reliable and confident.

Graduates of such courses can then hunt other unsuspecting women, in some cases using their newly acquired tricks to try to use women to satisfy their sexual desires.

There is nothing wrong with people devising strategies to increase their personal confidence in a conversation with the person they like. However, treating a potential partner as an object that poses psychological barriers to conquest is a deviant approach.


Men are often curious about how to flirt with women without looking ridiculous or creepy in their eyes. It is necessary to understand what makes a man unattractive when he is talking to a woman and what can be done to avoid this perception. Let's take a look at what a pickup is and how to become a pickup master.

The main thing is to follow the following recommendations on how to talk with women, and then the first charming impression is inevitable.

How to Attract Women with Body Language3

The first flaw that women find intimidating in men is making eye contact with a woman without blinking. To avoid this common mistake that men make when it comes to flirting with a woman, you need to focus on making the right eye contact.

It is necessary to avoid gazing at a woman and focusing on one specific area of her face or body, looking with a hard, assertive, unblinking gaze. Instead of exerting such moral pressure, a woman can be attracted by using a soft, relaxed gaze that will allow him to get more attention from her.

Another way to make charming and attractive eye contact with a woman is to smile with your eyes. This is the same feeling that is reflected in the eyes during a strong laugh, and it is precisely this feeling that must be recreated when eye contact with the woman you meet. He projects friendliness and warmth that will interest a girl when meeting you.

How to avoid being ridiculous with women4

What makes men seem intimidating and ridiculous? The reason is quite simple - this is a situation when a guy wants a girl more than she wants him. Therefore, before approaching a woman, a man must make sure that, psychologically, he did not put himself lower than a woman, and mentally did not put her on the royal throne.

movie tourist
movie tourist

It should be borne in mind that appearance is only a small part of what makes women attractive, and therefore it is worth asking yourself: "Yes, she is attractive, but what else is she not like everyone else?" Is she funny? Is she kind? What is her life filled with and will it be interesting?

Having standards like these will remove her from her throne and automatically ease any possible excitement when approaching her. Naturally, it will also help you develop into a man of high self-esteem who is selective and confident when dealing with women. This will ultimately lead to the fact that women themselves will be interested in such a man.

There is another, more correct way to get answers to these questions. Naturally, a man does not want to leave his comfort zone, asking questions that are straightforwardly important for understanding the essence of a woman. Instead, the first time you start a conversation with a girl, you need to do it in a fun manner and with a playful mood, even with a little bit of kind banter.

This will create a relaxed and safe atmosphere, after which you can already ask questions, the answers to which will tell a lot about her. And it may turn out that she has other advantages, not just appearance.

Questions such as "What interesting happened to you recently?", "So, what are you doing?" or "How are you having fun?" keep a fun and light atmosphere, making it possible to learn more about it.

By asking questions like these, the man motivates the woman to convince him that she is more than just a pretty face. This kind of challenge will only make a man more attractive to a girl and, of course, this may be enough to make her take an active interest.

in the restaurant
in the restaurant

What women want in a man5

Another factor that turns women away and makes them feel uncomfortable with a man is when a guy seems “fake,” that is, when his words and actions are incompatible with who he is, how he looks and how he feels. On the other hand, women are attracted to men who do the opposite and show decency.

Showing sincerity is as easy as following your thoughts, opinions, feelings, however, many men are mistaken here. They think that in order to please a woman, you need to agree with everything she says. But it's not that. A guy who is afraid to disagree with a woman simply shows insecurity, dependence, and lack of integrity.

But, being confident that he is right and ready to disagree with the girl, the man, in fact, becomes more attractive to the woman. This suggests that he does not seek approval and is a reliable man who trusts women.


Here's an example of what honesty can look like, which women find attractive: If a man likes science fiction films and the girl he is interested in or her friends say they are stupid, you shouldn't back down and agree with that opinion. Instead, you need to stand up for yourself and, preferably, do it with a smile.

You need to use this as an opportunity to have some fun and start a light flirtation with the girl. You can answer something like “What !? Don't you like science fiction? You and I will fail, I demand a divorce. You can leave the house, and I will take the dacha. You never liked going there anyway …"

What to say to a girl you don't know and not look scary

Another thing that can scare women is when a man completely pays no attention to social norms and rules of society. With such men, she may be embarrassed in the future, she understands this immediately and for this reason will not be interested in developing relationships.

Therefore, when a man approaches a woman, it is important for him to make sure that he does not frighten her. It is necessary to demonstrate that he is a respectable member of society who understands social norms, even if he, at times, does not follow them.

For example, meeting women in the daytime is not quite the order of things for many men. Most males have too much excitement to approach an attractive girl on the street, on the subway, at the grocery store, etc.

Therefore, in situations such as this, it is important for a man to demonstrate an understanding that starting a conversation with a girl he does not know in broad daylight is beyond the norm, but it was inevitable.

When dating in the daytime, it is helpful to start a conversation by saying something like, "Yes, this is a little weird, but I just wanted to meet you." This shows that the man understands the situation, and he knows that he is doing something unusual, but he is quite confident and serene.


You need to understand that teaching seduction destroys the pernicious idea that being successful with women is a matter of luck, character or outward signs that, supposedly, it is given to one, and others will never have it. Instead, the pickup industry sees success with women as something that any man can do.

A pickup is about free will and empowerment, not anxiety and uncertainty.

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