What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like By Their Looks? We Reveal All The Cards

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What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like By Their Looks? We Reveal All The Cards
What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like By Their Looks? We Reveal All The Cards

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what kind of guys do girls like in appearance
what kind of guys do girls like in appearance

The saying “don't drink water from your face”, perhaps, loses its relevance every year. More and more girls are paying attention to a guy's appearance. What kind of guys do girls like in appearance? Some people like pumped-up athletes, others like guys with an angelic appearance, the third like bearded men, resembling lumberjacks in appearance, the fourth - slender young men with the appearance of a thirteen-year-old teenager.

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  • 1 Male beauty standards. Do they exist?
  • 2 Hair
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  • 4 Weight
  • 5 Eyes are lakes of the soul
  • 6 Blacklist in the appearance of any man

Male beauty standards. Do they exist? I

Of course, tastes are not judged. Each girl is unique in her own way, which means that her taste for men is also unique. The first impression is of great importance in the origin of sympathy. And many guys wonder what kind of guys do girls like in appearance? How should I look for the weaker sex to sympathize with me? Am I cut like this, am I dressed like this? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, but it is possible to single out some selection criteria.


Our grandmothers also said that cleanliness is the best beauty. The most important rule about hair is to keep it clean. The haircut should be tailored to the type of face. Fashion trends are good, but the hairstyle should be selected individually. A new-fashioned haircut can go to one man and look completely ridiculous on another. And if you ask what kind of guys girls like in appearance, the answer will be unambiguous - clean!

For some girls, there is nothing sexier than a bald man, others like stylishly trimmed guys, and still others prefer guys with long hair.

I would like to highlight the beard as a separate item. Wearing a beard has become trendy. Naturally, you need to look after her, visit barbershops (of which a great many have opened recently), or carefully cut your own hair. It is unlikely that the girl's attention will be attracted by a beard, like that of a church priest. It looks ridiculous and untidy.

girls like well-groomed guys
girls like well-groomed guys


The overwhelming majority of girls prefer guys taller than themselves by at least half a head. This gives the fairer sex a sense of some security. Many ladies also like chunky guys with a tight build.

On a subconscious level, they are perceived as "quality males" for procreation. If nature has not rewarded with great growth, you should not despair, because girls are very different. If for a girl of 1.70 height a guy with a height of 1.72 cm seems small, then for a miniature one he can be perceived as a stone wall.


Of course, girls like teddy bears with a loose belly, but such a minority. Fortunately, the fashion for sports in Russia is gaining momentum every year. More and more often on the street you can meet smart guys of athletic build and this is good news. In a healthy body healthy mind.

girls love beautiful body
girls love beautiful body

Therefore, at this point, an unambiguous conclusion suggests itself - a priority for girls is a sports physique. This is reliability, and power, and strength, and an indicator of health.

Eyes are lakes of the soul5

Many are worried about the question of which eye color girls like more. According to polls, mostly blue-eyed people are preferred. The next most popular are guys with brown eyes. But all, as one, girls claim that eye color is not the main criterion in choosing a guy. Much more important is the look with which he looks.

The assessment of appearance occurs in the aggregate. And if you are thinking about what kind of guys girls like in appearance, then it is important to understand that it is impossible to show sympathy for the hair or just the eyes. Friendliness, a smile, a positive outlook on the world - that's what the weaker sex values. But there are also points that can repel and play a cruel joke at the stage of acquaintance.

girls like pretty eyes
girls like pretty eyes

Blacklist in the appearance of any man6


Perhaps there is not a single girl who will be attracted by the high smell of sweat. On an intuitive level, you want to distance yourself from a foul-smelling man and run away. Hygiene should not be neglected. A pleasant scent of perfume or antiperspirant should remain a trail behind every man who wants to attract female attention.

Untidy clothes

It doesn't matter how much the clothes cost. You don't have to be smartly dressed in a top boutique. The main thing in clothes is neatness. An unironed T-shirt or shirt, as if chewed by a camel, will at best cause bewilderment, at worst - disgust.

Dirty nails

Here, perhaps, it is not necessary to go into details. No no and one more time no! It doesn't matter if the working profession is a man or an office plankton, nails should be clean and trimmed.


The shoes that Moydodyr is crying over can play a cruel joke, completely ruining the impression of a person.

These are the main criteria for liking the male sex. Well-groomed, neat appearance form the general impression of a person. Girls appreciate ease of communication, cheerfulness, a positive outlook on the world, charisma, ease of recovery. Nobody likes an ever-grumbling guy who sees the world through a negative lens.

A man should give the impression of a "stone wall", be courageous, courageous, decisive, and what appearance is behind this is not so important. A person, like a puzzle, is perceived from the totality of many elements.

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